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  1. I do think loadouts were the worst thing to happen to Halo.
  2. I've been max rank in BF3 for a long time. I play to kick ass and have fun with friends. If you want to sit their and whine...well here's your cheese.
  3. I was going to post this good thing I looked before posting =] Although I think these links might be better then the much shorter Examiner ones since they go into more detail. http://www.techspot.com/news/52212-surprise-internet-connection-not-required-to-play-xbox-720-games.html http://www.techspot.com/news/52004-fud-alert-always-connected-xbox-720-rumors-are-mostly-paranoia.html
  4. I forgot the part where PP kills all vehicles instantly. Yes, let us bow before the logic of the random internet poster who knows all.
  5. I'd like proof for your 75,000 people on reach thing. And I think the games fine.
  6. I play Battlefield with bullet drop so I've learned to I not aim where you are at when at a distance, I aim where you are going to be.twou So it wouldn't work.
  7. ...Your entire argument is void because the Boltshot's One hit kill range is further then the human shotgun, Scattershot, Gravity Hammer, and Sword OHKO range. If it's a counter it does a really good job of being even better then them. And you start with it.
  8. 1. No it doesn't. 2. Yes because in the heat of battle everyone hears everything. You are also assuming that everyone has the TV turned up or has a headset. Not everyone does. 3. IT HAS A OHKO RANGE THAT IS MORE THEN THE SCATTERGUN AND SHOTGUN And I'm glad your experience of the game is the same as every single other persons. By your logic, if people have the same game, everyone's experience is exactly the same with no deviation whatsoever. Do you really believe that? And in addition, people use it on every single map. Why am I going after someone in the downed pelican and being boltshotted? Because it's a easy to use weapon. I saw a guy go 28 kills in one match with it. Yeah okay. And people always say you have 1. Grenades 2. Promethean vision 3. You can just back up 1. You don't always have grenades, and if you do it's a one out of three chance you don't have frags. 2. Not everyone uses it at all (You'll never see me use it) and even then their are other abilities that you might want to use. 3. I've backed up so many times and gotten one shotted it's not even funny and regardless..the enemy CAN just move move the left stick forward...and if they do all of the sudden your great "counter" isn't so great anymore is it? In another forum I frequent. We have a sort of motto or mindset about things that are considered OP or are being called broken. In a game, if someone uses something that many people consider to be "OP" many people will argue that it has counters and therefore is not actually broken. But the mindset I am talking about says that if something can easily beat all of it's "counters" easily then it should be banned or nerfed. Grenades, Promethean vision, backing up, timing the shot, listening for it. Those are all things that can easily be beaten by even a bad player. I mean, the combo of Stealth, Camo/Promethean vision, and Dexterity is popular with Boltshot users for a reason. And what if you're not the greatest player? Should you always be rewarded with a death because you can't think on your feet instantly or you're not the best at aiming? The problem with the Boltshot is that it rewards campers, people who are average, and people who are good. You can toss it onto nearly any Loadout and have it perform well when you need it too. It, at the same time, punishes people who aren't the best, make one mistake, have the volume low, don't have grenades, don't have Promethean vision, can't back up fast enough, etc. It's overpowered because it can kill a person in one shot, at a range that takes the human shotgun TWO shots to do, and the Scattershot anywhere from 2 to five shots to kill. If you simply reduced the OHKO distance it'd be fine. They have not. So bad players and really good players are rewarded for usage of a weapon they can spawn with and everyone else get's punished for even one mistake. If that is not unfair, then what is? People are complaining for a reason and they are not doing it because they want everything nerfed. It's because they want a game were people are not rewarded for being cheap. Whether or not you agree with me is something else entirely but I'm tired of listening to people act like just because it techincally has "counters" that it means that it isn't overpowered or needs a range nerf.
  9. I randomly booted up another profile and found that I had gotten the specialization code for that profile. Making me very lucky because I never got it with my main profile. People are not complaining because they don't know it's coming later on (most of them anyways) they are complaining because they were promised something and that promise was not delivered on. Many are stuck on level 70 knowing that they shouldn't be stuck at level 70 and that the only reason they are is because something screwed up. Within reasonable expectations, people have a right to complain about something when they were promised it and it was not delivered upon.
  10. I only 100% Games I really like and even then I usually don't try extremely hard. I do hate, multiplayer achievements. Those are just dumb. Like the Double Spartan Laser in free for all
  11. The last game is leading up to be a game set in this time period which means the lines will have been drawn by then.
  12. Hey guys I'm looking for some input on my capture settings. I can't quite seem to get it right (especially the saturation) so if anyone of you with more knowledge or just some input could help me out I'd appreciate it =] I do have Sony Vegas Pro but I haven't used it in years and it's changed so I wasn't able to do much beyond sharpen it a little. So we have example one: A little to much saturation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aM2bSKuO_o Example Two: This one is without a doubt the most clear but it's still a bit off in a way that's bugging me. Saturation as well? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtKUJtDwA0g Example Three http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFp-YyWqVFU Out of them, which do you think was the best, and even then, what corrections do you think could be done? Just simple corrections will help me a lot to find the best balance
  13. Considering what The Composer is and Does, her return is a near 100% inevitability. That being said, Halo 5 will most lilkey include a new AI that will make for some interesting interactions as Chief compares it/him/her to Cortana and it tries to prove itself to him.
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