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  1. Not when you're against me and I too have a Boltshot.
  2. I think that instead of the Boltshot being a OHK. It should instead damage shields and push the player you shoot away from you. They then could also make it so that you can jump and shoot it at the floor beneth you with the right timing for a higher jump. This would let it keep a niche whilst at the same time balace things out. What I think people are failing to realise here is that when two people are using the Boltshot in a 1v1 scenario the game becomes less competitive and luck-based.
  3. The Boltshot has a OHK range than both shotguns. Also, continue to play against bad players who miss all the time with the Boltshot. Because obviously you aren't good enough to be paired up with people who know how to use the Boltshot well, otherwise you'd see where I am coming from.
  4. Since when where questions NOT inclined towords personal opinions? Your logic is baffling. You are acting like its my fault that you can't post anything positive or constructive in relation to what I am saying. You act like the "actual" fanbase has no gripes with the game and thinks it is perfect. Here is something for you, no game is ever pefect. I am sorry for complaining about flaws in the game. Why would I want my favorite game series to improve afterall? I must be a "troll".
  5. I meant that as in it was tacked onto the end of your post, and for no other reason than to patronise me and feed your ego. And you seem to acknowledge that the Boltshot is a problem at least. The people who keep saying "Adapt" are the same people who liked AR starts in Halo 3. So I'll tell you one more time, I HAVE adapted, and I do very well. Although when two good players from opposing teams engage in CQC they will both be charging thier boltshots (because the Boltshot is the best starting weapon for CQC). This leads to people trading kills over and over, its not neccessary, and there isn't much room for skill gap since only one shot is required and therefore consistant aim isn't a factor in who wins. And then there was silence...
  6. Good players tend not to miss very much. Also, childish closing statement, not that I didn't expect it.
  7. The point is that the Boltshot is a starting weapon, and so it shouldn't even be comparable to the any of the shotguns. I the Boltshot was ordnance drop it would be compleatly fine.
  8. I know there is nothing special about this thread. I just feel like 343i need to practically have it drummed into thier head before they realise there is an issue here. If people didn't complain things would never improve. Also although Sweaty Beagels has 'countered' every point I have made, every counter he made I 'countered', but okay. When going over the secondary weapons, you failed to realise that the Boltshot is the only weapon that can kill in one hit. Since killing the enemy is usually the most beneficial thing you can do, and the game is essentially about killing, the Boltshot outclasses the other secondary in everything apart from Big Team Slayer and Dominion, as those are playlists where vehicles are used frequently. "COUNTERED!"


    No, it was made easier for people like you. Bloom introduced random aspects to the gameplay. Someone who timed all thier shots perfectly and got a headshot everytime could lose to someone who spammed the trigger as fast as possible. This is because if you didn't wait for bloom to go back down the bullets could randomly hit thier target anyway. This punished the player who was more precise with thier aim.
  10. When all it takes is one shot. And you play carefully enough so that you don't allow yourself to get outnumbered, the benefits of having a faster firing rate and a larger clip aren't very apparant. This is true. However situational you think the Boltshot may be, I still think that it shouldn't be able to outrange and outdamage the Shotgun and the Scatter shot under ANY circumstances because its a starting weapon.
  11. The Boltshot can OHK a guy with a Shotgun before the Shotgun guy can get close enough to get a OHK. I would say that is enough to 'rival' them.
  12. Exactly. And with that being said, is it right to allow players to start with a weapon that rivals the Shotgun? Not in my opinion.
  13. Like I said I use the Boltshot myself. I destroy everyone at close range who doesn't use a Boltshot aswell. In the end it just becomes a ridicules OHK fest. It doesn't leave as much room for skill gap. Only one person so far has even tryed to elaborate on why they disagree with what I am saying. Thats quite pathetic to say the least.
  14. 1. No, if you time it wrong you can simply switch weapons and move back into cover and try again (in most situations). 2. The spread of the shot makes it easy to OHK your opponent. Its not like getting a snapshot with a sniper. It really isn't difficult and 9/10 times I will OHK the other person, or take down thier shields and headshot them with the DMR. The reason I realise it is so over-powered is because I use it myself. Also watch this:
  15. 1. It does detract from the 'timing' required since if you time it wrong you can easily switch weapons before the shot is fired. 2. The boltshot has more range than the Shotgun and the Scattershot. It doesn't matter if they are 2 ft way or 15 ft away. Its still a OHK. There is barely anything you can do when a charged boltshot is aimed at you
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