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  1. Seems it is happening to xbox too. http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-live-status LizardSquad: "Is anyone having issues with the Xbox Live Login servers?"
  2. Why not on a video game? He's going to find out about killing people in some other way, you can then educate them that this isn't right and doing it IRL will lead them into deep probles and big trouble. You can argue now with a lot of the adult tendencies in TV now as well, TV isn't suitable as well. But no one is complaining about that, even stuff in Disney with the image of the perfect woman etc, wouldn't you agree that is wrong?
  3. Team Throwdown man. Getting an assassination on a player you know is better than you but completely humiliating them. mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm
  4. We are the community forum for Halo, not the actual forum, there is nothing here that we can do. What we can do is recommend you is to post your issue on 343i's real forum (Halo.xbox.com) while 100% staying here, we can try and help you with other issues, but with missing armor etc, there is nothing we can really do.
  5. Well this isn't the first time... More reason to buy an XB1 tbh.
  6. So you essentially want to use the Idea of Halo 3 "Locking in"? It's a nice idea, but it'll just mean it will be harder for lone players to find games cause a lot of people will be in teams, or the opposite effect of there will be no teams because 1 person decides they do not want to play.
  7. As Caboose said above, it looks REALLY good for an xbox 360 game, don't get me wrong, the graphics look stunning. But it's just Black Flag 2.0, and i don't really want to have to play all that again, i want something new, as Unity seems to be offering.
  8. Unity. As you said, it seems to be going in a brand new way with the French revolution, and i wonder how that will affect the gameplay and i wonder if all the ships and stuff will be around as they were in Black flag (Possibly not, but i have not seen a demo so i don't know) I like the idea of 4 player co-op though. So for me, Unity, as Rogue just seems same old same old.
  9. Hello. First things first, we are not the official forum, we are a community/fan forum. But you are 1000% welcome to stay. Second point We cannot do anything about this and this seems to be, from another post becoming an ongoing problem, if you would like to report it, either report it on the official forums at halo.xbox.com or you can simply phone Microsoft, explain to them the situation, and see what they can do from there. I do not believe there is a contact number to contact 343i Directly. Also, I believe that since this is Halo 3, it will not be such a big deal. If you want any more details please feel free to PM me.
  10. No one really played the DLC only playlist, hence why it was taken away. It really is luck of the draw if you get DLC maps or not now.
  12. It seems that Ps4 mostly has Indie games so far, with a few exclusives, which is good don't get me wrong, but it seems you can get more exclusive games and more games in general on the Xbox one. It's not bad, but it's not great.
  13. Mr Biggles


    Welcome back to the forum, hopefully you stay longer than last time
  14. It's not being questioned whether he was coming back or not, i thought that was always obvious, since he wasn't in Halo 4 (I believe?) it was hard to believe they would just cut him out completely. Whether we actually get to play him for a mission or 2 and he actually makes a difference to our gameplay/our side of the story is a different matter, he could just be filler, but i really doubt it, since he is very important.
  15. Judging by the set, there seems to be only 1 of each, so probably single wield. Whether that is able to be customized or not is yet to be seen.
  16. This isn't CoD. I don't believe they are needed. Halo has survived without weapon attachments before, and hopefully it will survive with them after.
  17. I don't think any are returning. I believe while there are no AA, there are abilities, which, while they have an effect, don't have quite the same difference the AA's did. Like spartan abilities. or something
  18. Something wrong with your post? I will join though. Not GOW 3 Though.
  19. Yeah this was fun. Shame the attendance was a bit low. Good Event
  20. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Halo 4's Maps are MASSIVE, and fighting happens everywhere. They need to be small for Halo 5. As for the idea of Promethean Sprint. No. No more sprint, especially on small maps.
  21. Midship is coming back. I hope no others come back, we need small maps which have variety.
  22. i Believe halo 5 will have Heretic (Midship Halo 2) but that's as far as it goes hopefully.
  23. I don't see how the title relates to what you say. From the Trailer shown, Halo 5 will not be like Halo 4.
  24. I'll join if i remember. Not being to a community event in a while.
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