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  1. Well because no one decided to post. By default you win Hell Vurruckt. You get the award.
  2. If you hadn't made an account before then it's very unlikely the system will give you it, as likely the system/people are not in place anymore to even care about handing it out. Sucks to be you brother.
  3. I never said it won't have social, i said BECAUSE of dedicated servers, there will be ranked, as now there will be no more DDOSing. All competitive/big multiplayer FPS have to offer a casual/serious side.
  4. It needs to have the same core and same kind of ideas, just different designs and new maps. It does need to have the old Halo feeling.
  5. Halo 5 Will beat Destiny. I have full confidence.
  6. after evaluating, this one was my favourite. *Rehah* Surprised, Samuel woke with a jump. He gazed around the dark room for the source of the sudden gasp. He couldn't see - It was nearly pitch black. Samuel had been attempting to go to sleep for the past hour, and was dozing off when the raspy breath overtook his ears. He wanted to rise up to turn the light on, but was afraid something would grab him. He knew this was a childish thought: "...only children would be afraid of something that wasn't there..."he concluded... but he still held himself back. He didn't know what it was, but now he was CERTAIN that something was there. He felt the supernatural presence emitting from his closet to the left of his bed: like some sort of Sixth-Sense. Listening intently Samuel could now hear very faint rustling from the closet... he became terrified. "It's just a rat - It's just a rat - It's just a rat" Samuel's mind continually repeated like a broken record player. Moving as slow as his drowsy body would let him, Sam reached for his phone residing on the small table by his head: quickly pressing the power button. The screen made a bright flare in activation. It momentarily blinded Samuel. In retaliation he hid it under the covers so it's influence wouldn't spread through the room. He hoped whatever was in the room had not seen it. *3:33am* The time displayed... that was strange. Samuel had been experiencing unnatural phenomenon every night near 3:00am. From night terrors, to an unexplained residence. None of these compared to what he was about to witness. Sam touched the numbers "9-1-1" in succession and clicked "Call". Suddenly the screen froze. One message glitched into view: *I am awake.* In complete horror Sam looked over and glared as the creature opened it's eyes. They were blood red and shone like damp Christmas lights. Many haphazard eyes scattered throughout the closet beamed, and they were all looking at him. His heart skipped a beat. He dropped his phone, and he began to scream. His body frozen in place. Weird flopping and guttural noises escaped the closet. In the darkness Samuel could see the eyes shifting from afar and move to hover above him. The abomination raised a mutated arm and dug it deep into Sam's chest: tearing through his flesh and bone, but fusing itself with him simultaneously. The creature made a high-pitched wail *Reeeeaaaaaaahhhhrhhwhhrhhrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!* and grotesque cricket-like chirping noises reflected off the walls. Waves of emotion overcame Sam. His insides burned like molten lead had been poured on him, and his own hot blood flooded his own mouth and throat. He felt long sharp tentacles flow within his insides. They rubbed his brain and eyes. It penetrated deep within his organs, and twisted his body. It was assimilating him. Darkness... then light. He could see through it's eyes now. He became one with the creature: It's intentions now clear. One thought now echoed throughout the small hive-mind of intellects within the monster. "Asssssimmmilllattee" Leaving the room covered in coagulated blood and meat-bits, It slithered along through the corridors of the Mansion looking for more snacks. There were none. A siren could be heard from far away. It escaped through a back window as a Squad Car pulled into the driveway. It moved through the backwoods for what seemed like eternity when another house came into view. The creature made a satisfactory grunt and ducked into a small burrow. It prepared for next night's feast. - - - "GAHAHAH!!" Sitting up in his bed Jason breathed heavily. His heart pounded like it was punching his ribcage. Sweat soaked the bed and covers. "It... was just a dream?". He took a brief moment of solace and could see dawn approaching through his window. He stood to go take a morning bathroom break... but something else caught his gaze. He squinted and grasped the windowpane. Two extremely faint red dots could be seen from the underneath the shrouded Trees. Like a madman he gathered his things. The creature did not have a feast again that day. From Self Destruct, YOU WIN. Hopefully i can get a proper prize set up for this, and when i do you will be the first to see it. APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY OF PICKING A WINNER, I HAVE BEING VERY BUSY, NEXT TIME WHEN I DO THIS I WILL GET SOME PROPER HELP.
  7. With Dedicated servers it will be ranked.
  8. Congrats.
  9. AC and Far Cry 4. Possibly the division, but we'll see.
  10. I think since people have played both with and without sprint, people don't mind since it's easier to adapt when you've being exposed to it before (In this case, no sprint.)
  11. I think a lot of it could depend on MCC too. If people enjoy MCC, that means more likely that there will be higher sales of Halo 5 and therefore a higher fan base/multiplayer base, which is good for something like MLG.
  12. This is why i'm waiting to buy it. Destiny is essentially Borderlands with Multiplayer.
  13. Very very good guide. I would be proud to have you write at least some of the guides from now on. i will add this to the directory.
  14. They are getting smarter. WE MUST GET SMARTER WITH THEM. But no serious, good article and glad i'm aware now and can tackle it
  15. This sound really good. And there was me, thinking i was good with my 74k gamerscore
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