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  1. 'John is a Spartan, He needs no sympathy.'
  2. Let's see if we can compose some lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody if the song was about Halo. I'll start us off and then you add a couple lines and the next person adds a couple lines and so on. Here's the first couple lines: 'Is this a real world? Or built by Forerunners?'
  3. I am having a lot of fun with this game. The controls and graphics are improved over the first game and the Toy Box creation mode feels more intuitive. The Marvel characters all look great and I like the new skill tree. My only real complaint is that you can't use the playsets from 1.0, I'm hoping for a 1.0 expansion pack in the future so I could play the games from the first one with the improved graphics and controls as well as the new power discs. I also think Star Wars playsets and toy box elements would be nice to have. Maybe even an 'Aim of the Stormtrooper' power disc that would cause all ranged attacks to miss (Just kidding on that last one).
  4. O-Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
  5. W- Warthog (from Halo of course).
  6. Silver centurion beat me to 'L' M-Microsoft
  7. Let's try going from A to Z with Xbox related words, such as names of games or of characters, places or things in a game or specifically connected to the Xbox (for the record, 'Microsoft' is valid for 'M'). I am going to start this off with: A- Arbiter
  8. I work at a Zoo and that is why I think of this every now and then. We do enrichment for the animals and I often tell visitors that we do enrichment because the animals don't have an Xbox. I think there are three species that could effectively use an Xbox: Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans. All three are very intelligent and have hands similar to ours. They could use the controllers and learn how to play some of the games. The great apes are also self-aware, so I think they could understand and make use of Kinect (except for the voice commands). This could lead to something ego crushing. Imagine playing Halo and you come across this team that absolutely hammers you into the ground, later on you discover that this unbeatable team is a bunch of apes at a zoo. How humiliating!
  9. I am looking for Xbox fans to connect with. I just recently got my Xbox One, my games so far are: Tomb Raider: Defenitive Edition, Forza Motorsport 5, Zumba Fitness World Party, Pinball FX 2 and Powerstar Golf. I have pre-ordered Disney Infinity 2.0, Forza Horizon 2 and Halo Master Chief Collection. I'm looking forward to Halo 5, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm also a fan or Marvel, Star Wars and Disney.
  10. Nintendo has been having troubles for some time. Their handhelds may be doing great, but the Wii U not quite as well. Do you think Nintendo can turn things around or on they on their way out?
  11. Marvel vs. Tekken Imagine the heroes and villains of Marvel comics battling it out in the Iron Fist Tournament. You could have Wolverine vs. Kazuya, Hulk vs. Jack or Black Widow vs. Anna Williams. If gameplay was like Tekken Tag Tournament, you could have some cool tag team matches. There could even be a HYDRA vs Mishima story. Anyone else want to see Marvel vs. Tekken?
  12. With the current technology it may be hit and miss. But voice commands could become more reliable in the future as voice recognition software improves.
  13. Which game or games do you think could make effective use of voice commands. I think Disney Infinity could make good use of this feature. You could set a block or terrain and say 'Change terrain to Marlin's Reef' or 'Change color of block to red'.
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