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  1. You can't "stop" them. How? if people could have stopped them currently they would have done, but it seems that their location cannot be traced, other than they live in the US. The only people who can take them down properly is another group of people who do similar things. Petition won't make much difference, also i don't believe that the government really cares tbh, it's not affecting them directly. Why would they?
  2. I know you're kidding but Advanced Warfare is actually pretty good
  3. So..This is a starcraft ranking system? This is the exact same as Starcraft, which is considered the best ranking system. Hopefully it works just as well.
  4. Hi Mystica, welcome. We are not the actual 343 forum, but instead a community forum, but i will try my best to help you. The game is really buggy right now, and there are updates planned to fix this. Just remain with it and please be patient
  5. If you read this: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/85d779d52cfd46918b4f8b638f2e3c7b/topics/matchmaking-launch-issues-update/42893877-4f95-40a0-a9d3-d0f8ab188568/posts It explains how they understand the faults and will release an update to try and fix this.
  6. Try re-installing the game This may also push forward the pre-order install as well
  7. Servers are down/broken right now. Taking a long time to find games, will be fixed soon.
  8. So, you want the 1 shot Rifle from Halo 4 as a bow just with time to wait for full charge? I never liked that gun anyway so i don't agree with this, a nice concept, but no.
  9. Have you tried reinstalling the game? It may of been a problem during installation.
  10. Have you played it? You don't know if it will feel like Halo or not, so don't judge before playing.
  11. I have heard in some places there are problems with connecting to people. Give it time
  12. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2014/11/11/its-not-just-you-halo-the-master-chief-collection-matchmaking-is-broken/ This is a recorded problem from here, it seems it is affecting the xbox party system and game system its self.
  13. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-master-chief-collection-wont-have-dedicated-h/1100-6423493/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2014/11/11/its-not-just-you-halo-the-master-chief-collection-matchmaking-is-broken/ Read them both to understand guys
  14. Hello everyone, as you may know, I have decided not to get an xbox and decided to get a PS4. this therefore means I will not be getting Halo (Explained here http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/38217-thankyou-and-goodbye-halo-biggles-edition/). But yeah, if you don't wanna read it, in short i am not getting an Xbox and can therefore not do tips. So, what is the answer? The answer is in the form of a nut, not just any nut, a Peanut. That's right my friends, Unease P34nut will be taking over my tips. It was actually a very simple choice, and here's why. -He is getting MCC and Halo 5 -He is a lot better at Halo than me. -He has actually written a guide before and i was very impressed (link here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/37764-how-to-become-a-better-halo-player-p34nut-edition/) -I do believe he is the guy to go to for Halo. -He has beaten me in a 1v1 (But i have beaten you SCRUB ) -He is Staff, so can do more with them than i ever could. But yeah, unfortunately because I both did not play Halo 4 and did not have the time, i cannot make the guides anymore. Does this mean i will not be taking part in the guides? No, i will still be taking an active part, both reading and Helping Peanut in whatever he needs, but he is the guy to go now. I will still be thinking of ideas and events for you guys to participate in, so it's not the end of me. Thanks for reading. Biggles.
  15. Keep in mind this is in early stages, so a LOT of it is subject to change. Sprint does not bother me, it speeds up the game so IMO it makes the game better. ADS will probably not be in the game, they were probably just testing it, and seeing if it could work, hopefully they see it doesn't. If not LOL gg 343i.
  16. BEFORE READING THIS, I WILL ANSWER A QUICK Q&A YOU MAY HAVE IN YOUR HEAD. No i have not got an Xbox, i have a PS4. No I am not leaving the forum. No I am not bashing or hating on Halo, I just feel like i have lost the passion to play it. Yes Halo overall is still a great franchise, I just do not want to play it anymore. Yes i will be making possible ideas and events for Halo even if i do not directly take part in them. Anyway, moving on. I still remember the first time i got Halo, i did not get it in the traditional case we now get all of our games in (Unless you use steam or any other type of means of downloading) but instead i got it in a normal CD-ROM Case. I never knew that the next 6-7 years of my life i would spend this much time playing Halo and this much time in general playing games. Halo was the main catalyst for this and the reason i still play games to this day. But, in recent weeks i have come to the conclusion that, during Halo 4, somewhere down the line I lost the passion and the drive to play Halo at all, i was not finding the game fun and was just not enjoying Halo as a franchise, as i'm sure a lot of you felt about Halo at that time. This to me was much deeper though. I loved halo, my friends loved Halo, it was all we ever played and we played both the casual and competitive side, and it led to me talking and meeting some fantastic people in my life i will never forget. Halo truly is a community game, yeah there are a few people who are trolls and cause problems in the community, but that's fine. I do believe Halo can once again become one as a community with MCC, which comes out in a day. (I'm really excited for you guys) As a result of this, I have decided not to buy an Xbox one. The Reasons, you ask? Well, here they are. 1) I believe that the PS4 is a much better console and will have many more competitive games than Xbox (Don't hate me on this, PS4 has a LOT more people playing it (10 million vs 5 million sales) and i feel despite MCC coming out, Xbox sales will not honestly change that much, due to the two bad experiences with Halo 4 and Halo Reach (According to opinion. I still stand by the fact Halo reach was the second best halo, behind Halo 2.) 2) I did not want to get an Xbox just for one game. Now i know a lot of you just bought it for Halo and i respect that and understand that, but to me personally that is not a selling point, and i may be wrong somewhere down the line which is still okay, i can accept criticism. But i want to buy a console with a lot of games which i will enjoy more (CoD, Destiny, The Order, The Division, Silent Hills, etc) and i feel that on balance, the PS4 was the better choice for me. 3) I have lost the passion to play Halo, and since that was one of the main selling points to me before i realized this, i just do not see the point of buying an Xbox for a game that i will buy and rarely play. 4) The deal which i got with my PS4 was godly. £400 for 5 games + 12 month membership? Yes please. 5) I have heard a lot of rumors a new xbox is being made and will be released in the next 3 - 4 years (Rumors not confirmed nor links, this is not the Xbox one slim either, literally a brand new remake) 6) I'm a lot happier currently Playing CS, FIFA and CoD then halo, and i feel MCC will not change that much. 7) I feel as if i am losing my competitive edge in Halo, and that means i am losing my drive as well, and tbh you guys are just better and it makes me upset Anyway, you are probably thinking "Well Biggles, why are you saying this on an Xbox/Halo forum?" The reason is because I want you guys to understand why i made my choice and why you will not see me on Xbox anymore. I am not sure if i will buy an Xbox before Halo 5, although i have said i will, this is still no guarantee. I still love Halo guys, and i love you guys, but the passion to me is not there anymore. As for my series regarding making people better, obviously since i do not play and will not be able to play Halo anymore i obviously cannot make the series anymore. However that is not the end, I am trying to get someone to continue the series for me (With my guidance) and try to make it an even better series than before. I do not want to give up on you guys and you do not understand fully how unbelievably hard it has been to type this, but i feel the Biggles era of Halo has ended. For me personally, it is time to move on. Thank you very much for reading. Biggles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcSc4tANAU0
  17. It's a nice idea. I want to see some gameplay actually with this to see how smoothly it goes from one time period to another. I hope this works, as Kogami said, i'm not so sure about how it's moving from one time period to a more futuristic one (in terms of the french revolution > WW2)
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