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  1. I just want to know if Destiny is worth getting, because they're doing an XB1 bundle with Destiny, Halo, and an xbox one for £350.
  2. Bungie is nothing to do with Halo anymore. The only thing they've developed now is Destiny really. 343 probably don't care about Reach so much, so aren't so worried about faults like this.
  3. That may of being changed since i have not seen an AGL tournament for a while now.
  4. They signed a contract with AGL, and in it, it said they can have no affiliation with MLG.
  5. But i thought it was more back to its roots than Reach (And this is coming from someone who LOVED Reach.) I think 343i have learnt from their mistakes now.
  6. Just seems like regular Halo 3 graphics really. i will re-play it still.
  7. I think a lot of new features will be added which we have not being told about yet, so don't panic. Also, we are not the official 343i forum, we can not influence ideas 343i actually have. As long as the core gameplay is kept to how the previous Halos (1-3) have being, just with different maps and different ideas, it should be fine.
  8. IT CANNOT BE HALO. Pretty self explanatory. me personally, i'd choose Mario Kart 8 with friends, being with friends mean you could never get tired of it because of the experience. If i was looking at a Single Player game, i'd say Super Mario 64, just because it's one of my favourite games of all time.
  9. Where's the flamethrower.....
  10. That was never questioned, people know the halo 3 era will never happen again for a number of reasons. The question should be, why can't we make this a big FPS again as it once was, and at least be challenging CoD and other big FPS.
  11. According to Gamescom 2014, the Halo 2 ranking system will apply to ALL halos.
  12. Default & Bumper Jumper, For me, for Halo 3, bumper jumper was alright, but when things like AA and sprint was added, only Default could be used.
  13. We are not the official 343i site, all we know is it will be at running with high graphics and 60FPS, we cannot give full details of graphical changes.
  14. I guess i better bump this thread up if no one else will, as i think it's an interesting question. Best thing currently: TWD Season 2, amazing. Best thing ever: Starcraft 1. Best game ever.
  15. Um...what? I think with all the new Halo content coming out it's a nice idea. I guess it being milked is subject to people's opinion.
  16. I'm not saying it's not worth buying. 5 Games which were great with multiplayer, with a facelift? yeah, that's great. Worth $60 when all the games are out already, and you can play Halo 1 and 2 online still if you download the right things? Debatable. I'm not saying don't get it at all, i'm saying just don't be shocked if the price goes down quite quickly. Not saying it will or won't.
  17. But they aren't brand new games. They're games that have already being released before. Remember Halo 1 Anniversary on 360? that was remastered, i went in the store like 2 months later and it was being sold for £15. Not saying MCC will be the same, but still.
  18. I would like the Mauler back. Always had an appreciation for that gun.
  19. As much as i am looking forward to the MCC, i will wait a while. Hopefully the price goes down because it is just games being re-released on a new platform.
  20. Montages are good because of the clips, not because of the way the medals look.
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