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Sign Up for 'The Outlanders' Today:




Greetings, everyone. This is "RAXS SLAYER" Leader of the Outlanders here to say that we are recruiting members for our faction... Anyone is welcome to enroll, any skill, any rank, you can join us today!


What can the outlanders do for me?:


The Outlanders are a powerful community of a verity of players. Out faction is divided into a few general areas, anyone can participate in any of these areas whenever they would like:


-The Initiators - We build incredible maps, some already have achieved mastery in the arts of forge.

-The Competitors - Attend our game nights as we play awesome games on the outlanders very own maps.

-The Warriors - As our faction unites we march into matchmaking and reek havoc in infinity.

-The Advancers - Groups of 4 head over to spartan ops to advance through the ranks.


How do I enlist?:


Very simple. once you have enrolled Your name will be put on this post to show that you are a soldier in out faction. There is a step by step guide at the bottom of the page, please follow it to enroll.


What do you do?


What we do is down to our players. When many of us are online we will join a party, bring along a headset, and decide what we shall do. If there are only a few of us we may play some Smaller Outlander forge maps, or head over to spartan ops to level up, do challenges or some smaller games on matchmaking. Otherwise, we will play massive custom games or infinity.


What do i need?


You don't need any specifications to enroll in the outlanders. We are open to the public for anyone to join and expand our faction.



What are the standard of 'The Outlanders'?


When we are online Matchmaking or just having fun, the 'Outlanders' may have some very strict regulations. It is encouraged that we all use the 'Outlander Insignia'. The Howling wolf, featured in out banner at the top of the post. It is a "Green" Primary, "Steel" Secondary and "Forest" Background. We then have the howling wolf with a simple circle background. It is also encouraged that we use "Steel" Primary and "Forest" Secondary armour colours, but not required.


How to Enlist:


1) If you haven't already, add me: "RAXS SLAYER" as a friend on XBOX live.

2) Send me a Private message saying you would like to enlist! (No Voice messages please!)

3) Your name will be put on this post.

4) Once done, you are an official outlander, If you would like to leave the faction, please inform me.

5) When you join a Party with me or a fellow outlander, i ask the you change your emblem to the Outlander Insignia. Instructions above in the "What are the standard of 'The Outlanders'?" Section.


6) Whenever i am online or a fellow 'Outlander'. Gear up and get ready for action by joining our games / party!




The Outlanders:



Raxs Slayer


Jungle Troop


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