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  1. Tbf I might agree but tbf its not like Microsoft even has any good exclusives coming out soon is it? So may as well go either PC or PS4 at least they have exclusives.
  2. Fair Point I've actually had a think about this recently and here's my solution. Release the next Halo Game on all consoles and PC with full mod support. Or something like that Halo being an exclusive is killing it at the moment or maybe Halo is just dying a slow death and its time for the franchise to end? I'm not sure but right now the future looks pretty bleak.
  3. Tbf I got banned for a good reason. Few years back a member here put a status update asking for help on Halo Waypoint so me and a member here put up a thread asking for help with the Xbox and me and several other members sorta came in and trashed the place and turned it into a troll thread but not before the thread was deleted and our accounts banned. Fun times. So yeah for once a Waypoint ban was justified. Go figure.
  4. So I can hire you to do like anything for me in Halo?
  5. Oh wow maybe this means they can actually put thought into the story and write good characters unlike a certain game called Halo 5.
  6. Seems like a cool concept don't know how it would work in game but just for the record it has been explained how Johnson lived and alas it is in the books but the rundown is that ending is non canon and at the time of the Halo's destruction he and a few marines evacuated via Pelican and regrouped with the Master Chief.
  7. #Maketheforumgreatagain. Congratulations dude i'll take this as a cool sign of things to come.
  8. The question kinda says it all, do you think the Master Chief is Halo or is Halo is much more broader than just him at the centre and is not just about him? Let me know.
  9. Its not hidden fact since the release of Halo 4 Halo has been on a downwards spiral and has not recovered since. In times long by it was the most talked about most highly esteemed FPS franchise out there but now not so much. So my qustion for you all, do you think Halo can recover from the obvious lack of intrest its reciving at the momment or is the franchise doomed to die a slow death?
  10. Easily the Mark VI armour has always been my favourite as soon as I found out in Halo 4 all I needed to do was complete the campaign I spent all day doing it. Though Reach has always been my favouite incarnation due to the uniqueness and realism the art style brings. Unlike the god awful cartoony kids art style of Halo 5.
  11. Wow I just realised how much of a Caboose I was........ um everyone please ignore it was like a weird time for me to be up and I just wanted to post on something I could actually answer. Or thought I could.
  12. Okay I'm not official staff but a lot of this can be solved by common sense. 1) Earliest next year but more likely 2019. But of course I don't really know but each Halo apart from 4 has had at least a three year development cycle. 2) Yes in some capacity every Halo game has. 3) Yes I just imagine the outrage and loss of sales if they didn't.
  13. Not at all because if it never happend then Tarturus would've activaited the Halo Ring because Arbiter and the Elites werent there to back up Johnson. And then RIP all life in the Galaxy. Even without the ring in play humanity was pretty much done for by the time of the Halo 2 it was only the great schism that lead to the loss of high charity, the fractured leadership and the eventual death of Truth and the destruction of the Covenant as we know it.
  14. Now I know this isnt ever gonna happen but in an ideal world Halo 5 would be wipped for canon and Halo 5 would actually be a sequel to Halo 4 and pick up where that game left off instead of scrapping it and replacing it with the whole Cortana is evil Spartan Locke storyline nobody cares about. So it would be centred around the Chief as his character is explored due to the fact Cortana isn't in this game. Blue Team can come back but they'll be a much better explanation and not just oh here Blue Team non book readers. The Didact would also be the main antagonist with the Janus key and Halsey and Jul playing key roles. I know this is brief but you get the point I want a sequel to Halo 4 not just 343 running out like a headless chicken with no clear vision reviving characters for no reason and making new ones nobody cares about because there terrible.
  15. Okay now this is something I know well. Best Marvel Movie.... Ohhh its tough. In terms of best made I'd say Captain America the Winter Solider or Guardians of the Galaxy but in terms of my actual favourite its 100% Civil War. Because its the cultivation of most of the MCU so far in terms of characters and character development. Take Iron Man and Captain America for example. Iron Man is for more control and oversight, Cap is not. But if you asked Iron Man during his first solo film he'd say the opposite of what he's saying in civil war and so would Cap. And I just love how the stances they take now are the polar opposites of what they initially would have and is entirely influenced by the evens of the films. And then there's the other characters like Black Widow, Bucky. he return of Spider-Man and the final fight being the best fight in the whole MCU. That brings it to my favourite. As for worst. That's debatable but my personal worst is Iron Man 2. Apart from a few standout scenes the whole films bores me, even on my first viewing its bored me which is something a film should never do. Its just 2 hours of occasional awesome fight scenes and Tony Stark talking too much and basically nothing happens. Literally take Iron Man 2 out the MCU and the only thing that happens is that Rhode gets a suit. So yeah I hate this film and I've only watched it twice and never again.
  16. Well it dosent take much to copy and paste and churn the same stuff out the meat grinder does it.
  17. I completely understand you it sucks and 343 are stupid for doing it. Only thing I can say is due to poor sales numbers (and one of the factors being no split screen) I'm pretty sure Halo 6 will have it included. I mean 343 can't be that dumb can they... Can they?
  18. All really awesome stuff, especially the helmet, my god its awesome but seriously you need to dust this stuff off and I thought I was terrible with dust. But yeah and I gotta say it again that helmet is awesome!
  19. A mix of Titanfall 2 and Kotor Titanfall 2 I got for christmas. Its a good game but I have been only playing multiplayer. Its got a lack of content but tbf it more than makes up for it becuase the gameplay is just soo godamm addicting its unreal. And Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. I usually do a yearly playthrough of these games around the first few months of a new year. There the only games that don't get old for me and especially with the sequel I learn a new detail every time that adds insight to the story. As you have to do a lot of piecing together yourself and the story isn't laid out for you. And yeah I recommend both if your looking for an awesome shooter and a two awesome RPG's.
  20. I know and i can sympathise with you i hate being in games where there is no chance of winning and its basically a meat grinder. But the system dosent recognise you were getting rekt all it could see was that you had quit the game and as the others said you had quit others too before. My advice is, if a game is almost over just stick with it
  21. I know and i can sympathise with you i hate being in games where there is no chance of winning and its basically a meat grinder. But the system dosent recognise you were getting rekt all it could see was that you had quit the game and as the others said you had quit others too before. My advice is, if a game is almost over just stick with it
  22. Eh the third party support was a step in the right direction. Then again all of this was said when the WII U was was announced and look what happend. Third Party support died in a month. So only time will tell, hopefully this console won't flop but right now looks like its going to be another sales bomb.
  23. IKR and that's a real shame. One of the reasons Sony knocked it out the park with the PS4 was because they were short on money and had to appeal to the consumer and innovate. Lack of money tends to push those things. Nintendo doesn't have to care and will die a slow painful death instead.
  24. Only postive thing I can say is that they are embracing third party support. Everything else is just underwhelming and stupid and shows how desperate they are for relevence.
  25. I've been thinking about this issue a lot and finally after talking about it on the forum I decided to make a topic. Now don't misunderstand me, the REQ system isn't pay to win in the traditional sense and on paper can seem okay. And when your a veteran player it can seem like a decent system too because you have everything. When your a veteran player Warzone its fine, you have all the awesome weapons and vehicles but as a new player what do you really have? Nothing your base weapons and vehicles are nothing compared to anybody else. Meaning you cant do anything really. So your either forced to keep playing doing terrible on no fault of your own and grinding until you finally start to get decent equipment which could go on forever because RNG is stupid. Or pay money and possibly get nothing. So basically for new players warzone is almost unplayable and I just wanted to highlight this.
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