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Found 3 results

  1. I apologize if this is the incorrect spot to post this, but I'm new to the forum and am just wishfully hoping to get some answers from some knowledgable Halo 4 players and possibly someone from 343. I've been playing Halo a LONG time, and have had received no messages in game from Bungie/343 before yesterday. I was xp banned shortly after playing Regicide with a guest (my nephew, he's 8.) and 2 other online friends with their guests. So we had a full team of 6. Everything seemed terrific as we were just playing a legitimate FFA in an online Regicide gametype about 4-5 times, but it wasn't until after we were all done and I was alone in SWAT and I got a message on Halo 4 saying "You've been temporarily banned from earning xp." It also tells you to look at www.halo4.com/ban which just leads you to ANOTHER Halo website that has no information on anything relatively close to a "ban". So along with frusteration with searching a hopeless site, and worry sets in on how long this is actually going to take, I begin to search online for some answers and am reluctant to have none as of yet. How did we do something wrong? If 343 doesn't want guests in a Regicide or FFA gametype, as soon as you turn on your second controller (like any other first person shooter that limits guest gameplay) the option to select Regicide should then be greyed out. We could have easily not played FFA with guests, IF it's somehow wrong, if we had only been displayed some sort of warning we wouldn't have done it. I've never heard of this happening to anyone before until yesterday, when I look at forums and see multiple people with the SAME problem. The SAME problem, playing the same gametype with a guest, then going to SWAT afterwards and getting the SAME xp ban message. What it comes down to is everyone "thinks" it was an issue with the guest, but not definite. So we're in agreement then, don't let guests play the gametype and people wont get banned and then won't be frusterated with 343 for doing nothing wrong. Solved. I think I ask this for all of us with this issue more importantly, When is our Xp ban lifted? We just...want to play! P.S keep your opinions to yourselves, like most posts that get out of control and troll. Just as a gamer to a gamer, help someone out here. Please In addition. Out of my 3 friends that played Regicide, I was the only one to encounter this problem. Please help! Thank you, OddKoD
  2. Hi there 343 employees (If you even read these) and members of the community, After reading through all the topics about this XP cap/ban that has been places and coming from experience mostly we all hate it. For myself I have been banned about 3-5 times and it is frustrating because like myself I enjoy playing the Spartan Ops online and due to getting a average of 6000 XP as you can tell I cap it very quick. And once you have capped there is no fun in playing the game unless it is campaign because there is no reward in what you have achieved in the games. Yes there will be haters out there who say "Just don't play as much" or "Go outside and do something else with your life". Yes trust me I do this because doing Spartan Ops it only takes about 3 hours to hit the XP cap. So I have some advice if you take it in or not. The advice is that go back and look at the past Halo's and see how they have dealt with this problem. For example Halo Reach has used, that when you rank up the XP cap is increased and so on, or you could just simply raise the cap higher then what it is currently at. I understand that the game is only new and has only been out for 20 days but saying that people are getting into the higher ranks and they need more XP. So please help all of us out by increasing or changing this cap. Thank you for reading. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  3. Hey 343, I was playing flood today on Halo 4 with two of my friends as guests and the game told me that I was banned from gaining xp I am not a hacker, but I was in first and some one was raging on me and I killed him twice (fairly) and that happened!! Microsoft support told me to come here and plead my case. Could you please tell me what I did? And if I was wrongly banned could you please fix it? Thank you, Ukna999 P.s how long does the ban last?
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