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  1. Yeah, This also occasionally happens to me as well as the other bigger problems
  2. I'm one of the many that are getting the message of death. "Halo servers are currently unavailable. You are in a default server. BLAH BLAH BLAH" I get set back to SR1 and my loadout is reset in matches. I'm loving everything else about Halo 4, but have 343 actually acknowledged that this is still an issue? Before anyone replies, I know that I am on a fallback hopper/server, I have tried resetting my console and modem multiple times (etc) and the issue is not on my end. This is now the 5th day of this problem for me and I can only play 1 game of MM at a time at best before it comes back. It would just be nice if 343 would at least admit to the problem and say that they are trying to fix it. Let know if anyone has heard anything.
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