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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 95. Last week we talked about your favourite Spartan-IV, and one soldier came out on top by a mile. There were some competent rivals in Poll 94, such as Palmer and Buck, but Thorne was the community's favourite. It was great to see such a large response from users on Twitter, which more than made up for the underwhelming number of answers left on the site here. Click here to view the last poll, 94. The future of the Reclaimer Saga? Originally named "The Reclaimer Trilogy", the Reclaimer Saga is currently at a standstill, to the public eye at least. Halo 4 was beautiful. Five years after we last saw John, was great to have him back. Halo 5 wasn't as well received, by most of us, but it expanded well in the Campaign. We know very little about Infinite, next year will be a lot of information, that's guaranteed. The way things are at the moment though, Halo's future is not clear. It'll certainly clear up when we know more about Infinite, but for now, the Reclaimer saga's up in the air. The name of this week's poll isn't clear, what I'm looking for is your thoughts on this saga. A big questions to be answered: How many episodes will it include? Infinite would have been the last if it was a trilogy, but it's not. The thing is, due to its name, John-117 must be included. I can imagine the four installment being the last, as if Halo 5, Infinite, and the one after that are their own trilogy. It's really hard to speculate, and I personally don't care too much for speculation, I'm more eager for time to pass so we know what's happening. Something that's essential is how long the saga will be, what do you all think about that? Things you could cover are how and when the saga will end. Would it be the final end? Will it be a long, but final saga? Would it ever be able to top the original trilogy? Many things to be said here, go nuts. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. What makes a Forerunner Weapon... Beam-based... Anti-Flood... weaponry. We should look at current designs... the appearance of the weapon is built around the wielder, and some have variating fire modes. So we should have two firemodes... current ones and unique ones. That allowing a lot of significance when using and separating them from their UNSC and Covenant counterparts. Suppressor - Offensive Mode... Rate of fire decreases, bloom decreased... accuracy increases. (tap trigger) - Suppress Mode... Rate of fire increase, bloom increase... accuracy falls dramatically (hold trigger) Light Rifle - Burst Fire Mode (zoomed out) - Single Beam Mode... think focus rifle or sentinel beam in Halo: Reach and Halo 3. (zoomed in) Scatter Shot - Bolt Shot... charged shot with damage that is proportional to holding time. (hold trigger) - Scatter shot... more ammo and richochet but less damage. (tap trigger) Binary Rifle - Single shot fire mode... think light rifle zoomed in Halo 4. (zoomed out) - Binary Laser Tracking One Shot (zoomed in) Incineration Cannon - Single Photon Blast. (tap trigger) - Charged Photon Blast... think Plasma Launcher from Halo: Reach. (hold trigger) Stasis Pistol - Burst shot... a small spray of hard light. (zoomed out) - Decay shot... damage over time. Doesn't stack. (zoomed in) Plus create new forerunner/promethean weapons unlike the ordinary categories... Sniper, Shotgun, Heavy Weapon, Automatic, Pistol and Precision... we need a new special weapon like the Needler, Spartan Laser, Sticky Detonator, Railgun, Plasma Launcher, Focus Rifle, Sentinel Beam... perhaps a beam-based charged weapon if the above changes are NOT implemented? Okay I just thought of this new idea for making the Forerunner weapons a lot more unique... Firstly what do we know, or have seen, from Forerunner or Promethean Weaponry: - They fire hard light and photon projectiles... (Promethean) - They construct themselves around the user arm... (Promethean) - They disintegrate the enemy target... (Promethean) - They have a variety of fire modes... (Promethean) - They use beam-based firing modes... (Sentinels) - They have a glow or aura about them, that signifies a certain Forerunner caste... (Sentinels, Promethean) Secondly what are the Forerunners technologically advancements, that the other two factions, UNSC and Covenant, do not possess: - Gravity Fields Manipulation - Hard Light Projection - Slip Space Mastery - Star System Cloaking - Sentient Artificial Intelligence So my idea is we should see a lot more gravity manipulation and slip space weaponry that creates a different, unique weapon... like the Needler, Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer... which has still, not been successfully reskinned by the UNSC or Promethean weapons... same with the Spartan Laser, Rail Gun, Grenade Launcher and Stick Detonator... [buffer Grenade]Buffer Grenade... This weapon is a grenade. This weapon allows the user to manipulate gravity around an foreign body, which slows the enemies or allies. "This Forerunner device was used for Forerunner crowd control and can manipulate gravity fields in a certain location, around the device. The device creates a denser environment... which puts more strain and pressure on the muscular and skeletal systems, of foes, thus slowing or even halting the riots." This grenade should be combined (integrated into) with the Pulse Grenade which can be used for crowd control of objectives and choke-points alike. [Confinement Gauntlet]... This weapon is a gauntlet that builds around the players arm, which creates a glowing Forerunner glove. This weapon has 2 charges upon pick up, and can only have 3 charges maximum. The weapon is an instant kill and can target any player, beside the manipulator, friend or foe. To operate, the user presses the firing trigger, which then must be held to maintain the portal (5 seconds maximum)... otherwise portal disintegrates and the tear in real-space is repaired. "The manipulator can summon a slip space rupture that causes foreign bodies (scenery, vehicles, weapons, enemies, allies), that are not attached to any planetary body, to be drawn into a tear in real-space. The foreign body is sent to a slip space bubble, which lacks the basic necessities to survive... oxygen, food, or water. This is known as the null dimensional plane." This weapon can be used to get multiple kills from projecting the rupture at objectives or block entrances to certain access points in objective matches... as well as key choke-points in a slayer match. Besides these new additions changes to the current weapons mechanics should be made... The mechanic should be changed instead to not have single weapon classes, or categories, with one hard body... but have one Forerunner weapon that manipulates itself for the purpose it requires, via modular components pick ups. In other words a player could start out with a suppressor but wants to use a light rifle he/she could simply grab the modular device require... which transforms (deforms then reforms) the gun in front of the user without the need of pick up trading... this would essentially be pick ups (modular pick ups) but with a spin that gives a uniqueness to Forerunner weaponry... so an all-in-one gun...
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