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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! Frank O'Connor mentioned in an interview last year that we were better-off petitioning to bring split-screen multiplayer back for Halo 6. Well here it is, Frankie! Please sign and share this petition. Let's show 343 that split-screen is still important to us! https://www.change.org/p/343-industries-bring-split-screen-multiplayer-back-for-halo-6?recruiter=1146767&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
  2. Hello World! Soon I am hoping to have a few friends over and we will all play Halo: Master Chief Collection. I have asked one friend to bring over his Xbox and we are planning to connect 4 players to each and then do an online custom game. Will this work, and if so, is there anything that I should know beforehand? Thanks!
  3. How to Bring the Heart Back into Halo In recent years it seems everything has to be as dark, dismal, depressing and "realistic" as possible. Ever since Nolan's Dark Knight revitalized the Batman franchise in spectacular fashion after the abysmal failure of Joel Schumacher's goofy Batman and Robin flop, it's been an unescapable pattern in nearly all entertainment. After Batman Begins came out in 2005, Halo 2's fantastically optimistic ending lead to Halo 3 (still a fantastic game) ending with the best Halo character aside from Chief in my opinion, Johnson and Miranda Keys dying and MC floating into the void on a broken ship. After losing his last living human friends, in Halo 4, Cortana a ROBOT somehow died due to the lack of an ability to update her software essentially like the craziest Siri ever made and now in Halo 5 we have to hunt him down and kill him. Now, I have high hopes this game doesn't go the darkest route possible and force us to brutally beat one of my favorite heroes of all time since I played Combat Evolve on launch day when I was 6 years old into the dirt, but if they do, I'm honestly considering giving up on games in general. Right now there is a racist daddies boy multi-bankrupted billionaire claiming to be paying for his own campaign while taking twice the donation amounts he paid from corrupt donors like every other politician. The polar ice evaporating into the atmosphere is causing catastrophic weather phenomenon unheard to human civilization since the last ice age which flooded my entire town 3 times in the middle of summer. We're also already considering going back to war with the same people we were fighting for 13 years for zero reason at all. We get it, life sucks, but entertainment is supposed to be an enjoyable escape from that fact, would it hurt to have someone crack a joke or a smile in a GAME once in a while? Aside from that the few gameplay related suggestions I have involving Halo, though I'm unsure if these have been implemented or brought back again regardless are these: Please bring back duel wield, it was one of the best editions to the series, it made useless guns like the plasma pistol useful because you could use it to take down shields and then take down the rest with a reasonably powerful weapon. Please bring back split-screen, online only is taking a toll on the entire gaming industry and it is one of the worst trends in its history. Just one game of online multiplayer uses up to 20% of the total internet data I have for the month where I live and no one I know prefers online to in person couch co-op. I know I'm complaining a lot here, but I really did enjoy Halo 4 more than most as far as I've heard, mainly for the campaign which has always been my favorite part of Halo. The only draw back with that is that if I can't play couch co-op Halo campaign anymore like I have with every single one for a decade and a half the series is practically pointless to me now. Also, bring back the classic score, one of the only complaints my friends and I had with the last Halo campaign, aside from the QTE finale, was that whenever something epic was happening we kept waiting for that amazing score to kick in and when it didn't it was extremely underwhelming and just left everybody saying "that's it?" You've done a lot of good work with the expansion of the lore, the new weapons and enemies types, but please don't start following these mindless modern gaming trends and bring back what made the series great rather than adding what would make it just as generic as everything else. Thanks to any of the 343 crew or anyone else who bothered reading this far and have a good one. It won't take a lot to bring the series back to its former glory, just a bit more old school mechanics, a bit less new school nonsense. Peace.
  4. Hello, I know it’s a bit early to be even talking about certain features in halo 5, but I thought I might just put it out there before it's too late and nothing gets done about it, hence I was wondering if there will be a fire-fight for Halo 5 just like in reach and Halo 3 ODST, these modes were awesome and added a great aspect to these two games. However in Halo 4 fire-fight was taken out and replaced with Spartan ops. Don't get me wrong this mode was great, but I couldn't really participate with friends since Xbox live was needed to play for each account and I for one wasn't willing to pay an extra £40 for another Xbox live account. The only option which was available to play with 4 players was in the multiplayer tab. (It eventually became boring). Will the same be happening to Halo 5 or will there be a fire-fight game mode? Since Halo 5 should be coming out on the next gen Xbox will there be split screen with 4 players as only 2 was allowed in previous Halo games with fire-fight? The next gen console should be able to handle the graphics halo 5 will offer with 4 players in fire-fight please make this possible. Thx Hostile_Shadows.
  5. i keep trying to play split screen on halo 4 but it keeps saying i need xbox live gold when i sign into guest
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