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Found 12 results

  1. Skys

    Can you draw?

    Hi there Looking for someone who can draw! I need someone to take in a request and have there art I request featured on my youtube channel Trying to work with my new layout and need an artists help Please message me for details and check my channel out if you want to see some of myvideos www.youtube.com/itisskys
  2. Disclaimer! To feature in a chapter just message me! No spam.. The series goes on for 15 chapters. I do not have any hate towards any other forums or any members. If you choose to use my writing in anyway shape or form...JUST ask Also...I like to write depending on my mood. You may see EPIC TO EVEN HORRIBLE moments in my series. PG-13 - R Audience. If you're under 17 some content may be pretty graphic. But you play Halo so you're alright. Finally..The story is rich in character so it seems like it drags but it does get intense I promise. Chapter 1: The start of a journey I can't sleep. I keep replaying in my head this dream I had and I can't explain it. I see myself this guy who matters to people. I am in front of a crowd of friends and people who see me as a leader. I am shaking within as excitement builds. People are waving to me and lifting there hands in the air for me in praise. I smile and point in a direction and give out a loud yell "ONWARDS TO VICTORY!!!" I am filled with joy and accomplishment and moving forward. "Skys what are you doing?" I am now in my room..Back to my old boring self. I'm 20. About 5'11 and tan. Nothing special. I can whistle and I play video games for an unhealthy amount of time. "Skys you need to get to bed you have a job interview tomorrow" I roll my eyes and pull the bed sheets over my face. "Yeah yeah I'll be up for it" She comes close to me and puts her hand on my head. "Love you sweetie you know this is the best for you, It's time to grow up a bit and stop playing video games and maybe get a girlfriend and be social" I look at her as if she just spoke a completely different language and I couldn't comprehend. "Mom i'll do my best can you let me be? I am an adult now and I'll make my own choices" She sighs and kisses my forehead. I wipe it off and whisper under my breathe. "I'm not a kid anymore jeez..." She closes the door and I am now thinking of that moment in my dream again. I open my drawer to my left and grab some prescribed pills my doctor gave me. The pill bottle is filled. I haven't taken a single one. They are supposed to help me sleep but I don't believe that crap. I sleep when I want to but tonight was different. Tonight I couldn't get this dream out of my mind and how I will never mean much. I don't want to be a cashier at a fast food place. I want to be a hero or at least a character in a story. "Damn it.." I say as I hold two pills in my hand. I put four more in my hand and grab a cup of water I had on my drawer. "Well goodnight and hopefully I wake up a super hero" I chuckle and stare at my ceiling. I slowly begin drifting and smile as I think of that dream. My ears pop as I feel as if I am falling. My eyes are still closed and I am actually just a little bit scared to open them. I am falling faster and I forece my eyes open. My eyes widen and fear grips my body. I am falling from the sky. "****TTTTTTTT!" I yell as I look down and see a lake coming into view. "NONONONO" I yell as I soon brace for impact. I clutch my chest and get into a cannonball position to land. I hit the water and just continue going down. I haven't hit the floor yet. What kind of lake is this? I'm going to drown! I finally start moving up and struggle to swim to the surface. My face becoming purple now and about ready to pass out. The surface is too far..I'm so close. I can almost reach it but go unconscious and see something jump into the water. I cough up water and gasp for air as I remove some weird fur from my mouth. I cough more and remove the last bit of unusual fur from my mouth. I struggle to get to my feet and look around wondering where the hell am I? I look up and see the sun shining down on me and notice something weird. There is a moon like planet next to the sun. Am I dreaming? I pinch myself as a joke and it actually hurt. Something moves behind me. "Whoa watch it who's there?" I see a stick and pick it up. "You don't want this **** man!" A dark figure appears from a shrub in front of me. My jaw drops and I soon realize why there was fur in my mouth. A 6 foot wolf like human walk towards me and snarls at me. On its neck is a collar of some sort with a name on it. "SykoWolf" I am confused and still not believing this. The wolf hears a noise and turns around. I see this as an exit and attempt to make a dash for it. I turn around quickly and run into something. I look and its SykoWolf. "What the heck?.." I point his opposite direction. "Look!" I yell and try and run again. I again run into something. SykoWolf stares at me. Snarls and puts his hand on my heart. He attempts to speak and I can hear a word or two " I Sykowolf...you?" I turn to the wolf and say "My name is Skys but if you don't mind I'll be on my way trying to get to my bed I fell out of" The wolf starts to look aggressive as a noise is heard ahead. The wolf grabs me and throws me into a bush and he jumps in with me. The wolf puts his finger to his lips and I guess says "Shhhh" I glare at the noise coming ahead and suddenly I see a girl running away from something. She falls to the ground and is lifted off her feet struggling to breathe. I whisper "Is this Star Wars? What is going on?" I look around and see if I can get anything to save the poor girl. Suddenly a figure appears in front of her out of nowhere. The figure is dark and has a cloak on. Its eyes are red and I can smell it from here. Smells like ashes and death. It pulls out a blade. "**** I need to do something" I say and the wolf grabs my arms. It holds me down as I look at the girl. A blade is then impaled through her chest and a tear falls down her cheek. The thing lifts her up and sucks her into some sort of portal or something but she went inside him. Like it sucked her life away. I stare shocked and step on a twig. The monster turns towards my direction and walks toward us. I start sweating as I might have to face this thing. The wolf stands firm and almost ready to attack. As it comes suddenly we hear a loud horn go off and the thing stops and teleports away. A shadowy mist is left over and it's gone. SykoWolf grabs me and points in a direction and begins running. I look around for any other way out of this weird place. " This is all just to weird. Might as well not get lost in these woods." I see the wolf up ahead on top of a tree. I can't make out any of this. But the Wolf jumps from tree to tree and I walk along trying to make sense of this situation. SykoWolf stops at a odd looking tree. "We done walking big guy?" I stop and sit down on the ground. "My feet are killing me..sheesh can we take a break?" I say as I hear a knocking. I look up and see SykoWolf knocking on the tree. I can't get surprised anymore at weird things like this. Everythng is normal here. I stare as I hear something start moving within the tree. I get up and stand up next to the wolf. Suddenly the bottom of the tree fades away and someone walks out. It's a man. Like me. " Finally a normal person" I walk towards the man and get pushed back by some weird force of energy. " What the heck? Not you too.." The man then pulls down his hoody and stares at SykoWolf. "This is the being that fell from the Sky?" SykoWolf nods and snarls at me. I look at him not saying a word. "How did you land here human?" The man says to me. I am staring at his dark long hair and beard. Almost like a wizard of some sort. The man then unsheathes a staff of some sort and aims it to the sky. He shoots a beam of light out and a weird bubble forms around his tree. He walks in and says "Come in" I walk in with SykoWolf behind me. It's dark and I can barely see a thing. I hear his voice "Sit now" I stumble and can't really see where he wants me to sit. "Where in this darkness here or there?" I say sarcastically. I then get forced down and the wizard the illuminates his area with light. I stare rubbing my eyes as the light is very bright. He moves towards my face and says like before "Where did you come from?" I look around and wipe some sweat from my brow. " I don't know. I was sleeping and woke up falling. Where am I? Where on earth are we? Am I dead? " The wizard stares at me. " No, No you are very much alive. But how you got here is what baffles me young one. " No one enters this land without seeing a gatekeeper " We suddenly hear a loud explosion like noise outside. SykoWolf runs out and I get up to follow. The wizard or whatever he is sat still. I go outside. " SykoWo...." I am soon grasped by the neck by some force and instanly lifted into the air. "Let....me....go...." I say barely breathing as I am choked. Suddenly a figure appears in front of me. It was the thing from before. This time his pearing red eyes now on me. " Outlannndddeerrrrr " The thing says to me with a screech. It pulls out a blade and my eyes widen. Suddenly SykoWolf attacks and jumps on the demonic thing. It grabs SykoWolf by the throat and drops me to the ground. SykoWolf is soon in pain and cries. As the demonic thing pulls out his blade. A flash of light occurs and the demon starts screeching in pain and teleports away. It then screeches at me and runs to me at full speed. SykoWolf gets up from being dropped and snarls ready to attack again. The wizard appears in front of me and aims his staff at the demon. The Wizard grabs his staff with two hands and raises it high in the sky and slams in on the ground. The demon is flung in the air and as it descends SykoWolf runs and mauls at it mid air and slams the demon down to the ground. The demon punches SykoWolf off and teleports away. The wizard glares at me. Sending a small chill down my back like I did something wrong. "You. They want you. What is your name again boy?" I look at him kind of nervous to answer. "My name is Skys" His eyes widen. "We must go visit Absolute Dog and Spectral Jester see you. Where are my manners? My name is Mayhem, Total Mayhem" He grabs his staff and some weird trinquettes and he turns to me." You need a weapon? He opens a chest and he pulls out some items. He walks outside and before leaving he says "Pick a weapon and be courteous, Don't take them all" I look at the weapons. "Well looks like I'll need to defend myself here" SykoWolf now passes me and heads outside. "Oh Sykowolf forgot to thankyou for saving me back there and I guess giving me mouth to mouth....." I say jokingly. He turns to me and snarls. "Last time" he says walking out. "Haha your funny" I say trying to stay on its good side. I turn now towards the weapons. Chapter 1 of many guys! Hope y'all like it. Read the disclaimer above if you skipped down here! Leave a like and comment for some feedback! Also check out my youtube channel. I may do a section called "Story Time with Skys" And read these aloud www.youtube.com/itisskys
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCn2Z1BUwPM&feature=plcp Like Favorite and Subscribe if it helped you get 5000 XP Love yall Check out some other stuff on there and keep tuned in Skys
  4. http://youtu.be/6Kx_48-hnyY Just made a youtube channel and I am stoked that I can start filming. Would love to work with others and continue on the site. I just about do it all. Any genre of game I will be playing as well as writing books. Vlogging every other day. But please spread the word and take 2 seconds out of your day and subscribe! It helps out and who knows this could get big ? Channel : ItisSkys
  5. ME3 Indoctrination Theory Still Valid Okay so here is why I think the indoctrination theory for the ME3 ending is still valid. 1 - Many of the original pieces of evidence to this theory still hold up, as they still cannot be explain otherwise. As such much of the game, after the charge down the hill, takes place in Shepard’s mind. As for the extended cut: 2 - The Illusive Man was being indoctrinated by the reapers to bring control to the “solution”. The Illusive Man repeatedly says this over and over throughout ME2 and ME3. 3 - Seran, from ME1, was trying to make organic life useful to the Reapers. In a way this can be seen as a form of Synthesis threw co-operation. 4 - The source child clearly states that his “solution” no longer works and needs to change. 5 - In order for the reapers/ source-child to use this form of indoctrination (the manipulating of the mind to create a false reality) some form of telepathic connection has to be made. Which is easily down as a result of Shepard’s synthetics. This makes influence go both ways, which means that even though it is in Shepard’s mind his/her decision still has the effect which she/he was looking for. As stated in the previous point, the Source Child wants the cycle to change, and he knows that Shepard is the only one who can bring that change. 6 - In the renegade option, Shepard is seen laying on the ground back on Earth. If she/he was truly on the Citadel, then she/he would have burned up in the atmosphere, assuming she/he even survived the Citadel’s destruction. 7 - The Control option, when Shepard becomes “all-powerful” she still, in a way survives, but his/her mind has been altered to become part of the reapers, i.e. indoctrinated. When she is consumed in the cut-scene, it is actually her identity which is being consumed by the Reapers, not her body. 8 - Synthesis is completely against what Shepard and the others have been fighting for. The only reason I can see Shepard making that decision is if she/he had become indoctrinated. If you love Mass Effect, and truly thought that the Indoctrination Theory was true. It still is. To those who love Mass Effect, please spread this around. I am definitely not saying there needs to be more DLC, I am simply saying that the indoctrination theory still works with what we have. Am not starting a petition to get more DLC, am just saying that for those, like me, who were a little disappointing with the DLC that we don’t have to be, because it does still work. Lets get the ending we all deserve and I strongly believe that we will get it with support from the fans. Don't purchase any DLC unless we get the ending we as the fans deserve. Please feel free to give speculations and your own theories. If you agree or disagree. Skys
  6. Sweat is dripping from my face...Warm steamy air is grazing my face as I.....Take another bite of this super spicy taco. I take a bite and some of the spicy sauce lands on my Tracker Helmet. "Didn't know the UNSC raised pigs in the forces" says a sarcastic male. I look up and smile as I see S-295 Gareth. I wipe the sauce off the helmet and put the helmet back on. "So much for a break 295.." We hear something moving in the pipes up ahead. Gareth grabs his assault rifle and moves up and tells me to move up. I hold my DMR up close to my chest as I am scanning the area. I hear dripping from the ceiling and I look up as the drops then splash on my helmet visor. "What is this green gooey stuff.." I said confused rubbing the goo between my fingers. "Skys...Shh.." Gareth points forward at a corpse lying on the ground. "Is that?..." I say nervous as I recognize the armor. I open my bracer and write down.."S-312 MIA" I walk towards the body and grab the data chip in his helmet. There is a hole in his armor chest.."Damn flood..I thought they'd be wiped out already" Gareth then turns sharply around aiming his gun."Did you hear that?" I hold my DMR up turning left and right. Sweat rolls down my cheek and suddenly infection form flood start falling from the ceiling. "Crap crap crap!" I yell as I begin shooting and popping them with each bullet. Gareth starts laying suppressive fire as I start dragging the dead spartans body down the hall. "Fire in the hole!" Gareth says as I cover for the explosion. As the grenade explodes smoke fills the room and I am soon blinded holding my DMR up and Hardlight Shield. "Promethean Vision on" says Gareth as his visor is now heat oriented. "This isn't good.." Gareth says in a paniced voice. "Move back" In his visor he sees about a dozen carrier form flood rushing towards us. I begin walking backwards with my hardlight shield up and the dead spartan in my other hand. I hear Gareth open a door and as he does I turn the shield off and walk in carrying the spartan. He shuts the door and I begin placing rubble at the door. I place the Spartan against the wall and silently mourn his death for a second. I begin looking around panicing. "This way!" I say panicing as I point towards a door letting Gareth enter tactically as I follow behind. We shut this door with relief. "I think we lost th.." As I am about to finish the sentence a container falls off a metal shelf. We aim our guns ready to fire when suddenly. "Don't shoot..Friendly here" Green acknowledgement lights go off twice on my HUD. I sighed as I saw an old friend. S-316 Bullet. "Glad to see you're in one piece Spartan" Gareth says. Bullet nods and holds up his shotgun. "We need to reach HQ I lost transmission with them at 0900 and haven't heard from them since" I walk towards some rubble and move toss it out of the way. A door is broken but I kick it down and I create us an exit. "Lets move" I say. Gareth takes the lead with Bullet behind him following me. I strafe left and right trying to check my surrounding. It is getting darker as we progress and we soon turn our visor lights on. We are now surrounded in darkness.."I got a bad feeling about this"...I say ready for an ambush. We then hear a terrifying yell. ROARR! We hear as Gareth quickly turns his vision on and begins shooting in the darkness. Bullet enables his thruster boost and flys towards a flood combat form and stabs it in the chest popping the infection. I start shooting in the distance as more floods begin running in our field of view. Our visor light is the only thing that is keeping us from seeing nothing. A flood then rushes at me knocking me too the ground. I pull out my magnum and just as the Flood attacks I shoot a clip into its head and it falls lifeless. I get up trying to get back into the fight when a tentacle breaks through the wall and smashes everything in its path. We all fly from the impact. I struggle to get to my feet.. My visor light is flashing on..and off...I look up and see bullet shooting some infection flood when the tentacle grabs him. "GET OFF ME!" Bullet yells as the tentacle grips him and slams him against the floor. Bullet goes unconscious and we hear a demonic yet human like voice. "You...humans....are fragile...where...is...she....?" I stand aiming my DMR confused by the question. This couldn't be a gravemind already. The flood just went viral months ago. How? Gareth is soon seen jumping on a tentacle stabbing it trying to free Bullet. His effort is useless. The tentacle flings him away and Bullet is taken away with the tentacle. We then hear an even louder yell from the flood...ROARRR!!! And flood come at us in every direction. I run to pick up Bullets Shotgun. I start shooting in each direction killing off six flood. Gareth is struggling with one on top of him. He kicks it off and he stands and looks my way. Gareth lifts his two fingers and swipes his fingers across his faceplate. I stand shocked. A Combat form flood had his hand pierced through Gareths chest. "GARETH!" I yell shooting flood running toward him. The flood grabs his body and pulls him away from my vision. It gets quiet. I am standing pointing the shotgun in each direction. "No...Gareth..Bullet..." I hear movement but my visor light is broken. I open my bracer and begin writing. "S-316 MIA...S-295 MIA....S-315..MIA" I close the bracer and drop my shotgun. "Come on you ********.." I stand firm and I see a Combat Form standing in front of me. "Where..........Is........She......" It jumps towards me i can feel them all around me now. It lunges and I instantly black out....My eyes slowly open as I see my friends and family waving at me...I close my eyes and the darkness consumes..I am unconscious..And most likely...dead. Well hope you guys like the short story. I only put two members in it and they will know who they are. If I added more it would've been to crowded and less gripping I hope you guys enjoy my short stories. And don't forget to read the 343i Great World War series I Salute all members of 343i. Skys,
  7. Zaguroth is now running ahead and I am ready to attack with my comrades. I can see us struggling with this soon. BZZT..The lights turn off and when they turn back on no one is around. "What is this? Where is everyone?!" My arms begin burning bright yellow with all the wind energy. I turn and turn but nothing is in sight when I finally hear shaking on the ground. I turn towards my backside and my eyes widen in shock. "It's you..I knew you'd be hear of all places trolls like to bunker in" The troll grunts and smiles at me.."You die here like the rest" as the words hit me. The lights turn off and when they turn on...A tear rolls down my cheek as I am filled with disbelief and shock. Biggles lays dead. Wolf is on the ground choking on blood. Zaguroth was impaled through his chest. Yoshi is dead..Bullet is dead..Tsickssense is dead..Mayhem is hanging from his bow from the ceiling. Cheese.."NO CHEESE!" She is crawling towards me with blood all over. "Sk...Skys..You failed us.." The troll looks at me and says "I am Zed...The Evil..Troll" as he does that he walks towards me and steps on Cheese. He places his foot on her head. Stares at me while tears are running down my cheek.."This is your fate and you will join them.." He then lifts his foot and BAM!...Stomps down... Everything goes black and I open my eyes.."What a dream?..I was never knocked out..Where is my team?" I turn to my left and see a body lying with me in this almost completely dark room. I notice who it is.."Mr.Payne..Mr. Payne wake up!" He shake and gets up frightened. "How did I end up here?" I looked around. "I don't know..where did you come from?" He then told me he was coming to Matowa as back up but got ambushed and almost instanly passed out and ended up here. My arms glow and I use it as a light. Payne gets up and follows me. We have no weapons. Where is everyone? I had to many questions. I see a door up ahead with light shining through. I creep up slowly and place my ear on the door. I hear something or someone inside. I look at Payne and we both stare and nod. Ready to ambush the poor troll inside. We barge in and I aim my hand towards the troll sitting next to a small fire. "What the f....." The troll has nothing else to say as Mr.Payne grabs his neck and twists it instantly killing him. I pick up the trolls sword and look to my left to see..Biggles and Wolf lying on the ground in chains. I help Wolf up and Biggles regains consciousness. "What in bloody hell am I doing here..When was I captured and when did I get knocked out? I'm a dwarf it takes more then a good swing to the old noggin to knock me out" Well good to see Biggles can make this a joke. Wolf looks around and appears sad. I look at him and say "We will find everyone and make it out" We gather some stuff and open a door into a small hallway. The stairs are just up ahead and we begin walking towards it. As we walk up ahead i hear chatter in a door we passed. I walk back and place my ear up against it to get a better listen. "You stupid scrub you will die just like the rest..We killed off all the others and we will then take your bases and all of you will be our slaves! Muahaha!' The troll mumbles something else but then I hear something like water hit the ground..Then lots of it hit the ground. I walk in and see the troll dead on the ground and see a familiar sight. "Spectral I am glad to see you" He turns to me and runs and places a sword to my neck. "Where am I and who are you? Where is my team?!" I look at him in shock. "It's me Skys your buddy..The guy who thinks you re badass" He stares then presses the blade even stronger onto my neck. "How do I know it is even you?" I close my eyes and open them and he notices instantly it is me. My arms begin glowing and my eyes shine bright yellow. He nods and grabs the troll one more time and throws it against the wall. We all walk up the stairs and Spectral suddenly stops and says "Wait I know what is up here..I tryed to escape a bit earlier and got ambushed by three bigger trolls..Even a guy like me has its limits." I turn around and look at the men I have. "I won't give up now" I press on and Spectral tells us that most of our team is held up at the top. I am now persistent in my walk. I want my team back and I want this tower in the name of 343i. We rush into a door..only to be seen by a few dozen trolls. They run at us the first ten trolls run at us and in a blink of an eye get slammed to the side with an axe. I smile as I know who it could be. Zaguroth jumps in front and stares at us. "I have too many questions right now answer them later" He grabs his axe and starts swinging at some trolls. Spectral grabs Mr.Payne and throws him into a crowd instantly killing five trolls from the impact. Mr.Payne then pulls out his sword and throws it into a trolls head. I hold up my hand and shoot wind energy at a few trolls while Wolf jumps onto a troll clawing him and grabbing another and tossing him into the air. While the troll is in the air Spectral slices right through the troll with ease. Blood splatters as the last troll is then lifted by my wind and slammed into the ground with Mr.Biggles there to plant a small axe into its head. We quickly sheathe our weapons and move on into the next room. We are now at the top of the roof and I am quickly startled as a troll jumps on me when it does it instantly dies from an arrow piercing his head. I look up and see Bullet in the distance shooting an arrow and he waves. I wave back and walk towards him. I see him defending a few teammates. Cheese is lying next to Mayhem and Yoshi. Yoshi and Mayhem are injured as it seems they have been defending themselves for quite some time. I look around and now see oncoming trolls and a bigger one. I can't let them harm my team. Spectral dives in and grabs the bigger one and tosses him off the edge. "Well things got a whole lot simpler now" Biggles says sarcastically. Spectral grabs biggle and throws him into a crowd of trolls. "Cheeky *******" Biggles says as he begins slashing an axe at some trolls. Killing a few off. Cheese stands up and tosses a small dagger that approaches Mayhem lying on the ground. The troll instantly falls as the dagger hits his eye. Bullet jumps onto a small pavillion and begins shooting arrows. Biggles is still smiting trolls wile Wolf is handling a few trolls around him. I then hear "You started the party without me?" Victory Element walks up to us and is with Lizard" Lizard turns to some trolls and spits some acid on a few. The screams of agony are heard as the trolls melt away. Victory then grabs his great sword and stabs it in the ground. He stands on top of the great sword pulls out small daggers and begins throwing them in each direction killing off dozens of trolls with effortless throws. Mr.Payne is seen throwing a troll off a ledge and waves at us. He then gets pinned by a couple trolls and begins fighting his way through. Bullet jumps off the pavillion and runs to Mr.Payne. Bullet pulls out six arrows at once shoots and it hits the trolls on top of Payne. Payne gets up and looks around. His eyes widen and a huge boulder comes his way. Bullet tackles him trying to dodge it. As he dodges it, it hits the side of his arm and Bullet gets slammed to the ground. Payne notices and comes to his side. I look towards where the boulder was thrown and sigh...Five bigger trolls like before walk towards us. Spectral then rushes toward them but one grabs another boulder and tosses it at him barely missing. Spectral retreats and lands next to Victory Element. Biggles runs up and throws his axe at the first ones foot. But it removes the axe quick and throws it back. Spectral picks up biggles and moves him away. "Thanks big guy" Things are looking bad. We have too much at stake. The Lizard runs toward one big troll and spits acid on its head. The trolls crys out but keeps persevering. The lizard moves at lightning speed and spits some more. As the troll seems to about had it, It grabs one big piece of rubble and hurls it at the lizard in the blink of an eye. The lizard gets hit and falls unconscious. Zaguroth is getting pissed but is too busy with a few smaller trolls. Bullet is on the ground with blood on him. Cheese is too busy making sure Yoshi and Mayhem don't die from there earlier injuries. Wolf then howls and his eyes turn red and his small claws grow and he starts slashing away at the small trolls going for Cheese. I hold my hand up and once again push trolls away. This seems useless..as always. Spectral starting flowing through the air slicing away at small trolls. While Payne fights off two bigger ones with Zaguroth. Payne jumps onto one and begins impaling its back. Zaguroth swings his axe but it is caught and the troll wields it. The troll screams in agony as the axe starts slicing his hand. "No one touches my axe..the axe only accepts my hand" Zaguroth then slashes the troll down the middle and it splits into two and dies. Zaguroth smiles but is quickly interrupted by another big troll. Spectral then grabs biggles once again and tosses him fast at a troll trying to hit them with a boulder. As the troll throws Spectral dodges and throws biggles. Biggles strikes but the troll grabs him by his hands and throws him at Spectral and they both fall crashing to the ground. A troll jumps on cheese and she screams while trying to get it off. I jump towards her and kick it off pushing my wind and killing it. I look around and see everyone struggling. Mr.Payne looks at me and sees the mayhem. He turns to look at everyone and rage builds up in him. "That's enough!...I haven't shown you guys what I am made of" Payne rips off his sleeves of his shirt and his arms begin getting bigger. His arms and muscles become the size of a great sword. He points at me and says "We need to get out of here" I nod. He grabs two trolls and smashes them together crushing them. A bigger troll runs up to him and pushes him to the ground. As the troll is about jump on him. Payne grabs his face and with all his might crushes the head of the troll in his hands. Payne smirks and says.."Is that it this is a piece of cake" We all look in astonishment when suddenly trolls start coming out of every direction. Hundreds of trolls run towards Payne ready to kill him. Payne grabs Victorys great sword and starts swinging killing them with such force. He is soon over whelmed while Victory, Wolf and Bullet try and help him. A big troll grabs Payne and throws him into a small wall. Payne gets back on his feet. His arm grow more and he punches the troll but this troll is unphased and continues attacking Payne. Hundreds of trolls are now in front of us. They attack and I defend Cheese and the unconscious teammates. Payne is now struggling...Everything is falling apart as the team in overwhelmed. Where do these trolls come from. I look at Payne and Payne stares back while holding off the troll. Payne looks around and over sees all the action happening..He closes his eyes and then yells..."Skys! get everyone out of here..You need to get them to safety. I believe in you just like Absolute Dog does." Cheese yells "NO!" We aren't leaving him behind. I stand shocked..I whisper.."There is no choice.." I look at Payne and a tear slides down my cheek. "Payne I'll avenge you!" Payne now realizes he is going to die..."Everyone! Retreat!!!!" Biggles, Spectral, Wolf, Victory help grab those unconscious. I run towards Zaguroth and help him to his feet. We run towards the door all seeing Payne fight off more trolls after trolls. A big troll knocks Payne on the ground and Payne then gives me one final look. He smiles. I begin crying while looking him get stabbed. Blood runs down his mouth. We all run into the door and I am about to shut it. I look back but can't see Payne anymore..Payne is dead. I shut the door just as trolls are about to reach me. I seal the door tight..Tears run down my face. I turn around and Cheese slaps me in the face..She is crying.."How could you leave him.." He was apart of our team..I look down saddened. Biggles grabs cheese and everyone stands quiet. I hate myself right now. We lost a comrade. Someone who came to back us up and we couldn't get him out. I punch the wall and it cracks with the impact. "We need to press on and take this bases heart.." I said as I walk down some stairs. Everyone follows..The air is filled with sadness. Okay guys a little longer then I anticipated but please leave a like and feedback. I do this for you. Everyone who has messaged me will be in Chapter 6 Just continue supporting and Ill keep these up. More to come and more action/fun/and epicness awaits. Almost done with a few drawings. Sorry if you didn't feature in it. Was focusing on the story built up for Paynes death that he requested <3
  8. Okay..So everyone is giving there two cents and quite frankly i love everyones. I just haven't seen the one I am asking..Here it is. Skys, So we all know Spartan IV's are going to be in the campaign..if not..we'd be with the best UNSC has to offer assuming? The occasional normal marine here and there. But if there will be Spartan IV's we all would hope to "assume" that they wouldn't be like any AI. Smarter. (Kat, Jeorge, Carter etc..) So let me get to the good part..What if since the Spartan IV's are integrated in the MP and Campaign..They somehow join? Here me out..Our Spartan IV is featured in our campaign? If you create a MP Spartan and fully customize it. It comes to life in halo 4s campaign? Maybe in a mission..We see our spartan in battle and it is integrated with the halo 4 campaign. Maybe tie it in depending on skill/rank. Prime examples..Not comparing. Mass Effect 3 after level 20 in MP you can ship him off as a War Asset. Sort of the same thing but with a cinematic presence.. Sorry for the long post and kind of meaningless banter. But i felt it neccessary to get the point across:) Anyone like it? I just sat here at work thinking of what I'd like to see my Spartan do..Besides basic training in war games:P Also like it if you agree or comment:)
  9. I am running through trees..the wind in rustlingthe leaves on this dark knight..dodging arrows as they are being shot at me..I swiftly move through anything that can keep me from getting hit by these arrows. Breathing heavily as I am short of breathe. Sweat is pouring down my face as I am now faced with a huge wall that I cannot get over. I turn around and there are hundreds of these things around me..Red eyes and they snarl at me. "What do you want from me?" I yell at the crowd of what seems to be demons. One approaches me and it makes a gurgling noise..It then runs at me and punches my chest impaling me. Blood runs down my mouth.."Why..?" It brings me to his face and in a demonic voice it says "This is your fate" and he tosses me to the other demons and just as I feel hopeless and lost....I awake from my nightmare. I awake gasping for air. "AHHHH!" I yell as I awake. Someone rushes in the room and holds me down a bit. "You okay Skys you have been hurt pretty bad you should rest a bit more. "I am fine i need to get to AD" I look up and instantly blush. "Oh..hi" I say trying to keep myself from staring to long. It is Cheese and she is looking as beautiful and unique as ever. She has a slim shirt on that is covered in chainmail and she has the most perfect curvy body with blonde hair peeking through her hood. You can only see her eyes but her face is so capturing it makes you blush. I begin to stare and start to daydream when suddenly a small dwarf walks in. "Skys you cheeky *******, you sure do know how to put a show on huh?" This dwarf is small with a 5 o clock shadow and plate armor. He is about up to my waist in size and carrys two small but heavy axes on his waist. He has some mead on his waist as well but what can you expect it's Mr.Biggles with his long but curlyish hair. I smile and reply "Well Biggles if you weren't at the pub you could've nearly died with me and Spectr.." Biggles cuts me off with urgency. "We need to see AD now" His facial expressions change and they begin to seem worried even for a little dwarf that is carefree he seems a bit serious now. I grab my equipment and put on my armor and walk out. We walk into a sort of tent thing outside in the dessert and AD is waiting inside. AD turns to us but he isn't greeting and he gets straight to business. "Skys I know you are recovering and most of my men are wounded but now is the time to strike" We have one of the strongest bases TheHaloCouncil ever had. And with this base we will need to defend Matowa. Biggles eyes widen and Cheese stands behind me shocked. "What is Matowa Absolute Dog?" AD looks up and then stares at me. "It is an area of land we have yet had the oppurtunity to take until now"...He pauses and then says.."I have sent countless men and woman out there and all I get back is..there remains.."This is where I put my faith in a small platoon of men that can handle hundreds maybe thousands of trolls at once." He looks at me and points.."You will take a small team I put together and take this place and defend it with your very life. I can only be of small service for I am drained from my last event claiming this base. Now go and capture this place for 343i!! He says this and turns around. We all nod and go outside. I see a row of men and woman standing some familiar and unfamiliar. I first notice someone that everyone knows but cannot put our finger on him. His name is Mayhem but really we should call him Ghost. He is a quiet person wearing all Grey light armor and has two small blades sheathed but you cannot see this persons face he is wearing a long hood. I nod and he nods back. Next is my old team that I spot. Yoshi, Spectral, and Tssicksense as well as Victory Element but Victory is busy flirting with some girls and doesn't acknowledge me like the rest. I chuckle and say "Well nice too see my team is back to normal" They all let out a nod and shout in agreement. Spectral walks up and reaches out his fist. *brofist* "Glad to see you're okay Skys" I smile and then turn to the new faces. One guy is wearing a pink suit and has a light helmet on with a pink visor and is carrying a bow and arrow but this bow looks tuned up. We all know him but never got in touch. His name is Bullet. I walk to him and shake his hand "Nice to meet you glad to have you on the team. I hear a snarl behind me and get startled. "Ermm..Hello sir" This man is standing in front of me wearing all Wolf Pelt and has a great sword with a wolf inscribed on the front. He snarls and sniffs me. He then grabs me and hug me then walks away and stands behind the group. I now have in front of me Biggles the Dwarf, Cheese, Bullet, Mayhem the Ghost, SykoWolf, Spectral Tsickssense and Victory Element. I look at my team and smile. "Let us do this for the glory of 343i!" Victory jumps in and says "AND FOR THE LADIES!" Then Sykowolf jumps in and says "FOR MEAT!" We all then stare at him and he smiles with a wolfish grin. A portal opens in front of us and we all get our serious faces on..Yoshi jumps in and we all smile. Who could forget about you? He walks into the portal first and everyone follows in. We all are now in a jungle sort of place..In the distance everyone stares at what is called "Matowa" It is a tower like no other built before. Easily the size of Mt.Everest. Everyone gets in preparation for any ambush and suddenly as we do someone walks through the bush. Instantly Yoshi runs and jumps on the person coming through the bush and then.....begins licking his face. It is Zaguroth and we all sigh in relief. "About time you guys caught up I have been scouting for a few hours now" We all nod and Zaguroth leads the group. "What do we have here?" Spectral says on top of a tree. "How did you climb that so fast?" I said in my head. He looks ahead and sees a small camp of trolls by Matowa. SykoWolf snarls and his eyes turn a darkish red. "Cheese stand back with Bullet and Mayhem you guys are our support from the distance." We all creep up on this small camp and prepare to stike when suddenly..BOOM! an explosion is heard near us and everyone at the camp is startled and begin running towards us. I look behind me and see that Yoshi triggered a trap and explosives are now going off. "ROAR!!!" Says SykoWolf running towards the trolls jumping on one and impaling another with his great sword. I instanly see Zaguroth throw his axe at a few and get them stuck onto a tree where his axe stays. He then grabs a troll by its head and crushes it in his hands. I run up with Spectral and Spectral jumps up and slices through the air grabbing one while he is levitated. The troll looks at Spectral "You stupid Scr..." The troll is cut off from talking as Spectral throws him down at the ground instantly crushing the troll on the ground. A troll is about to jump on me when suddenly two arrows hit the troll straight in both its eyes. In the distance i hear "Got one!" and then another person says "My arrow hit his eye too!" I chuckle as I see Bullet and Mayhem competing. Cheese is in the distance just volleying arrows at a few trolls in the distance pinning them down. Suddenly a small thing passes my vision and it runs into a crowd of trolls. "You like that? How about some of THIS? Or THIS?" It is Biggles slicing away at the enemy like butter with a knife. Biggles then jumps on a larger trolls back and he repeatedly stabs the troll in the head til it falls lifeless on the ground. Spectral then grabs Zaguroths axe and hurls it at a few more oncoming trolls while Zaguroth jumps on Yoshis back and using the momentum jumps and plants his knee straight into a large trolls head instantly killing it. Everything gets quiet and the trolls seem to have stopped. "Is that it?" Biggles says sarcastically. Victory Element walks up to us and says "Stay quiet guys"...We all stay quiet when suddenly...BAM!! Bullets body is seen hurling through the sky. Spectral jumps up and catches his body. We look in the distance and see Mayhem and cheese fighting off something. My eyes widen as we now see the biggest troll ever. He grabs cheese and throws her at us. I jump up and grab her. "You okay Cheese?" She nods in pain. My hands begin glowing and my team is now prepared to deal with this monstrosity of a troll. We all charge at once. Spectral flys at it and throws his sword impaling the trolls arm but the effort seems useless the troll is still rampant. Syko wolf then jumps in the air and swirls and flys through the troll scratching a tearing at its legs but the troll grabs Syko and hurls him into a tree. Zaguroth then runs to him with his axe but the troll grabs Zaguroth by his hands and holds him up. The troll looks at him and then snarls "YOU WILL DIE NOOB" says the troll and Zaguroth gets punched right in the gut with this huge troll and Zaguroth goes unconscious. Arrows begin flying at the troll as I see Mayhem shooting arrow after arrow at this troll. Biggles now runs up with his small axes and begin stabbing the trolls foot..The troll kicks Biggles but Biggles grabs on and holds on. While the troll trys to kick him off. Victory Jumps on the trolls back and stabs it with his Great Sword and his sword is stuck lodged in its back. The troll is still moving. I then run up and start using my wind energy and start pushing it back little by little hurling my hands while they glow yellow intensely. The troll falls onto one knee and lets out a ROAR! We stand our ground and Yoshi knocks the troll back with momentum. The troll falls on his stomache and Tsickssense with Spectral jump on the stomache and begin stabbing it repeatedly in the chest. We all watch ready for the next attack when suddenly. Another huge troll comes in and kicks tsickssense off the almost dead troll and Spectral levitates up fast dodging the attack. Bullet then grabs his bow and aims at the almost dead troll and fires five arrows at once into the trolls head. The trolls screams in pain and agony then becomes lifeless. The other troll becomes enraged and grabs a tree as a weapon and swings it knocking me back and sending me flying next to the other wounded teammates. I get back up grabbing my chest. Victory then lifts me up and says very promptly " I am tired of these MOTHERF***** trolls in this MOTHERF****** land!" He grabs his greatsword and throws it with such incredible force and it impales the troll straight in its chest. It trys to remove the sword but biggles begins stabbing his foot. The troll soon dies and falls....right on Mr.Biggles. We all seem satisfied and we all smile while Mr.Biggles is asking for help under the troll. Spectral lifts up the troll and throws the lifeless body towards some rubble. Biggles stands up and says "You think its funny watching the little guy get squished by a big guy?..." We all group up and Zaguroth walks to us limping, " Can't we just find a camp that is filled with a buffet of food and hot girls?" I smirk and say "One does not simply walk into a camp without nearly dying first" Everyone lets out a laugh and SykoWolf lets out a small howl. Matowa is now in front of us and we all begin walking into the large tower. We all get a telepathic message from AD "Don't fail me now" AD says and quickly ends his message. We nod and press on. Yoshi opens the large doors with SykoWolf. As we open it we hear running in the distance towards us. Bullet turns around and readys his bow and arrow but stops and realizes who it is. 'Look who decided to join the party?" Cheese said while we all looked at The Lizard. Biggles shivered and said "Good lord it is bad enough I can't stand slimy scaly things..but you sir top it off" He shivers and walks in. we all smile. Cheese and Zaguroth are up ahead scouting while Mayhem is next to me. It is too quiet..The lights shine brightly at us and we are all now forming a small circle for an ambush. BZZTTT. We here as the lights turn off. I soon hear screams from my comrades and moving around. The lights turn on but all I now see is just a few of my team. I unsheathe my sword and everyone prepares for an attack. All that is here with me is Spectral, Wolf, Mayhem, Biggles and Zaguroth. Everyone must of fell or gone somewhere. The floor seems rigged with traps. Then CREEEEK. We hear as a door opens. My weapon is ready and in front of us is..hundreds of trolls snarling and calling us Scrubs and noobs of all sorts. My hands begin to glow. Mayhem is standing silent ready for an attack. Biggles drinks a bit of mead and unsheathes his two axes. Wolf howls and grabs his great sword. Zaguroth says "Well not again..." But has his axe in his hand. Spectral smiles and says..."Time for some badassery!" What happend to the rest? Yoshi. Bullet. Cheese Tsickssense, and Victory Element and the Lizard are all gone. What happened to them I hope they are alright..We run towards the trolls and Zaguroth prepares to throw his axe once again at the oncoming trolls.........Here we go again. Thanks guys for reading and supporting. Some characters weren't placed in this Chapter for the sake of too much talking and describing. The story is filled with non stop action so I will feature you guys in a later chapter or you make a small appearance. Another Chapter will be posted later today around 7 p.m Again I wouldnt keep going without the support and encouragement so like and lets try and get everyone to appear atleast once in these chapters Also character drawings will be posted tomorrow! P.S Sorry if you weren't featured again I try and get everyone in. Just keep inboxing me your stuff
  10. I awake gasping for air..My head is pounding.. everything is coming into vision. My vision is blurry but i can see now that I am in a Jail cell. "Dangit..I knew these trolls would get me" I placed my hands on my head. My head is still pounding. What are they doing to me? I am sweating at the thought of being tortured..What if they make fun of my mom..like a traditional troll? Or..even call me a scrub? How can I handle this torture? A guard approaches me.."You silly scrub you are stuck there til our master does away with you" I smile in confidence as I see a figure appear behind him "Come closer" I tell him smirking"...He walks to me and smiles.."You dumb scrub TheHaloCouncil is supreme law, We are massive and we will get bigger then anyone what are you going to do about it?" I chuckled and said.."I won't do anything...but she will" He turns pale and turns around and his eyes widen. Blood splatters on the wall as a woman stands in front of him. He falls to the ground lifeless as she walks towards me. I am a bit intimidated. She is blonde slim and is wearing a green vest with armor plating and plate legging made for agile combat she is carrying to small daggers and and has a hood. No other word can describe it besides pure awesomeness! She looked at me and said sarcastically. "This will be the last time I get you out of a mess like this.." I smiled.."Well Ms.Mystic when the world is rid of trolls I won't be stuck in situations like this" I stand up but the pain from the chest wound is still there. Suddenly a voice appears in my head..It's Absolute Dog relaying a telepathic message. "Skys I cannot afford to send my best to get you. I am sure she already told you that this will be the last time..You are in the heart of there base and I am going to teleport support. I have not heard from Spectral or any of the others please make haste and rally up with them soon..*He now sighs* For now I will give you these as supports. * A blue sphere erupts in front of me as people come walking out of it. It is a tall man..A bit heavy in the stomach but muscular all over. He has a a black as night hood on with a grey armor plate all over his body..He carried a axe the size of a full grown troll..His name is Zaguroth. I just nodded at him and he saluted Ms.Mystic in respect. Another person appeared and we all knew who he was but he wasn't really a guy you can call friend. He is a mercenary with skill like no other but is only in it for the money and girls. His name is Victory Element. Mercenary armor plating. It is all white and filled with spikes around his chest and he carrys a great sword. And then another appears this seems to be the last one since the portal is closing behind him walking through. My eyes widen..Is this a joke? A bear walks through..It is walking upright with armor all around it. It is carrying a huge salmon on its back like a club. It snarls at us but on its chest the words say Yoshi1176. I nod at it and it salutes Ms.Mystic. Ms.Mystic stands in front of us and then sheathes her daggers and pulls out an orb. "I am leaving now I shouldn't have to come back and help you guys..We need to get this base under our control and the plan of attack is simple...Clean and Clear all areas of this base and kill or recruit anything that stands in your way...*She lifts the orb in the air* Bye guys don't make me come back here" *She turns the corner and we hear a man scream in agony* "What is that?" I said..She then drags a guy towards us.."This should be the last scout so the element of surprise is with you guys" *She throws the orb on the ground and teleports with the corpse..* "Well that was badass.." I said in my head. "Okay lets take this base and claim another for 343i's sake!" We begin walking down a corridor that is painted red...On the wall there is an inscription saying "These walls painted with the blood of our enemy..343i." I am filled with some rage as we remember the fallen. Yoshi snarls at the wall and the rest continue walking. We soon hear chatter up ahead.."Hows the prisoner downstairs? Want to rough him up a bit? I haven't trolled anyone in a bit and I need to get it out of my system already" The men begin laughing like pigs maniacally. Yoshi runs in without any plan and pulls his huge salmon off his back..We run behind him shocked and not ready for attack. Yoshi throws his club at one guy killing him instantly and jumping on the other scratching and clawing at his face..Another two guards run to stop him but Victory Element grabs two throwing knives and throws them right in the head and they fall lifeless on the ground. Zaguroth is standing still just watching. Three men walk in as we are finishing up the first group and they yell saying "Call for reinform....." They stop talking as all three stand with blood dripping from there mouths..Zaguroth is behind them smirking as his axe is impaled all three of them simutaneously. All enemies fall dead and we all nod at eachother in silence. "Yoshi..lets not make that a habit.." He growls and walks behind me. "Skys where is spectral?" Zaguroth said to me in a deep voice. "I don't know..I went unconscious before i could see where the team left too.." He acknowledges and we push on down another corridor with doors on each side. We walk slowly as we can hear what seems to be hundreds on trolls in this corridor..I began whispering "We might be in there living quarters now.." As i said that..A door opens and the troll at the door walks out and stops in fear with food in his mouth..We all have blood on ourselves so we are already noticed as enemies..The man drops the food out of his mouth. Just as he is about to say one word a dagger flys near my face and the dagger gets placed in between his eyes. "Uh oh.." I said as I knew exactly where this was going. His body now falls to the ground and the noise is heard throughout the whole corridor. I hear weapons being grabbed silently and my team all unsheathes their weapons.."Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said a troll coming out the door..The corridor is filled with what seems like hundreds of trolls coming out of doors attacking us in each direction. Zaguroth jumps in the air and swings his axe killing 6 instantly with one swing. Yoshi charges three guys pushing about 20 trolls in one direction with his momentum. Victory grabs about ten small daggers and begins throwing them in each direction killing trolls left and right. I have no weapon so I am punching men and grabbing there weapons and I happen to grab a small scythe and begin slashing away at countless men. Zaguroth gets jumped on by five trolls and becomes overwhelmed and falls to one knee..Yoshi is wounded now as a few trolls start shooting arrows at him. Victory is fighting his way through now using his great sword as a defense against enemy attacks. We need to get out of here..We are going to lose. I run towards Zaguroth slicing through trolls sliding under two guys and slicing there legs. I help Zaguroth up and he grabs me and says "Stand behind me" I get in a defensive stance behind him and he lets out a roar. "GET BACK!" He says loud as his axe extends and becomes the size of small tree and begins swinging furiously in front of him killing off trolls. But his effort comes to an end as what it looks fifty men run at him at once and jump on him. He is surrounded. I am fighting seven guys off that are trying to get me down. Yoshi looks weak and is losing momentum..All hope is lost. Victory looks at me and nods. "We may die today but we fight for 343i!!" I said as i now begin slicing faster trying to reach Victory for a last attempt at stopping this barrage of attacks. I reach Victory and we are now standing with a circle of trolls all around us. I close my eyes and say "Enough..is Enough!" My eyes turn bright yellow and Victory looks at me astonished. My hands begin to glow and I aim my hands at the trolls. Some look scared but still press on. I let the glow increase and then whisper.."Begone.." A light energy forms and wind blasts the trolls in every direction..Bodies flying everywhere. Wind is pushing everyone back and they die instantly from the impact. The walls are painted with troll blood and the trolls on Zaguroth are forced off and pushed against the wall. Zaguroth lets his axe flow with the wind and it smashes against twenty trolls kill all of them placed against the wall. The force of wind stops and I fall to one knee..Victory grabs me. Yoshi runs to Zaguroth and offers to let him ride his back. Zaguroth limps towards us with Yoshi. "We did it.." I said smirking. My breathing is heavy as I feel my stamina reached its limit.."What was that?" "Are you a Jedi?" One troll said as he was on the ground in astonishment.."I am Skys and I am the wind" I smiled as the pure cheesy phrase echoed in my head. Is that it? I said in my head. We all start limping for what looks like an exit..The light is shining at our faces. We walk out and we all are blinded by the dessert sun..I smile. "This is how we die?" Yoshi snarls and growls. Zaguroth grabs his axe..still in pain. Victory says " This isn't worth the money..I need to get paid more" Surrounded by thousands or trolls. The odds are against us. We will not survive and this is inevitable..."Well guys its been short but brief. Ms.Mystic isn't here and the back up won't happen now"..A troll walks in front of the other trolls and says "Give up and join us or die here now..You have til the count of three to drop the weapons and give in or one of my men will kill you off with just a few arrows" We all stand our ground ready to die. Another troll with a bow and arrow walks to the front of the thousand of other trolls and raises his bow aiming at me. "Okay guys if I die and you manage to make it alive..tell Spectral Jester..He is still a badass." The arrow flys toward me and I ready for the impact..I close my eyes as Yoshi stands upright and the others brace for there arrows. When suddenly a flash of orange passes my face..and something appears in front of me catching the arrow with its hand..I stare in astonishement. It is Spectral Jester. I tear up as joy overwhelms my body. He is accompanied by two others. Mr.Payne and Tsickssense. "So you still think I'm a badass huh Skys?..Well let me show you why I am a badass" He jumps towards the trolls and slashes the air...He missed? But then suddenly ten trolls fall lifeless to the ground...His sword swing is so powerful the wind kills the enemy..Will Spectral be enough with for these thousands of trolls?... We are all wounded. Mr.Payne looks at us and smiles.."Try not to hold us back" We all stand ready to fight. So guys I only had like 17 minutes to write this and it sort of just flows with my imagination. One day while I am at home I'll be able to sit down and really create an awesome chapter. For now this is samples and I am testing out how I can really make this funny/actiony/epic Leave a review below or a like
  11. The Sky is black..The moon is at its highest..I am breathing heavy as arrows are passing just 2 inches from my face..I can now hear a voice screaming out orders. He is defended by two guards..It looks like..It is! Absolute Dog is standing shouting orders as Mr.Biggles and One are guarding him with crossbows. AD now looks at me and tells me to come hither...I am nervous. I've never been in battle I am more strategic and I coordinate attacks..AD then asks another man to come up. We both walk up..As i look at this other man I notice it is Spectral Jester. This man looked...well badass..Wearing a Orange Robe and a Dark Grey hood..He is holding dual katanas and bow and arrow on his back. We both walk up ready for our orders. AD is now in front of me..It began raining. I can hear people screaming in the woods..Sounds like death and bloodshed..Or just kids trolling other kids..I don't know but I am a bit shaken now. Absolute Dog is standing in from of me and places a sword on my side..I am in awe..He is wearing Knights Armor. All black and blue..On his right arm there are spikes and on the other side..a small inscription saying "343industries..and Twam" He is there guardian and right hand man. I am proud to be where I am..I close my eyes and listen to the orders..Spectral Jester just kneels and continues looking like a badass..He tells us "You must go venture to this land..this land is dangerous..it is called.."Thehalocouncil" It is a bit bigger in size..but there men are uncoordinated and not well prepared for a coordinated attack" My hands shake as I know i must go into battle now..He is now murmoring words to me..The rain is getting stronger..A blue orb is floating near us..My eyes begin to go bloodshot as I realize he is about to teleport us to this land..I am shaking..Spectral Jester grabs my arm and says.."Calm down mate I won't let these men troll and or hurt us" For I am Spec......He is cut off as we both are sent spiraling in a teleporting sphere. I am now in a dessert..I throw up as my stomache wasn't ready to teleport..A hand touches my shoulder and I draw my blade..Spectral smiles.."Save that for battle good friend"...I am relieved and we press on into this desserty jungle. In the distance I see a white male. Wearing a kilt but a strong armor plating on top..His name is Mr.Payne and he is accompanied by TsicksSense. I am now reassured we can do this. My head is just thinking of all the bloodshed and battle we are about to commense..I go up to greet these men with Spectral and we are now face to face. We give a small salute and we then come together and form our strategy of attack..Spectral starts the conversation off by saying "We hit them hard and fast..the less bloodshed the better..We leave midday and we should be there when the moon is at its highest once again.." We all nod and set up a small camp..My mind is ready for battle..My sword hungry for some trolls..4 vs hundreds..maybe thousands..Can we really do this..? My eyes fall heavy and I now fall asleep.. You really think I'd actually get a goodnights rest? BOOOOM!!! I hear explosions and screaming and howling.."what the heck?" My vision is blurry..debris is now flying in my face..I look down and blood is trickling from my chest.."dangit..I might die.." What is going on? I see spectrail fighting off two guys while Mr.Payne is unconscious on the ground..Tsickssense is on one guy fighting off 5 others..I then grab my sword and ignore the pain..I run up to spectral and tackle a guy..lunging my sword into his chest..as I do this i grab a small explosive and throw it towards 6 men running to me and then duck and cover..It explodes and lets just say..Blood everywhere..Spectral and I are now facing a group of maybe 20 men now heading towards us. "Back to back?"...I nod but then say sarcastically.."This isn't Army of Two..how are we actually going to do this.." He smirks and then says..."This is nothing.." He swings his swords and i begin stabbing and swinging in all directions..Perfectly blocking and striking all my enemies..One by one they are falling..Tsickssense is now in front of me jumping on two guys stabbing both..One of our enemies begs to join us..We nod and say..We don't want to fight..tell them to call it off and we can talk about this..This enemy walks towards them and the fighting stops..A large figure walks towards us...Sweat is pouring down my face..The enemy who begged us to stop is now smiling maniacally..He lied..This is something i've never seen before...A SUPER MEGA TROLL. He began calling us names at first but then brought out his huge club..He hit the ground and everything began shaking...Mr.Payne wakes up and then quickly throws a smoke bomb on the ground..He grabs me and spectal and tsickssense follows shortly. We are now running for our lives in this dessert jungle..My heart is racing..we turn and turn again..I am losing breathe and I know if i stop i'll die with these trolls..I am behind all of them..they are all running ahead..I can see spectral..tsickssense and Mr.Payne all running passed me. My vision is blurry i now hear my enemy getting closer..And closer..when suddenly..I stop and hide behind a thick dessert tree. I can feel the heat simmering my face..I am trying to control my breathing..I don't see my team anywhere..I close my eyes..I can hear the footsteps of my enemy..Some run passed me..I press against the tree like no other..It is quiet..All i hear is footsteps..I take a breathe...AND BAM..a club hits my face..I instantly pass out..I now see my team..and AD in the distance..I am reaching for them but..they are too far..I close my eyes and everything fades..These trolls got me..I am now trolled and i might die.. To be continued? I don't know what this was..But i am at work just passing time at the office..I do this a lot. I am in now ay dissing Thehalocouncil. I just needed another forum that would make sense..There may be more sites on these small storys.. Tell me what you think? Write a few more? Maybe add people if you'd like to be in it?
  12. Skys, I have been frequently getting on and I feel like this thought isn't taken seriously between others. I believe this site needs a little makeover visually. Forum runs great nothing bad but let us not be content or take action once halo 4 is officially launched. Why not change now for the better? We need visual improvements through the whole site. No more spartan II's or III's.....We are Spartan IV's and the site needs to adapt in that way. Maybe even make it more forerunner savvy. The request isn't impossible just take it into consideration. I visually love the site..IF..I was playing halo reach for the first time..We are past that lets move on and create a better website for our Spartan IV's If I was modding i'd pitch this idea..But I R Skys a more then friendly community forum user Agreed? Also please like or disaapprove in the comments below.
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