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Found 1 result

  1. ME3 Indoctrination Theory Still Valid Okay so here is why I think the indoctrination theory for the ME3 ending is still valid. 1 - Many of the original pieces of evidence to this theory still hold up, as they still cannot be explain otherwise. As such much of the game, after the charge down the hill, takes place in Shepard’s mind. As for the extended cut: 2 - The Illusive Man was being indoctrinated by the reapers to bring control to the “solution”. The Illusive Man repeatedly says this over and over throughout ME2 and ME3. 3 - Seran, from ME1, was trying to make organic life useful to the Reapers. In a way this can be seen as a form of Synthesis threw co-operation. 4 - The source child clearly states that his “solution” no longer works and needs to change. 5 - In order for the reapers/ source-child to use this form of indoctrination (the manipulating of the mind to create a false reality) some form of telepathic connection has to be made. Which is easily down as a result of Shepard’s synthetics. This makes influence go both ways, which means that even though it is in Shepard’s mind his/her decision still has the effect which she/he was looking for. As stated in the previous point, the Source Child wants the cycle to change, and he knows that Shepard is the only one who can bring that change. 6 - In the renegade option, Shepard is seen laying on the ground back on Earth. If she/he was truly on the Citadel, then she/he would have burned up in the atmosphere, assuming she/he even survived the Citadel’s destruction. 7 - The Control option, when Shepard becomes “all-powerful” she still, in a way survives, but his/her mind has been altered to become part of the reapers, i.e. indoctrinated. When she is consumed in the cut-scene, it is actually her identity which is being consumed by the Reapers, not her body. 8 - Synthesis is completely against what Shepard and the others have been fighting for. The only reason I can see Shepard making that decision is if she/he had become indoctrinated. If you love Mass Effect, and truly thought that the Indoctrination Theory was true. It still is. To those who love Mass Effect, please spread this around. I am definitely not saying there needs to be more DLC, I am simply saying that the indoctrination theory still works with what we have. Am not starting a petition to get more DLC, am just saying that for those, like me, who were a little disappointing with the DLC that we don’t have to be, because it does still work. Lets get the ending we all deserve and I strongly believe that we will get it with support from the fans. Don't purchase any DLC unless we get the ending we as the fans deserve. Please feel free to give speculations and your own theories. If you agree or disagree. Skys
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