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  1. well my favorite foreign movie would be a short film called Le Clowne if i spelled it right its French im a zombie film enthusiast...
  2. there is no difference in direction it is just another way we humans try to locate and/or categorize places. the stench of death lingering over an infinite darkness, but with warmth in a welcoming way... just imagine music there are so many ways to express color that doesn't exist... depends on the location of the collection of the liquid...why are you asking you're a fish?
  3. banned for not letting me have a reason to ban you...
  4. that had a song playing...
  5. Nope it's meeeeee! Caboose the ace?
  6. Heh sorry my pc crashed, and now I'm back on ,and here is the story durring the multiplayer games reds and blues fight for the right to be the dominant team... the battles were at first just on the field but after a few years they started fireing at eachother at award ceremonies and other mass gatherings... the only way the UNSC knew to stop them was to create another team ,Gray team...they were formed to stop the reds and blues, by using peaceful means, until a gray was killed by a red team spy who posed as a blue ... the grays fired on the red and blues lesser platoons to show that they weren't to be messed with now there is a war . But none let their pride down enough to stop the fighting... so in the end The UNSC has called together gray team to a meeting knowing that there could be a battle in any moment at a meeting hall on earth, to discus what to do...to quiet the reds and blues...
  7. This is a roll play and all reds and blues are allowed if you want to be on Gray team message me.. And non reds and blues can join as Gray team members...
  8. Jam

    gray team

    Don't forget to sign up! ... an unknown enemy to the UNSC is coming join me and we can together stop the madness...reds have a problem, a member has attacked me and I need a team to suppress them... fire comes from the door on the other side...blues and reds attack ... it's a three way fight...
  9. Nope... Wild guess...Sarge?
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