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Found 91 results

  1. Hello all! How are you guys? As some of you may know, Yesterday was the Staff vs. Members playdate! Starting at Three O'Clock PM CST, Our lovely Staff starters RedStarRocket91, Church, and Brony went into battle with us members! <--- (Your favorite team) Featuring The Dumb Marine, F1ZM, JXZAW, TGS Shadowless, Trae Housten, Spyro, and Bnus to start out! We played slayer, 343iSWAT, SWAT, Boogeyman, and a few variants of Regicide. (Not RegiSWAT..), We also got to go back in time and play classic infection on Halo: Reach map remakes! Featuring Asylum, Countdown, Uncaged, and Blood Gulch! Some other lovely people who made it late but stylish surely were BeckoningZebra1, Drizzy_Dan, Absolute Dog, GermanShepardD, and HC Halo 3 Recon!! With our loveable Dog GSD still holding his expertise in SWAT and with sniper rifles, He was the best man on the other team. (Don't worry ADog, You were very well of a fighter too! As well as RSR91. And Brony (If I had a headset and a capture card this would be very much interesting...) One of the best moments may have been RSR running from the Boogeyman, A very entertaining act you had there buddy, It was just as funny as Cops n' Robbers, With mongooses flipping around a blocky city that had really even roads. <--- Not really even, Very bumpy... Now, While everyone probably had this one moment You have to agree that despite the fighting and any possible crouching it was very fun! Even if some of us were very hyper! Heres a question for you guys, What was your favorite part of the playdate? (Sorry if it seemed dull, I'm not very good with recaps.. Or memory!)
  2. Hi, I am Logic Venom (Xbox Live Gamertag: MayhemMachine97 ), I am the leader of Team Logic. Team Logic was recently created after the demise of BoS Clan, a clan I co-led and co-owned. As one of the former leaders of BoS Clan, I have moderate experience on running a clan. I recently created a clan called Neco Asylum but my co-leader left and chaos ensued, I am now restarting the clan as Team Logic. I am creating this clan to start off with a new team and a way to meet new people. Some of the things we plan to do are: - Active Forums - Weekly Events - Competitive Teams and QS Teams - Elite - News and Event Team - Graphics Team - Gamebattles and Clan Battles - Team Logic YouTube Channel - Multiconsole and Multigame support We play: - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Xbox 360) - Halo 4 - Minecraft (PC and Xbox) On the requirements' side of things, we don't ask for much. All you need to have is: - Need to be mature (age doesn't matter) - Needs to have a mic/headset - Decent to High Skill Level in FPS games IF INTERESTED PLEASE REPLY WITH THIS!! Gamertag: Gender: (optional...it wont change if you can join or not) Country: Mic: Yes/No Or you can send me a message and/or friend invite on xbox live Here's mine: Gamertag: MayhemMachine97 Age: 13 Gender: M Country: USA Mic: Yes How can I contact you with any questions? Message me on XBox at MayhemMachine97 or at my Skype at Flamestorm_97
  3. Church

    My Rig

    From the album: Church's Pics


    © Blahblahblah Blarg Inc.

  4. Microsoft will be offering unlimited cloud storage for the Xbox one a MaximunPC article states.The news came out of PAX Australia, here is what a Microsoft rep said about it. "Xbox Live offers Xbox One unlimited storage space in the cloud for all Xbox Live members to store numerous types of Xbox Live content, including your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment. This content is stored and saved in the cloud so you can automatically access it anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are." With the change of policies such as removing the used games restrictions the Xbox one has slowly but surely been getting back on track and with another positive announcement it will certainly help improve it's reputation a bit more. This post has been promoted to an article
  5. 117 GAMING HD BIO We are a military based clan that's has evolved from Halo 2 all the way to Halo 4 we are very competitive and fun at the same time, sometimes we have custom game nights where as other nights we'll be competing and beating other clans, we have our own military base where we can all hang out and chill and we'll create you your own bedroom and we also have clan meetings in the base, all in all the clan is a lot of fun and offers a lot of experience and knowledge about the game... message TanglerDangler on xbox live to join. RULES 1. WE ACCEPT ALL AGES BELOW 17, THIS IT DUE TO THE FACT WE DO NOT WANT YOUNGER MEMBERS TO FEEL IMTIMIDATED BY THE OLDER ONES AND AT THE SAME TIME YOU HAVE TO BE OVER 11, WE MAY MAKE EXCEPTIONS. 2. NO WHINING 3.NO SCREAMING 4. WE ARE A TEAM, TEAMS OF PLAYERS DO NOT ARGUE, BETRAY OR CALL OTHER TEAM MATES 5.ENJOY YOURSELF IMPORTANT INFO***** MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE TO JOIN, OR SEND HIM A FRIEND REQUEST IF HIS FRIENDS LIST IS FULL JUST SIMPLY SEND HIM A MESSAGE AND HE'LL ADD YOU http://117gaming.webs.com/
  6. Hello! Ghosts of Razgriz's Second in Command, RAZGRIZ GIRL, is here and I'm looking for recruitment's. Hold on though! There are a few rules: 1. Must be 17 or older. 2. Must have a positive K/D. 3. Active Active Active. I cannot stress this enough. 4. Must have a headset. We use a military style ranking system and there are plenty of ways to rank up quickly. Alot of spots also need to be filled so odds are good! We're hoping to kick start this thing with a bang! Reply to this with your gamertag and age to be reviewed and I'll get back to you within a day or two with more details. We are both a clan AND a gaming community just to let you know!
  7. Upon further reflection on the information brought to light at E3 I have to say both the Xbox One and the PS4 are about the same. Specs for both systems are essentially the same. The PS4 is slightly better but not substantially and developers aren't going to bother taking advantage of the slightly increased 'power' of the PS4 anyway, not cross-platform games at least. Both systems aren't particularly impressive to look at: Remember when the original Xbox came out? That thing was a behemoth but it was great, so stop complaining about how they both look internet. The PS4 controller has a touch screen but how much would that cost? And why would you need it really? For better or worse the Xbox One also comes with the Kinect whilst the PS4 you have to pay extra for the PS Eye. Either way you have to pay extra, but pricing is later. Software limitations wise the PS4 wins hands-down I have to admit. They have given straight yes/no answers: " ‘yes’ - the PS4 would be free of limitations on used games, that ‘no’ - there would be no need for online connections, and, a bonus, that ‘yes’ - the console would even be region-free (the Xbox One is not)." -independent.co.uk Whilst Xbox One has given sort of answers. ‘Kind of’ - the One would have limitations on used games, confusing ones that are difficult to understand. That ‘some times’ - there would be a need for online connections, also confusing, right now the consensus is every 24 hours for some reason. That ‘no' - the console wouldn't even be region-free (only straight answer) But actual software features wise I think the One wins. Sure you can watch tv on your tv but why complain if the One offers you the ability to watch tv through it with added features? You can instantly switch between tasks and I hear you ask "Why would I need such a thing?" Well it appears both the PS4 and the One are on a vendetta against loading screens: Now the Ones ability seems better, I hate waiting for a match to start and it is a novel way of distraction away from loading screens, a hell of a lot better then watching a little circle spinning around or watching the words 'Looking for players' for 5 minutes. Games wise (as in exclusives) same ol' same ol'. Nothing really impressive. Halo 5 but eh. Titanfall (One) looks pretty ok. The Order (PS4) looks pretty ok as well though. Pricing. Once again the PS4 wins over the One. $399 in the US and £349 in the UK and $549 in AU are the prices for the PS4. $499 in the US and £429 and $599 in AU are the prices for the Xbox One. As stated above you get the Kinect (even if you don't want it) with the One but have to pay extra for the PS Eye thingy so take that in to account and still PS4 wins. I can see both consoles selling rather slowly this year. They are probably going to have some sort of price drop (like the PS3 when it got released. Didn't sell, to high a price). This is just an extra thing but what de hell is with the price inflation in AU. An extra >$100. Shipping to AU and the Us would cost about the same. Sure the AU tax would be slightly higher but take that into account and it should only be a price rise of say $30. And the Au is equal to the US at the moment. I is bitter. The only real difference between the PS4 and the One has been marketing. 'Relevant applications and uses to our gamers' - PS4 conference (round about what the guy said) The PS4 has come out of the gated screaming to the heavens and all that will listen that the PS4 is designed for the gamers by the game developers (unlike the PS3 which screwed over indie devs, smell damage control). They claim to have gone to devs and asked what they would like and apparently designed the PS4 with that in mind (yet it end up essentially the same as the One). Those links up there show PS4 marketing it specs, using words like '1.84 Teraflops' and 'eight x86-64 core' to confuse most people into believing that the PS4 has alien tech and witchcraft inside it. But how much praise has actually been given to the PS4? It has mostly been the One sucks therefore PS4 better. 'Introducing the all-in-one entertainment system.' -Xbox One conference (similar to) The Xbox One has been market as 'the Xbox experience'. They don't just want you gaming on the One, they want you using the One for all entertainment needs. Movies, tv, internet activity, you name it the One is trying to deliver. They have also targeted mass public appeal over the PS4 'for gamers' approach. And really who can blame the One for its motives? It is initiative and the 360 got a lot more public appeal when they updated the home screen and added apps. The One is just taking it a step further before Sony or Nintendo has the chance to. The One has been criticized for being ambiguous but if successful the One will have set a new precedent for home gaming and entertainment. Also about all the blow-back the One has received it has just become the new thing to ***** about the One. The internet goes through crazes and this is just the current one. The first conference was a disaster gamers wise but before the event Microsoft sent out press releases stating the event was going to be concentrated on family appeal and the multimedia capabilities. They were saving the gaming for E3, which was a smart move that people took out of context. But you notice how now one has praised the PS4 for being epic, they have just insulted the One for being not good. Now after all that I hope I swayed the opinions of the seven of you that actually took the time to read through that. I think the conclusion is that everyone should hold of on buying the new consoles and voice complaints. The limitations imposed by Microsoft on the One (which are the main problem in regards to the One) can be easily reverted with patches if enough people voice their concerns. The prices of both will be reduced if enough people voice complaints on the price. I think I will end this with a quote, “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr.Seuss
  8. gamertag: picklepig7 map: Plasma Ghost- http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/picklepig7/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=d9548368-80da-4078-a338-c0954c1d2cd9 gametype: Sticky Ghost- http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/picklepig7/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=55371f78-e45e-420c-b48a-bfbaa590a9dd Description: The is a mini game map made by yours truly! now in this map if you are on red team you're going to want to drive your ghost out onto the gravity volume supporting you. Now if you havent played the map before on blue team you will have no idea what to do but all you have to do is walk in the center or on the edge of the map and throw as many grenades up at the ghosts as the game goes on the ghosts will rack up points while in the hill but the grenade count will start to get to hectic and at one point all of the ghosts will get stuck and then the round will end and the teams will switch and now blue team will get the ghosts and red team will throw the grenades. There are four rounds and i would recommend playing with 6-16 players to get full potential out of the map. Hope you enjoy! Picklepig7-
  9. SMC ~Sanctus Metus Community~ Hello Everybody. This thread will contain any information that you may want to know in regards to joining our community. I will try to keep everything brief, simple and informative - However if you want more information please feel free to add any gamertag listed at the bottom of this post. >>What is SMC? SMC is abbreviated to Sanctus Metus Community. The name is Latin, and depending of the time period, Sanctus Metus will either translate to "Holy Fire" or "Seven Sins". It should be noted that, as the name implies, we are a Community not a Clan. We focus more on having friends to play various games with and talk to, rather then being extremely one game biased and competetive. >>What will I need to do? There are no mandatory requirements. We dont "train" and have "meetings" on a weekly basis. A meeting will only be called if an issue has been raised that requires attention. Updates will be sent via message from our community gamertag, which will let you know of any upcoming events. >>What Games and Events are played? We primarily play Halo, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Minecraft and others. We have events every week or so, Such as a Halo 4 Custom Game Night or a Mortal Kombat Tournament. They are fun and help us become closer through the Community. >>Whats Unique about SMC? We offer a fair ranking system, where promotions are given by time as a member and how often you take part in community events. We also offer a Badge / Commendation system. These badges are awarded by high ranking members for achieving certain things, such as taking part in a community event or winning the Mortal Kombat Tournament, among many others. These are placed in your Bio for bragging rights. >>Can you join? Yes. As simple as that. We only ask you keep a civil tounge, respect all members and get along with everybody. So if you are interested in joining, Feel free to add any Gamertag below. Also be sure to check our Website run by our co-founder, although it is still in the Beta stages. We very much look forward to hearing from you! ~ KannibalxClown / Leading Member and Founder ~ DrukeSkywalker / Co-Leader and Website Admin ~ De4thDe4ler 666 / Co-Leader Website - http://SMCGamingHub.Webs.Com Memorable Quotes: "Lock, Stock and Roll out. Or blow me up. Whatever..." - KxC, 2013 "Quaaaann Chiiiiiii" - DrukeSkywalker, 2013 "Oh yeah.. here we go again. God Damnit!!" De4thDe4ler 666, Every day.
  10. I mean this is an argument that never end's with gamers, some say the classic retro games like Mario or Sonic, some others say The Elder Scrolls Franchise. There are some game franchises out there that aren't as recognized as others for example Ace Combat, its had like 10 games altogether but it isn't as popular as other games. But for me I would have to agree with the people who say the Elder Scrolls Games, the first game was released in 1994. You wouldn't call the game groundbreaking but look at the franchise onwards, its just phenomenal what The Elder Scrolls Game have done for gaming. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a global success, it sold something around 7 Million copies in just one week, which completely belittles Halo 4's sales. You could kinda call this a rant (sorry if I annoyed anyone) but I want to know what other peoples opinions are.
  11. FDS stands for Fatal Death Squad. Formed in 2007 after the release of Halo 2, FDS continues to strive forward with it's message of gaming with honor and integrity. This is what drew me to FDS. It's a community where you can login, go to the community gamertag & see who's playing. Join a friend or rally some members for a round of SWAT or a match on Slayer!! FDS has the goal of creating a safe haven for like-minded gamers regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, marital status, or disability. However you must be 16 or older to join. We believe that all gamers should have a place to play where they won’t have to put up with any type of drama or problems and be free to enjoy the game to its full extent. In the FDS Community we do recognize player skill; however, we believe that gaming is more about having fun and enjoying the game with friends. FDS has both casual and competitive gamers that actively participate in our community. Keeping that in mind, there is always a place for anyone looking to join. You don't have to change your gamertag but we do ask that you change & remain in uniform colors. Our main reasoning behind this is recognition. Your teammates & other community members are easier to identify in the heat of battle!! You are not required to maintain a positive kill/death ratio. There are plenty of members that you can speak with if you'd like some tips or advice. Please message me anytime with questions, if you wanna hook up for a round online or if you're interested in joining. It's a great community of boys & girls, just looking for some like minded gamers to have fun with. We have a saying, "No tea bagging unless you were tea bagged first." Thanks for reading! Game on! Btw, we are looking for people interested in starting a forge team. If you think you might be interested, hit me up!
  12. Halo 4 User Research/QA Reviews (Self-Notes) For myself and those who are reading: Let me be very clear, as a reminder for myself and as a warning/template for all who do read this document. I am here to analyze, and contemplate the hell out of Halo 4 for several reasons. First and most importantly, I am hoping to incorporate this document into a portfolio that I will eventually show to game companies that I want to work for. A sort of, “This is part of how I do my research, This is how I feel I can help companies build exciting new games, and “This is why I’m a religious gamer” type of advertisement. Also I apologize for any profane language. I am one of the few “lucky ones”, who have known from a young age that the gaming industry is where I belong, and my most cherished heroes are residing in companies like Riot games, Activison-Blizzard, and the kings, Bungie. I might as well inform whoever is reading this that Bungie is the company that built the Halo universe, and is currently working on Destiny. I hope it will be funny later to read this over with DeeJ or Marty, and look back to before Destiny was released. Hi future self. Anyway, Secondly, as you can already tell, the goal here is to be informal. Lets get something very clear, and not mistake this for uninformative. I firmly believe, that in order to break this game (and all games) down to their bare bones, we must use INFORMAL language and documentation. There is a block if you will, a sort of inhibiting force, when informative / important information is kept in overly formal and confusing language. See what I mean? Again I want to be clear, when documenting bugs, or analyzing game play/ user interface issues, organization is key. But for this type of documentation, its more about listing off ideas as they come, and allowing the largest volume of thoughts to be present. Third and lastly, Halo is a game that I have loved since Jump Street. I bought and played the first one the year it was released, (I was 9 at the time). I played Halo CE all the way through today’s Halo 4, and have been an insane fan of the entire universe since its creation. That being said, I am disappointed. I do admit, I am a competitive player, and sometimes I let this competitive drive fuel my love for games too harshly. With Halo 4, I feel there are several keys aspects that have been lost from previous titles, but for now, in this document I want to focus on the competitive side of the game. After all, aren’t QA dudes and User Researchers supposed to analyze very specific parts of games? Anyway, I am going to do my best to breakdown Halo 4’s competitive multiplayer, partly because I feel like some of the issues in this huge title deserve to be talked about, and more importantly I want to show off some of my analytical skills. Lets get started. Chapter 1. The Controller Note: In order to understand how Halo 4, (and any first-person game for that matter) works, we MUST learn the basics of the controller. The way I think about the controller, and actually most aspects of the gaming world, is that we must assume that nobody knows ANYTHING about games. When conducting User Interface or analysis of a game, we must assume that everyone sucks, doesn’t know ****, and that it will be used by morons. This is the only way to ensure we build the easiest and smoothest form of game/ controller. The hard stuff comes later, like adapting the game for competitive play, and higher skill use. But for now lets stay with the basics. 1.The controller is an *******. I say this with love. The modern day controller is an *******. Gamers are forced into uncomfortable pre-set button layouts that they are forced to learn and deal with for their gaming careers. Hopefully future game companies and console manufactures will learn, but for now we are stuck with what we got. 2.What can we do? After all don’t you want to be in User Research? How about a simple screen somewhere in the options or menu, where a controller is shown with blank little text-bubbles around each button. The player then presses any button, and it becomes highlighted. Then the player is able to choose an action with that highlighted button. Like, you press R-bumper, a drop-down menu with options like “shoot, grenade, run,” or whatever are shown, and then you can select the one you want. Kind of like computer RTS Hotkeys and Micros? Whatever, they will learn eventually. Anyway, back to the controller. 3. How does Halo 4 use it? For now we are left with the modern day ******* controller. So how does Halo 4 utilize the beast? In my opinion, Halo 4 actually does a pretty good job. Thanks to Bungie and now 343I, Halo titles come with many different pre-set options for the button layouts, even they do suck it at least offers some variation. BTW I don’t mean Bungie and 343 suck, I mean the controller itself sucks. Anyway, Halo 4 uses the basic model that most FPS games have now come to accept. R-trigger=shoot, L-trigger=grenade, Left stick= visual movement, Right stick=foot movement, and so on. This seams to work for today’s gamers. You already know I feel that there are better ways to go about this entire process, but lets stay on task. The controller offers quick reactions, and small-refined movements, which are CRITICAL for competitive games. It allows for things like headshots, sprinting, movements, shooting in refined areas, and many other competitive aspects that are too critical to ignore. Overall, Halo 4 doesn’t really do much for the controller, and the controller doesn’t really do much for Halo 4. The controller is basic a pre-set system with modern day settings. The one thing I WILL say about Halo 4’s default controller settings, is the B-button crouch. What the **** is that. I don’t know about you guys, but my B button is one of most commonly used buttons in FPS games, and in my humble opinion should be reserved for the most often used actions. I’m not dissing the importance of a crouch, we all know it’s a fierce tool when caught up in 1v1 shoot outs in halo, or dive-shooting in COD, or removing your presence on a radar. But lets be real. Don’t you think you reload more times than you crouch? Especially with modern day Crouch-Toggling abilities, people are using it far less than they are using reloads, weapon swaps, and even grenades. I guess it’s a small tick, but something I felt like mentioning. 3.A bit of “Controller Psychology” I like to think of the buttons on controllers in levels of importance. First of all, we have the 4 most critical buttons, (based on a modern day Xbox 360 controller, since that’s what Halo 4 uses). The A, X, B and Y, buttons. These are used by your right thumb, and in my opinion should represent the 4 fastest actions that the game demands. In Halo 4 these things are reloads, weapon swaps, melee attacks, and armor abilities. These are all actions that require quick movements, and fast usage, not long or steady actions such as shooting. Next are the triggers, hugely important for FPS play. I feel that the right and left triggers are usually associated with shooting and grenades for a reason. They are easy to hold in position, and are easy to associate with important actions like “R=Shoot, L=Grenade”. Next are the analog sticks, left and right. The left stick, allows movement of the feet, the actual player. This is hugely important in FPS play, because of the skill based required to out-maneuver your opponents. The right stick, allows movement of the “eyes” or head of the player. Clearly important for the most basic of game play, aiming and sight. These stick also have the ability to be “clicked” inwards, in Halo 4 activating sprint and scopes. These are actions I might prefer elsewhere, but at least Halo 4 found a way to use them, like every other shooter out there. Lastly, is the D-Pad. I believe this is one of the most usual tools, and under-utilized options on the controller. It offers quick options, and it’s relatively easy to use, either by clicking or by holding the buttons. I would be ABSOULTY BLOWN AWAY, if Destiny ends up not using these buttons in a BIG BIG way. Chapter 2. Tempo Note: Tempo? Who am I, Marty O’Donnell? I ******* wish. Tempo is a musical term that basically means the speed of the song or music. In terms of Halo 4, I’m referring to the speed of the game, in everyway. The speed of the players, of the weapons, of the vehicles, of the spawning, of the game play, of the loading screens, of the map choosing screens, of the actions, of the ordinance drops, of EVERYTHING. In a general sense, I feel that the faster the game play gets, the worse the COMPETITIVE game play becomes. There are aspects to speed that are truly important for good completive play, such as player speed. Some of the games that have used this for genius competitive play in the past are, Halo 1-3, Halo Reach, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. But there’s a HUGE problem when you combine player speed, with high speeds of all the other aspects as well, but Ill talk more in a moment. Let me tell you something Halo fans, the speed of Halo 4, is ******* LIGHTSPEED. 1.Player Speed The speed of players (Spartans) in Halo 4 is fast, fast, fast. Just like almost every other part of this game. Players can shoot, use an armor ability, toss a grenade, or scope the sniper with virtually no downtime at all. In my view this is one of the best aspects of modern day shooters, Halo 4 included. These intense competitive games need to allow players to respond instantaneously, and fluidly, so that the outcome of the game play is based on skill, and not inhibited by an obnoxious, slow system. The player’s ability to react by shooting, jumping, or reloading, MUST be INSTINCTUAL, so that instead of fighting the controller or game, the players are fighting each other. Lets talk about the armor abilities. Everything is based on being faster. Finding an ordinance FASTER, being able to move a stunned vehicle FASTER, seeing around corners FASTER than just using your radar. I mean common, every single player has ******* SPRINT. This game is build for speed, and an “everybody feel good” vibe. 2.Object (Weapon and Vehicle) Speed I am going to be repetitive throughout this Tempo section. The speed of the weapons and vehicles in Halo 4 is very fast. In a way I do mean the actual speed of the vehicles, such as the highly mobile Banshees and Ghost, but more importantly I’m talking about the manner in which the vehicle are used. The vehicles in Halo 4 are not really vehicles at all, they’re more like suicidal, maniac, DGAF machines. The vast majority of the time they are used by players who jump on a Mongoose or Ghost, speed across the map to the enemy spawn-side in an effort to splatter any enemies along the way, and blow up in the inevitable explosion from the entire enemy team shooting them down. Sometimes they will be used for just transportation, which in my view is the only way to successfully use vehicles in Halo 4. A quick example is when your playing on the Valhalla remake, Ragnarok: You die, jump on a Goose, and drive down the edge of the map to the pelican-side, and now you GET OFF. You have used the vehicle to put yourself back in the middle of the fight far faster and less dangerously than the main lift out of either base. This is the only way to successfully utilize vehicles without becoming a human moving bomb in Halo 4. There is one exception with the Mantis of course, but this only really applies in the hands of a dangerous and experienced player. These players are usually able to keep the Mantis alive for a while if they stay back and use it more as a defensive measure than an offensive one. But even then, these vehicles are not REALLY being used for competitive play. Occasionally players will get a few kills in a Warthog if the driver can keep the car from flipping. But even then, any team shots on the gunner renders the Warthog useless. Don’t even get me started about the Mongoose. That ******* thing flips faster than Shaun White, and has less armor than Kat in Halo Reach. (Idk who else noticed that, but this war-torn, arm-missing, badass SPARTAN warrior Kat, takes A SINGLE PINK needle to her visor and is instantly killed). She must not have gotten the most recent armor upgrades. But whatever. Anyway, if the vehicles in Halo 4 are going to be used for actual completive play, there needs to be some drastic changes. First of all, MAKE LESS OF THEM. On any of the maps where vehicles are offered, make 1 Warthog or Ghost, put it somewhere in a neutral position on the map, and make players fight for it. Now, 343 also must make these Ghost and Warthogs and everything else WAY WAY WAY buffer. Make the Warthog very hard to bring down without large explosives, even then make it 2 laser shots or several rockets. Give the gunner a huge protection buff, so that he is able to actually do some harm. This way, the vehicle does several things. First, it becomes an actual THREAT. No good team will be able to let that Warthog dominate them without losing the game or become totally immobile. They will be forced to team up to bring it down. This is totally opposite to the game play that happens now, where an enemy warthog is basically 2-3 free kills. Secondly, it inspires a part of competitive play which I will talk far more about later, Map Control. At the locations where the vehicles spawn, people will be fighting for the areas, and be forced to use competitive teamwork to secure the prize vehicles. As Halo 4 is played now, nobody cares about vehicles, they are unimportant, unpractical, and can be blown up with a single grenade and clip from the AR. Again these Halo 4 vehicles are contributing to the far less difficult, more easy to grasp, “everybody feel good” vibe. Can you imagine if it was actually helpful to have these on your team? Nobody would just run around sticking unused Warthogs and Gooses, and nobody would lightly drive a Ghost to middle of the map. They would become precise tools for competitive play, which is what needs to happen to make a successful competitive game. Now for the other half of this segment, Weapons. The Weapons in Halo 4 are incredibly fast, even the slowest shooting guns like the Rail gun and Spartan Laser take less than 3 seconds to fire. The standard load out weapons are all incredibly fast. Even though the DMR is supposedly slower than the BR, its very very close. The Carbine, Light rifle, and automatic weapons all shoot very quickly, so that players feel the controller vibrate more and feel more engaged. Even the sniper can unload its entire clip quickly. As well as the shooting speeds, the weapon swapping is almost instant. There is 0 downtime or repercussion for pulling out the wrong weapon in a fight. There’s even an armor add-on called dexterity so that you can swap weapons FASTER. To me, these guns are incredibly fast, so much so that there really isn’t any downside to pulling the trigger as fast as you want, and there isn’t any downside for accidently pulling out a pistol when you needed a DMR. 3.Spawning This is one of my biggest problems in Halo 4, and with almost every modern day shooter. Most people don’t take into account the real effects of spawning throughout a competitive game. The fact is that Spawning is EVERYTHING. Spawning changes the speed, player-dynamic, and game play for the entire match. In previous Halo titles, spawning was controlled in several ways. In most game modes, Spawning was restricted by time, usually 3 seconds in slayer matches. In other modes, it was a long re-spawn time, like Capture the Flag and Oddball. The point of this control was to ensure that the players had adequate time to regroup with teammates, or plan their next strategy in a competitive sense. While Halo 4 does keep longer re-spawn times in some game types, its basic Slayer layout is completely different. In Halo 4, there is 0 re-spawn time in Slayer modes, and most game modes for that matter. This means that as soon as a player is killed, he can press the X-button and get right back in the game. This ABSOLUTLY DESTROYS the competitive aspects that other Halo titles had during these slayer matches. The pure speed of the re-spawns, allows players to sprint in, (since everyone has sprint), shoot as much as possible, die quickly, and get right back up to do it all over again. This COD style of game play is completely opposite to what Halo fans have come to know from their completive experiences. The name of the game in Halo 4 is FAST, and spawning is no exception. Chapter 3. Player Rewards and Their (Not)-Consequences Note: So what do I mean player rewards? And the player’s ability to NOT have any Consequences? What I mean is, that in Halo 4 players get rewarded for everything. Even stupid decisions and bad moves for competitive play are rewarded. And at the same time, there are few, but virtually NO consequences for making bad moves or poor competitive decisions. Lets break some of these down. 1.Rewards For Poor Competitive Play In Halo 4, players are rewarded for every move they make. In most game modes, the ordinance drops are the new form of power weapons. These drops contain either power-ups or power weapons that greatly change the course of the competitive game. The way ordinances are achieved is by building up a small meter on the bottom left corner of the screen. Basically a reward system. The problem with this, is that the meter for ordinance drops builds from almost EVERY action a player can make in Halo 4. For getting kills obviously, but also for assist, for destroying vehicles (which we already have mentions as being incredibly easy), for getting kills specifically around a base, or flag, or territory, for assassinations, for long shots, for headshots, for grenade kills, for sniping, for specific weapon kills, for kills with the oddball or flag, and the list EVEN GOES FURTHER. The problem with this COD style of reward, is first of all, that the ordinance drops become SUPER frequent, which drastically effects the number of power weapons on the map at any one time. This substantially increased the speed of the game play due to the increased ease in killing your enemies. But at the same time, this over-the-top reward system encourages poor competitive play. It causes players to use the vehicles recklessly, totally disregarding the chance of being killed. It causes players to specifically attempt assassinations, when getting a faster kill and helping your team is the far better competitive choice. These may seam like small details, but they add up when trying to analyzes the competitive speed and type of game play. Again this is leading towards an “everybody feel good” style of game, where you can be rewarded for being a poor competitive teammate. 2. No consequence for Bad Moves The other side of this section occurs partly in game, and partly during the re-spawn process. In Halo 4’s competitive play, there is no consequence from making poor decisions for your team. The largest problem is found in the instant re-spawns. Because of the 0 re-spawn time, players feel no remorse for dying quickly, and throwing themselves back into unwise game decision. Players don’t stop to wait for backup from their team, players don’t hesitate to jump on a mongoose and drive into the middle of a fight, and players don’t warn team mates about new information, such as player positions changes, or power weapon locations. Why would they do these things? All they have to do is press x, and they are instantly back in the fight. This also means that players are able to reengage super quickly. If they are able to re-spawn as fast as they want, or even if there is small re-spawn time, they are able to jump back into a fight, sometimes the same fight they were in BEFORE it was even finished! This is partly the fault of the speed of the game, but the fault also rest with the lack of consequences. No waiting after you die, no reduced ordinance meter. Why don’t they keep re-spawn times like in previous Halo titles? There was a reason Bungie had them. Why don’t they reduce your ordinance meter for these stupid behaviors? The reason is simple. Can you guess? It’s an “everybody feel good” type of game. Easy to play, even easier to master in a competitive sense. This is not the last time ill be using that term. Chapter 4. The Highlights Note: It seams like I’ve been bashing Halo 4’s competitive side pretty harshly. That’s because I am. For the most part, I feel like Halo 4 has lost its sense of competitive play that previous titles knew so well. That being said, there have been some improvements to the competitive side of the game that I feel deserve acknowledgment. 1.The Armor Abilities Halo 4 has introduced an entire new lineup of armor abilities for players to choose from. These including anything from a deployable turret (which needs a buff drastically), too a regenerative shield. There are many others, and that’s the point. With so many different styles of players and game play occurring every match, versatility is huge. Players can perform with extra aggressive behavior by using the thruster pack to their advantage, and others can hold a position by defending with the hard light shield. Can you guess why the hard light is my favorite? It’s the only one that actually SLOWS DOWN the pace of the game for the entire 4 seconds it stays open. But anyway, players have a good selection to best match their play style. 2.The Weapons For pretty much the same reason as the armor abilities, the weapons of Halo 4 should get some credit. The weapons offer diversity on the battlefield, an aspect even Bungie has struggled with in the past. In the other Halo titles, a single weapon dominated the competitive play, either the BR (Halo 2 and Halo 3), or the DMR in Reach. Those older games really offered no other choice when it came to high-level competition. But this is not the case in Halo 4, as players have a variety of balanced weapons to choose from. I would still argue that some of the weapons need buffs, like the Suppressor, and the Covenant version Storm Rifle. But for the most part, the primary weapons are balanced, and able to fit into many varieties of game play. 3. The Game Types Halo 4 and 343I has done a fantastic job with its new list of game types. It has many of the old title favorites like Griffball, Swat, and even team Snipers for a while. And it has of course some of the most popular games, like slayer, capture the flag, and big team battle. Specifically with Capture the Flag, I love the addition of an automatic flag pick-up. Anytime you walk close to the flag, you automatically pick it up and pull out a pistol (which is an awesome addiction in itself). This means that teams are forced to play the objective (the flag), or wait out the entire game by playing slayer with no clear winner. It means teams are forced to work together to protect the flag-runner, instead of being able to put it down and be in full assault-mode again. Oddball has been the playlist with the biggest improvement. With the addiction of throwing the ball to teammates, 343I has basically invented a new virtual sport. It forces strong teamwork, and good strategy planning. Both are huge contributors to successful competitive gaming. I believe the new Oddball game type is the Halo version of soccer, or football, and will last as 343’s best competitive achievement. It’s debatable on whether or not that Griffball may be the best competitive version of the Oddball game type. They are different, and are played at very different speeds. But overall Oddball will last as the biggest change in Halo 4’s list of game types. In Conclusion Note: It’s been a long list of likes and dislikes for Halo 4. I’ve talked about many different topics, and have tried to list some of the key aspects of the game. Keep in mind this is not an official test study, but more a general review of thoughts about the game while I am playing. Thanks for your time, to whoever is reading. I’m sure I’ve pissed plenty of you off, yet hopefully I also had a few responses of “**** man! That is so true!” Below are some of the key points to keep in mind from this document. - Halo 4 is built around speed. Everything from its player control, too its map design is based around fast-moving and never-resting game play. The best way to sum up 343’s competitive play is, “Everybody Feel good!” - The competitive design has fallen away from traditional Halo play. Weapons no longer spawn in specific areas of the map, hence the removal of most map-control. Players in most game types now have no re-spawn time, and are able to get back to making poor decisions even faster. - The weapon and armor variety is great. With many different kinds of players, comes the need for many more types of primary weapons, and armor ability use. - The controls in Halo 4 are standard. Today’s modern FPS games are built around the “accepted” buttons for certain actions. If you’re comfortable with the choice of pre-determined control layouts, then good for you. If not, your **** out of luck. Hopefully these will become more customizable with future titles.
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  16. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to the forums so hi! I do youtube videos for YouDaBroGames and we do Halo videos! We just posted a parody for Halo 4 pros! Check it out! <--- Let me know what you think!
  17. Am I the only one who really really misses the close quarter, fast paced, Assualt Rifle games? like in halo 3. I feel like Halo 4 multiplayer is all about who gets the first DMR shot first or who misses the first couple of DMR shots. DMRs DMRs DMRs. I think it was way more balanced in Halo 3. I should never EVER be raging on halo. I probably sound like one of those punks that gets mad everytime I die, but no, that's not it. I'm not one of those extra hardcore MLG players that are so serious, but I do rage on Halo 4 every once in a while. Halo 4 is the only halo that has made me angry over multiplayer. COD is the only game you should rage on. These ordinance things, tactical packages/perks or whatever.. it's just not halo man. Campaign was incredibly awesome. It's just the multiplayer. I seriously don't even give to ****s about online anymore. I'm just overly excited for Halo 5's single player mode. Bungie was different. Both multiplayer and single player was just incredibly enjoyable. Does anyone feel the same about this? hmph... stupid DMRs
  18. Starting a clan/ gaming community has always been a little goal of mine, so I finally decided to do it. We Don't discriminate against skill or anything else. We have many leadership positions open. So if you are the leader type you have potential to move through the ranks fairly quickly at first. I'm gonna put some details about us below if you feel as though it's something you might wanna join or you want to discuss it further with me, hit me up on Xbox Live my gamertag is "DGS Camaro SV". Community Name: Deadly Gaming Syndicate (DGS for short) Overall goal: The goal is pretty simple and similar to that of most other communities. The goal is to give gamers a positive environment to game in, in which they can meet other gamers and hopefully develop friendships with them. Why a gamer would want to join this clan: -Well, for starters we are a very laid back community just like most of the communities out there. We do have rules but they are very general and easy to follow. We do also have a ranking structure which is based off the military but don't think this automatically makes us a strict community. -I'd also like to do many friendly clan battles among the communities and clans we can become allied with, and have a team/s for GameBattles, and other brackets. - I'd also like to do many community exclusive tournaments and competitions where you can win actual prizes (and no not just Microsoft Points). Website: You check out our forums at http://www.DGSLive.info/forums Or our website http://www.dgslive.info If you have any other questions about the community or you're interested in trying it out, feel free to message me on Xbox Live (Gamertag: DGS Camaro SV). You can also private message me on here, or ya know just reply to this topic . If you are reading this are you're already in a clan or community, DGS is looking for more clans and communities to become allied with! Contact me for further details.
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  22. Hey, I am the president of a gaming community called United Nation MLG Klan's. We do have clans (which we spell it as Klan's) for XBOX 360/LIVE games only such as Halo Reach, Halo 4, Black Ops, Black Ops II, MW3, and possibly MW2. If you are interested and maybe want more information and/or join the gaming community (UNMK), please check us out at our website by copying and pasting the following link below: http://unmk.shivtr.com/ Thanx and hope to see you soon! -Sincerely, President of United Nation MLG Klan's CXxELITEmilexXN- XBOX LIVE gamer-tag
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  24. Cool gaming community, great way to meet other like gamers looking to have fun. DRG is not a skill based clan, however we do have competitive teams within the community for MLG, Swat, and BTB, as well as a Forge Team. Check out our site: drglive.net If your interested in joining message me on here or my gt: DRG G G G Unit
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