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  1. You're more than welcome to join my clan DGS, we're pretty laid back, and we're open to gamers of all skill levels. The only thing you are required to change is your Xbox Live motto. You can find more info about joining here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/23692-dgs-is-looking-for-leaders/
  2. You have some pretty good ideas here, the one I like the best is the changeable terrain. Since Halo 3, I've always wanted to change the maps terrain and even being able to change the weather on the map would be pretty cool. Like making a snowy type of map with some light snow or making a desert type of map with a sandstorm off in the distance would be cool.
  3. I filled out the survey, I hope they give us a way to continue to play Halo 2: PC
  4. Hey we could use all the members we can get over here at DGS since we're still a fairly new community. Check out our recruiting topic for info http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/23692-dgs-is-looking-for-leaders/, you can also check out our forums at www.dgslive.info/forums. If you think it's something you might be interested in add me on Xbox Live, and we can talk.
  5. Starting a clan/ gaming community has always been a little goal of mine, so I finally decided to do it. We Don't discriminate against skill or anything else. We have many leadership positions open. So if you are the leader type you have potential to move through the ranks fairly quickly at first. I'm gonna put some details about us below if you feel as though it's something you might wanna join or you want to discuss it further with me, hit me up on Xbox Live my gamertag is "DGS Camaro SV". Community Name: Deadly Gaming Syndicate (DGS for short) Overall goal: The goal is pretty simple and similar to that of most other communities. The goal is to give gamers a positive environment to game in, in which they can meet other gamers and hopefully develop friendships with them. Why a gamer would want to join this clan: -Well, for starters we are a very laid back community just like most of the communities out there. We do have rules but they are very general and easy to follow. We do also have a ranking structure which is based off the military but don't think this automatically makes us a strict community. -I'd also like to do many friendly clan battles among the communities and clans we can become allied with, and have a team/s for GameBattles, and other brackets. - I'd also like to do many community exclusive tournaments and competitions where you can win actual prizes (and no not just Microsoft Points). Website: You check out our forums at http://www.DGSLive.info/forums Or our website http://www.dgslive.info If you have any other questions about the community or you're interested in trying it out, feel free to message me on Xbox Live (Gamertag: DGS Camaro SV). You can also private message me on here, or ya know just reply to this topic . If you are reading this are you're already in a clan or community, DGS is looking for more clans and communities to become allied with! Contact me for further details.
  6. Thank you for that sir. I'll edit my original post too.
  7. Ok I'll have someone add you on Xbox Live so you can get recruited.
  8. True but you can play as flood and they aren't even in the campaign at all haha.
  9. The way I see it is if we can't even play as elites in Halo 4, we deffinitley won't be able to play as Prometheans.
  10. Anybody think FUD will ever make it to Netflix? I remember Halo Legends was on there, so I think it's a possibility.
  11. I don't think we'll be playing as Prometheans in Halo 4, it'd be a lot of work to add them to war games or anything for that matter. I doubt we'll even see elites as playable characters in Halo 4. I do think it'd be pretty cool though. Maybe in Halo 5 we can play as Prometheans.
  12. Pergatory start a new recruiting post in the next couple of days. Pretty please.
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