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  1. Could you elaborate what you mean by "looter"?
  2. Your pros and cons are jumbled. -If you think people take the RP on the server seriously, you need to see heavy RP servers -There are at least six jobs that don't require you to know much but are very useful -Breaking immersion with IC in OOC or vise versa usually just gets three people telling you not to in OOC -Not allowing grief doesn't mean it won't happen, but our staff is pretty quick and tidy in dealing with it and getting you back on track +Also this game can run on even the most potato of computers. Default graphics card? No problem. +Absolutely free to play and no pay to win. +Our staff can/will help you with learning how to do even the most simple of tasks to lessen the learning curve. +2d spessmens Also, I'm the host of Apocalyptic Station, so if you guys have any trouble, you know right where to find me!
  3. D'aww I'd like to see you all! Ledgend, Anime, Azzy, Orbis, hell even Edward!! Even if not mentioned if you talk to me on SB then you're a buddy of mine...Even that fake AI!! Also...SPARKY~!
  4. I will enjoy sucking out your eyeballs through your sockets
  5. Im rather proud of you Omega! You've come far!
  6. Sam looked at Ike but said nothing, keeping thoughts to herself. She leaned against the inner wall of the Pelican before sliding down to a sitting position. She entertained herself by watching her warm breath show and disperse quickly.
  7. Sam watched, Eric and the girl start to walk away. She felt weird about it. Perhaps it was the suddenness of the situation or the way her voice was but she couldn't help but feel something negative in her chest. "Good luck!" She called after them before thinking about it. She wanted to be heard by them but knew they were out of earshot. She pursed her lips and slanted them slightly to the right as well.
  8. Sam stays quiet for a second, thinking. "Well...The pelican just landed right? Aren't the engines or whatever still warm? Maybe we can get close to them for a while." She suggests.
  9. "First come back to the Pelican. I gotta keep an eye on Ashley." Sam looks back at her. When Eric walks back she tries to talk again. "It's so damn cold." She starts out with, hoping someone would contribute to the conversation.
  10. Sam was turned around, looking back at Ashley. She didn't know who to answer to first now. She awkwardly looked back to Eric. "O-one second sir I'm sorry!" She went over to Ashley and explained what happened to the best of her ability. Then, turning back to Eric, she said "I was just wondering if you", She stopped to let a cold shiver pass, "Wanted to talk?"
  11. Sam kept a close eye on Ashley, looking for any signs that required a quick reaction. She could see her breath as she shivered slightly. She wanted to converse with Eric about something, anything, she had to keep her mind off the cold. "So...uh..." She hesitated and then stopped trying. 'He was too busy with his pushups to hear probably', she figured.
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