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  1. Can a movie or game actually show off how good it is without spoiling it? A recent ad basically just told me the shocker of the game... which is (Spoiler alert) master chief is going to be presumed dead, or is going to actually die. is this a small part of the story, or did they just stupidly revealed something big?
  2. Halo 5 wish list and ideas this topic will be seperated into sections Forge Ideas I have some prett good idea's (atleast in my opinon) for forge. Forge Dimensional veiwer This is an option that must me selected before the game starts or by pressing start during game. Lets take "Sandtrap" for a example. When I go and select it It gives me a list on how the world may be veiwed. like for example "Desert" when you select it it will either change all the texture's to be worn down or like how it looks right now. you can select Wasteland or Hotsprings and it will change it to a snow dessert place (Like all the sand to tundra and structure's to a crystal ice Land pockets i'm going to shorten this becuase I acccadently lost all data but in thisit is like making regular forge objects. This create's a small peice of land like the grid and puts some shrubs on top of if it is a forest of plains area. These reflect the maps theme. On the bottom is is dirt. These may have to be limmited. Add some smaller details! Dont get me wrong I love building big structure's but sometimes they seem empty. Halo 4 did a good job on helping with details like dominoin but lets have some more like wooden crate's ect. Add some sort of working door system I am probably not the only one but when I place a door I might actually wnat it to be there not just a wide gap. I wouldent use these in online exept in Zombie game type. I dont care if you put in a small tiny sheild in it just do something with it! Game Type's 1. In zombei's you could have a specail map that you could either place wide open doors to working openable ones. When you first start you are spawned in a spawn room in two group's. to get them to exit the room and explor the map we will make it extremly easy for zombei's to enter in. for example a tunnle way up high in the room where they cannot get into but only out. the doors would have a small terminal beside them. To acces the door you will need to use this. press x and it will open. Misc 1. Add a HUMAN flying vehicle This thread will update when I think of more idea's
  3. Hello and i want to buy a computer, i think i found a decent one for gaming. this http://www.shopping....360t-Desktop-PC is a good one i think. to lasy to click it here are some specs (basic settings for it btw) Processer: 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3770 quad-core processor [3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache] Memory: 8GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs] Graphics: 1GB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 7570 [HDMI, DVI, VGA via adapter] I think this is really good for gaming. I know the processer is good but the graphics, i heard radon is good but i dont know graphic cards much. All of this is 800$ (on sale). Any help needed
  4. Hello and I would like to share my unquire dream I had. None of this is confirmed facts. the dream I beleive was about Halo 4 and alot of it was foggy. Mysterious dream There was a person working on some kind of map building tool. It was alot like halo forge but at the same time it wasn't. He was flying around by some spikey mountians but everything was small in a manor like sateleite veiw but was fly arounf near these weird mountians. Earlier in this he was flying around the map but it was a box and these mountians surronded it and where right at the moment clones of one big model to around the box. In this mode he went to player mode and said holy crap or somthing like that becuase even though the area didnt look big when he went to player mode the map was huge as in the size of forge world flat but it might of been bigger also. Anyways he pulled down a menu that was similar to forge mode in Halo Reach and put down a mountain that looked like a tiny rock from how far he was veiwing it at. some other person walked in maybee a boss and asked to see his progress. There was somthing about "Wait a minute for the maps behind this mountian wall to load." then there was some error about how the mountians where flat. But he treid to get pass it in player mode it was nearly impossible. This is all I know from my dream. I do not know what this means and no clue but maybee it's a predicimate of what halo map edditing may be like.
  5. Hello to all and I would like to talk about an old idea I had after a few days halo reach came out. Unfortunaly I was going to copy and paste what I had but lets just say there where some difficultys and its no longet there. My memory is a little rusty but I think I remember Enough. Just so you know some of this is not finished or make any scense Becuease The stupid windows 7 programers of my computer thought we needed a butten that makes you go to the last page (Lose all you work basicly). So ya im getting frustrated. Original idea with new ideas also At the title screen Right next to forge There would be this option called "Advance forge" or "Advanced Forger". What this was is it would let you create maps, maps like the terrain you walk on and the mountians you see in the distance. This would have to be 1 player due to the fact that it would not work well with connection (Alot of lag) and maybee it's just not possible, or if you had an idea and someone else has a different one. Okay when click on that option there is a message that appears if your new saying "If you are new here we reccomend you going on a Sample map or Tutorial" On tutorial it would tell you how to use the tools and whatnat. Okay when you first enter the map of "Sample" there would be A giant box like center in the map. You can fly around the same way you do in forge mode but you can go through anything. When you press "x" similar to forge mode you get options like, Templates (Desert, lava,water,grass,snow,rainforest,savhana) wich are basicly like a 5x5 square platform in forge world but only it big as 20x20 and higher or smaller(you get a scale all the way to 150x150) . Once you place that or more depending on what you want, Highlight it by pressing a and then it lets you scale it. So all of you know scaling is to Ajust the height to something. Okay when you press a your cursor is over the terrain you selected but only it can only stay on that peice unless you sew it together to another peice. Sewing is like for example take a terrain ramp(templates are only for the basis of land. There is another option and it is called Terrain/folige, I will go into that more later.) and set it down on the ground of your template. When you highlight both of them and press b (when you press a to Highlight more than one of the model you have.) it gives you a menu (With "Scaler" ) to sew these object's togetther. And what that does is put them together. So there you have your ramp attatched to you template. The option sew is only Avialble with valid with 2 or more objects(objects means whatever you can put in the screen). Now lets get back to sacling. The player gets a round like circle that goes whereever your looking at. You can freely look around to edit any side (like a tiny round planet floating form groud 20- whatever feet). You can either click and drag away to set a sharp Mountian. or you can go in the options and fix your sensitivity. Sensitivity is how fast your going to be raising land. So like 1000 would the the fastes while 50 is the slowest. You can also fix the raduis of you scaling. After when youv done this you can click "A" (Ya im not very good at picking key buttons) After you press the thingy above your right bumber to change it between plucking the land vilontly into the sky or to use your brushes you have selected. Hang in there there a while to go becuase this is a huge idea. Brushes are how you want land to be shaped. If you want a platue slowly rising from the ground to a sharp pointing mountian (ya forgot to metion if you press the thingy above the left bumper stick you can not only pluck and drag a sharp mountain you can create a plaute using the left and right bumpers to increase or decrease in size.) to a vally like shaped to an asteroid hole in the ground. to make a pund you can Take and use the platue brush to shap a basic shape. then do somthing from an option im not sure of even thought its my idea and you can set a point to another point up to 4 points ot delete sections of you pound to make it round (not the best way I know but after retyping this part why not just make a hill going down?). This way if you wanted you could make a square in the wall (or a triangle whatever floats you boat). We are Almost done sort of. Next is the scenery. You can only edit the sky though "tool creater/scenery" wich will be in another thread. You can put stuff inth the sky to changed it. this si how you controll the lighting of your map. I cant type any more it hurts so much. Thank you fo joining me and reding this. If editing is allowed I will put the links to the next topic abouth this. Tell me what you think so far. Thank you and good vye ; }>!
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