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  1. Well, I searched on that forum recommended above and it turns out someone did have this problem and they fully unplugged the system so I might give that a go after work. I did re-download the game alreday, same issue.
  2. I have not seen this particular issue anywhere, is this just me? I have the digital version of the game and when I get to the initial title screen and hit the MENU Button (or the A Button), that screen just disappears and I am left looking at the space scene behind it. It still animates. I have tried fully re-downloading the game (which was a pain itself) and it still does not work. I have tried being online, offline and nothing seems to work. Is there some sort of cache trick I can do or something? Also, I noticed that the 10.8 MB pre-order thing is in the READY TO INSTALL area, but I cannot do anything. Don't know if that's somehow related.
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