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  1. 13 hours of looking for games in matchmaking and still nothing.... this game has become a disappointment
  2. According to Halo they said back out and try again but after 3 1/2 hours of doing so im done. Ive tweeted xbox support and halo and cant get an answer and i was very nice but then i see people cussing them out and they are getting responses immediately... this launch is a bust.
  3. My friends and I pre downloaded MCC and everything on the game works but we cant seem to find a game in multiplier. Does anyone have any clue whats going on?
  4. Looking for a clan? Well look no further. We are Skill3d Gaming. We have two leaders SG BamaChick and SG McGrizzle. Even though we are leaders we consider everyone on the same level. Here is some do and don'ts of our clan. Dont: We dont do silly websites..lame We dont require practices..lame We dont require certain stats...to a point lol We dont yell scream rage and act like children... Do: We do have fun We do win a lot We laugh too much at times We welcome everyone We do ALWAYS have someone online so you will never be alone Rules: Have a mic no kinects at all please a legit mic Dont be a jerk Be respectful Have a funny bone..if you are easily offended please seek other clans Interested?? well stop wasting time and message SG McGrizzle or SG BamaChick and lets get to playing!! DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST PLEASE. YOU MAY GET LEFT SITTING HERE FOR A WHILE. LOL SORRY IF YOU MESSAGE ONE OF US IT GOES DIRECTLY TO OUR PHONES AND WE WILL RESPOND WITHIN 5 MINS. 2AM AND 6AM, BETWEEN THAT PLEASE BARE WITH US AS WE AS HUMANS NEED SLEEP LOL
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