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  1. Well dang! This is the site Microsoft gave me specifically. Oh well. If there are problems/bugs, will advise my son to wait for an update. Hopefully that will fix it. Do you know how to get to the actual 343 forum?
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum business. Microsoft said i can only help my son with his issue by going on the 343 forum. So here is our issue and I hope someone can help. Please keep in mind I don't play games and most of the wording is unfamiliar to me. My son was playing Halo 2 Anniversary campaign earning achievements on 11/12/14. The game crashed, Halo ended and he was brought to the xbox one home page. He then restarted Master Chief and began playing Halo CE campaign. When he went to look at his earned achievements, he noticed seven achievements were still in the "locked" section, but were showing "Done. Unlocking ..." and it has a full green bar on the bottom. He cannot figure how to get these accomplished achievements to the "unlocked" section. The achievements are: The Maw, Before and After, Outskirts, Metropolis, The Chips Dubbo, A Pile of Medals and Greenhorn. Anyone know how to correct this? I sincerely appreciate it!
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