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  1. This klipp will make you cry. Warning dont look if you dont want to get depressed. My comment on that video: So HALO 5 is Call of Duty HALO Warfare now? Listen now 343i. Are you trying to kill HALO? I think that you are trying to milk this game series as much as you can right now just to get "easy" and fast cash. But remember. If HALO will fail XBOX will fail. HALO is why manny people buy XBOX instead of Playstation. How hard can it be for a big company as 343i (Microsoft) to get things right? How hard can it be to get all the little details in HALO right? How hard is it to have a logical explanation to why design in the game changes (AN explanation that make sens in the HALO univers)? I remember that time when other games/companys copied HALO and not the other way around. 343i, how does it feel that a 10 year old HALO (HAlO 2 anniversary) will be way better then somthing you have made from scratch? HALO is dead now. The only HALOS we will buy now will be the remakes of the HALOS Bungie made.(End of comment) How are you guys on this forum fell about this? 343i is (In my opinion) trying to make HALO to a COD game and trying to say that what we se in HALO 5 is not ADS but instead the same scope system we have always had in HALO (Not true in my opinion). From what I can see from that klipp is that you will have a big advantage is you will use ADS. I know the spread will be the same but it is clearly you will be able to aim better (see alot longer and clearer) with this "not ADS system". I think 343i is doing this because they want to make HALO a real ADS game with time and are now just trying to prepare us for it. But we're not gonna let 'em have it! What we will let 'em have is a boycott of the game, and a empty wallet of their own failure to drown in! Am I right, HALO gamer?
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