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    Alrighty, i have finally thought about updating this. Let's start with the basics: If you can't tell already yes, i am Australian. This means that everyday i have to put up with killer spiders, kangaroos, and Drop Bears(lul). I like many games, although mainly Halo, Battlefield, and Mass Effect Multiplayer. I love to join events on this site, unfortunately time zones can make this hard. hmm, what else can i say?

    *thinking noises*

    I have noticed that a lot of members have put up a list of members that have either inspired them or made them feel welcome. I have decided not to do that, as the list would be too long...

    that's all i can think of for the moment, i'll add to this as i think of stuff to add.

    As always, thanks for reading: H5 f.

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  1. Yeah I'd absolutely love that
  2. Hey Tara!! Welcome to the community
  3. My guys, this is just a fan forum lol.
  4. Oh man the N64! Now those were the days haha. Banjo Kazooie and Super Mario 64, coupled with fresh doughnuts from Coles or Woolies. Perfect. Oh very solid indeed! Yeah the OG Xbox is definitely on my radar at some point. Just need to be responsible and not spend all of the money on non-Adulting things. Blegh
  5. Glad it works well at least, but yeah, I can see that being annoying. Oh wow! Excellent to hear, best of luck with the grind! Yeah, absolutely phenomenal game. Yeah :\\\ Ah well. I have to save up for a new PC anyway lol, so glad to hear I'm not missing out on too much in the 'new game' department
  6. Ugh, yeahhhh, pros and cons to that approach I guess. I hope it's stable lol? Ayyyy, good taste! Yeah it and Mario Kart kicked ass lol. Lol yeah, agreed. We'll have to wait and see what their next move is
  7. Yeah agreed, PSO/U seems to have won that one. At least they're not at Nintendo's level though, by the sounds of it it. Yikes. Oh sweet!! I remember playing the fencing game on WII Sports when it released haha. That was a lot of fun. Good stuff. Yeah :\\\ Not really sure what they're thinking to be honest. They've kinda gone for a market saturation technique lol. A 5-6 year break as you said would be welcome. Although I must admit it wouldn't impact me too much, I haven't played a CoD game in years.
  8. Ah damn :(. Good on them for trying at least? Lol I haven't heard of Dolphin admittedly, but that sound damn cool Oh a remake? Interesting. Hopefully it can deliver. I have been hearing good things about it, but yeah, nothing can really compare to the original's release haha
  9. Yeahhhh, hopefully one day we can get a more streamlined online service for console games. Oh well. Good stuff though. I think they just realised another MW2 right? Or did I imagine it?
  10. Or, well, Halo multiplayer I should say
  11. Oh wow! That was nice of them! And yeah I don't blame you, time to smash out some Halo while you can
  12. Chaotic is definitely a good word for it lmao. 4v4s sound a lot more relaxed? Manageable? You know what I mean haha. 8v8 is a lot of fun too. Hard to go wrong there
  13. SWAT in Halo 2 MCC is awesome lol, I used to play that all the time
  14. Ayy good stuff, good stuff. I hope the new copy serves you well
  15. Welcome to the site, Dc! Halo 2 is a lot of fun
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