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  1. Not sure but I dont have problems with any of the other halo games
  2. Been matchmaking for 15 minutes and havent found a single player. Is there something up with matchmaking or is there no one else trying to find a game
  3. Yeah that did the trick. Seems all you have to do to pop the achievement is play a local game after you fulfill the conditions
  4. I just completed episode 5 of spartan ops but the dedicated to crimson achievment didnt pop for some reason. I have completed every chapter in every episode up to now so I dont know whats up. Has enyone else had this problem
  5. I know about 20 people that bought this game. Of them about 19 have sold it on because they were frustrated over the xp cap and I am considering doing the same. For the record I have never sold on any previous Halo game including Reach even though the cap on that game was irritating as well. The reason the cap here bugs me so much more is 1 It doesent tell you when you hit the cap. 2 It is unclear exactly when you can start earning xp again 3 I can hit the cap after playing 4 games
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