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Rocket launcher or fuel rod cannon?


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Fuel Rod, actually. Rockets are useful in the sense that they can lock onto vehicles, but only aerial ones as of late, making them a bit more useless, paving the way for the Spartan Laser's Anti-vehicular superiority. Not to mention that the Rocket Launcher is the assault rifle of heavy weapons, as you simply need to hit near your opponent to kill them... Though using it at short range is fatal. The Fuel Rod is more accurate, requiring direct delivery of the projectile in order to attain a kill, and is not as taxing at short range as the Rocket Launcher. Sure people complain about the bounce effect of a Fuel Rod, but I find that feature the best part about it, due to how many tricks you can accomplish with them if you know how to use the weapon correctly.

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Rocket launcher.... because....


It explodes ! :D



I never really liked the Fuel rod, it did not seem very effective so me, but then again I never really used it and was most likely not using the weapon as it is meant to be used.



"It is the worst gun ever, of all time"

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If you're fighting at reasonably close range/are a particularly good shot, the Fuel Rod Gun is significantly better. The main thing is just the sheer amount of ammunition it holds: even if you manage two kills with a Rocket Launcher every time you fire  - a difficult task even for a skilled user - you'd still be looking at fewer potential kills than someone with a Fuel Rod Gun, which carries a staggering fifteen rounds of ammunition when it spawns. The downside is that the blast radius is much smaller and the damage is significantly lower, so you basically have to hit an enemy directly in order to guarantee a kill (whereas the Rocket Launcher just needs to hit roughly in their area), but in the hands of a skilled user or someone who's very good at staying alive, the Fuel Rod Gun is one of the most effective weapons in any Halo game.

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Fuel Rod Gun. Simple reason for this is that it's got a higher amount of ammo in one clip, it's much easier to pick up a fair amount of kills with, you can kill enemies around corners by bouncing fuel rods off of walls. And come on who can resist that noise when it fires *BAOOWAH* haha :rofl:.

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So the Fuel Rod which has a bigger clip, but it's damage isn't as good as a Rocket Launchers. It has a smaller blast radius and can be unreliable. E.g.  When it bounces. The Rocket Launchers also have the ability to lock on which gives them more useful purposes. I prefer UNSC Weapons in general.


My vote: Rocket Launcher

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