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  1. in my almost 5 years, it has to be the people, sure I joined for a meme because of TDM and another friend being trolls at the time but then I ended up sticking around for most of my highschool life where I had people to talk to about Halo etc and as people came and went as did friend ships I'm surprised friendships from the forum have lasted this long but it goes to show that the community here is one of the few positive areas of gaming as a whole now with all the toxicity etc showing up more often than not.
  2. With Assassin's Creed Origins released and me writing this I have not received my copy so Origins will not be included in this list it'll still be another like 5 days before I get mine probs gg Postal system </3. ALSO SPOILERS AHEAD (dur) Alright so before I get into this list, I figured I'd begin with my personal tale of my experience with Assassin's Creed, growing up I was only really into Halo I didn't get an Xbox 360 until Christmas 2010 so I had bugger all knowledge of the (then) current generation of games outside of Halo 3,Reach etc. Then I saw the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trailer and I was like woah a game set in Italy in a historical time period?? (growing up I had a major interest in history and Ancient Greece/Rome) So once I got my 360 I got Assassin's Creed (1) to try the series out, I didn't enjoy it.. at all the gameplay felt really clunky etc heck when I first popped the disc in and the modern day stuff occurs i was EXTREMELY confused, as in I ejected my disc to make sure it actually was Assassin's Creed I was playing (I had no idea modern day was even a part of the franchise xD). I decided to give the series a second shot after all I wasn't even at the game that had garnered my interest and so I decided to try Assassin's Creed II and from that point I fell in love with the series, so this list is going to have some decent(ish) explanations for my choices etc and it'll be more organised than this giant wall of text for my intro paragraph. 9. Assassin's Creed. (2007) Despite Assassin's Creed being what literally started the series it is my least favourite due to numerous things. Voice acting (other than Nolan North as Desmond) felt really flat, Altair was an uninteresting character (during AC 1) The combat didn't feel very fluid which led to me not overly enjoying the game. 8. Assassin's Creed Unity (2014) I don't hate AC Unity it had some cool features which I wish we could have seen brought in Syndicate or Origins but they didn't unfortunately, the co-op was a blast with friends and oh my god the customisation in AC Unity was superb it was amazing those are my two biggest pro's for Unity unfortunately. Arno was an okay character, the overall story was alright and the setting of the French Revolution was neat but the way Paris looked it was just a lot of light greys you know? it was visually impressive but from a colour perspective very bland which made going around the game world for me a bit of a drag. The building interiors however were well designed. 7. Assassin's Creed Syndicate (2015) This was difficult for me to put Syndicate here but I compiled this list from the top to the bottom so I could figure out where to put Syndicate. When Syndicate released I was suffering a bit from Sequel fatigue with AC. Like Unity's rendition of Paris, Syndicates Victorian-era London was visually just a lot of browns and so the game world was uninteresting to look at, however the way the two protagonists Jacob and Evie Frye (They're twins) played off each other was excellent Evie is one of my favourite AC characters as a result. Syndicate also had a Jack the Ripper dlc (this is the only dlc worth mentioning in this list imo) which was really neat to see Jack in an AC game. the story was alright for Syndicate despite none of the Templars actually existing irl due to Ubi not wanting to offend descendants of anyone they made a villain in the game. 6. Assassin's Creed III (2012) AC III is my guilty pleasure Assassin's Creed, regarded by many as a terrible game coming off of the amazing Ezio Trilogy of games it wasn't received anywhere near as well as the previous 3 games by critics and the fans. Assassin's Creed III was my first Assassin's Creed game I got on launch and the first game I got a Collectors Edition of. leading up to release it was the one you know? like Mass Effect 3 was to the ME trilogy it was the big kahuna. AC III's protagonist Ratonhnhaké:ton aka Connor Kenway was the son of a British Templar (Haytham Kenway aka an amazing character if you read the AC III novel Forsaken) and a Native American woman Connor is quite stoic and can get angry quite easily, my reasoning for liking him so much is from a design view (yes I accept Connor and AC III have flaws) Connor has my favourite visual design of any Assassin in the franchise to date (including Origins) the setting of the American Revolution was really neat but did take too much of a main focus away from the Assassins and Templar conflict also, the Templars in this game weren't necessarily evil unlike previous Templars, some of the Templars actually had noble intentions and Haytham, Connor's father is extremely likeable for being an antagonist in the game. However the execution of AC III was a bit mixed, the combat was really awesome and there was some really cool missions in terms of gameplay etc BUT for me personally my largest (and main) issue with AC III was how bland the locations were Boston and New York were basically the same location and there was so much brown in the game that I didn't need to go toilet for 3 years (Rogues version of New York was a major improvement). Assassin's Creed III also served as the finale to the story of Desmond Miles our modern day protagonist and this game has the best modern day moments in the entire franchise. 5. Assassin's Creed Revelations (2011) The end of Altair and Ezio's stories, Revelations primarily followed Ezio as a much older, and wiser main after all his life experiences and finally finishing his personal quest for vengeance he decided to finish what his father could not, gain access to Altairs library as a result we get to play as Altair who with a new voice actor and better writing became much more likeable than how he was in AC I the game did do a really good job of bringing Ezio and Altairs stories to a close and making Desmond ready for AC III which would be his toughest time. The setting of Constantinople (Istanbul) was pretty cool and Revelations had the best Multiplayer of all the AC games with some really neat characters to play as. 4. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (2013) After the negative reception of Assassin's Creed III, AC IV being as good as it was came as quite a surprise, you play as Edward Kenway (Haytham Kenways father) a Welshman who becomes a privateer (later a pirate) to make an income for him and his first wife so that they could have an enjoyable life as Edward was the son of a farmer and didn't live a rich life compared to what his wife had. Edward was brash and a bit of a dbag early on in the game and he was extremely cocky and well, a Pirate Edwards journey became that of redemption and he lost a lot to get to where he was at the end of the game, a father and a wise man as well as an Assassin. the setting of the Golden Age of Piracy allowed for a lot of unique gameplay such as naval warfare, being a pirate boarding ships hunting treasure and the like as well as a beautiful setting of the islands in the Caribbean such as Cuba and Jamaica. 3. Assassin's Creed Rogue (2014) Undoubtedly the most underrated game in the franchise, Rogue is like Black Flag 2.0 however it has the setting of Assassin's Creed III and instead of an Assassin you play the majority of the game from the point of view of a Templar, Assassin's Creed Rogue connected III and IV together like the jelly in a peanut butter sandwich y'know? Shay Cormac the protagonists views were in my opinion easily relatable as he did what he felt was the right thing to do, he wasn't "evil" because he defected from the Assassin's to the Templars, he did it because the Assassin's were unintentionally causing large loss of civilian lives one of these events Shay himself caused and after witnessing the destruction first hand he tried to warn the Assassin's and they refused to listen so he had to take measures to stop it from happening again. Also, the AC Rogue main menu theme mmm so good <3 2. Assassin's Creed II (2009) Ah, the beginning of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze's story this game won GOTY for 2009 and rightly so,it was a massive improvement over Assassin's Creed it brought a much more charismatic character in Ezio and the supporting cast was also well done, the story was much more engaging than AC I the setting of Renaissance Italy was superb, the music for me personally would easily rival that of Halo's for its quality. The gameplay whilst quite similar in how it functioned to AC I felt more fluid and responsive this time around. All in all Assassin's Creed II was what I decided to give AC a second chance with and the moment I played I fell in love with the franchise. 1. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (2010) Brotherhood is the game that got me interested in the franchise. It builds on everything AC II did right and improves it, it is one of the best sequels to a game I've played, it added new gameplay mechanics (i.e Assassin Recruits) took place in Rome and continued Ezio's story after that cliffhanger ending of Assassin's Creed II the Voice acting was superb, music like Assassins Creed II was downright amazing. the missions were fun and there were some really unique ones and there was quite a lot to do in the game world after you finish the main story compared to Assassin's Creed II. It also introduced PvP Multiplayer to the franchise where you could hunt other players in a variety of maps and different playable characters. Also as an added bonus I figured I would talk a little bit specifically about the music (mostly in the Ezio Trilogy). The music conveyed alot of emotions with some songs becoming meaningful as say MJOLNIR Mix for Halo or the Imperial March to Star Wars, the greatest example for Assassin's Creed being Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed II take a listen for yourself. These are just my opinions on the Assassin's Creed franchise and where I rank the games let me know your thoughts and if you'd place them differently to mine and if you actually did read everything I wrote, well thanks!
  3. All I'm seeing here is PC master race console sux. They both have their advantages and disadvantages the main one being affordability and reliability, with a console its cheaper and you also don't have to check if you have the right specs and have to upgrade etc just to play a game on PC. The Xbox platform will not be killed off because of Play Anywhere, thats the whole point its play anywhere not just PC, Microsoft is just giving its consumers more options and freedom on how and where they choose play their games, not restricting the players/consumers which is a good choice. Now back to my point about affordability, not everyone has the $ to shell out on a gaming PC most people who have consoles have one because their parents bought them one, you really think an average-earning parent is going to buy their kid a Gaming PC? xD they're not. A gaming PC is extremely pricey unless you know how to build (Which an average parent would not). Consoles are also much more straight forward in how they work etc. PC is more geared towards the people who care about their visuals and have the extra disposable income to spend on it. Your point of PC being more affordable is laughable, if people want to beat "Inferior" console users then they wouldn't be spending $200-$300 USD (roughly what X1 is? idk what it is specifically) to run something better than a console? that amount of money would not allow you to run something like Halo 5. Where I live an X1 is $500, if I want a semi-decent PC I'm looking at over $1,000 and if i wanted to upgrade in the future thats a lot of money on top of that whereas a Console you're good to go until the Console Generation ends in 7ish years from the beginning without having to upgrade and buy new parts. Now to the point of your entire post, Halo is the flagship Xbox game, people don't buy Xbox for Forza or Gears of War, they buy it for Halo specifically (not currently due to the reception Halo 5 made) making it PC only/primarily wouldn't generate more sales for Microsoft, it'd be quite the opposite because they would be selling less Xbox Hardware (Microsoft doesn't exactly receive the money you spend on your Gaming PC), So why would Microsoft risk a very obvious fall in profits just to make Halo look visually better? inb4 Twin comes down on me with all his PC knowledge, but once again I am talking about the average gamer so my points still stand.
  4. Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike are both on Mobile. And to answer OP can your device actually run the games? check in the app store to see what devices its recommended for etc
  5. Destiny 2 Beta Thoughts: Massive step back, you thought D1 was bad on launch? oh boy D2 is going to be worse.

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    2. Twinreaper


      Frankly I think D2 is off to a way better start than D1 story wise. As for the weapons, abilities. etc.... remember this was a beta. Things can and will likely change based on feedback.

    3. Connor Kenway

      Connor Kenway

      Twin, Destiny 2 comes out in just over a month there are numerous systems for D2 which Luke Smith has said probably won't be ready for the September 6th release date so I ain't holding out hope gameplay wise

    4. Azaxx


      The build for D2's beta was at least 4 months old (IGN interview source), most of the PvE issues have been changed and addressed in their Weekly Updates. As for PvP, I can't speak too much as I played one game then realised that I'm not playing another salt fest ever again.

  6. For me well Borderlands 2 as a whole was a lot of fun with Easter Eggs. On top of that I'd have to say Pelican in Reach. Assassin Turkey in Assassin's Creed III
  7. Alright so I haven't watched all conferences (aka just Nintendos I haven't seen) Bethesda was really weak like it was laughable due to how heavily they are milking Skyrim. Playstations conference had audio issues during the Uncharted bit sony's conference wasn't like amazing. Assassin's Creed Origins Debuting during the Microsoft Conference was a pleasant surprise I was expecting it to be in the Ubisoft one for its debut. og Xbox Backwards compat has me hopeful that the titles that are BC are purchasable on the store, as in more than what was available digitally on the 360 so for example Star Wars Republic Commando digitally would be amazing. So here's my tiers for E3 1. Ubisoft 2. Microsoft 3. (no one) 4.EA 5. Sony 6. Bethesda In terms of games announced/shown off I am looking forward to several things: Assassin's Creed Origins (dur) Metro Exodus Battlefront II Destiny 2 Far Cry 5 Anthem(ish) I want to see more of it before I board the train to hypeville In terms of E3 this year, it did feel alot like last years E3 in terms of well nothing major was announced that hadn't been already leaked such as the og Xbox Backwards Compat announcement and well it wasn't exciting in terms of the way things were presented. One thing I did notice is after the Sony Conference (the youtube stream) the people they had to "review" it seemed like they'd been paid off it was very interesting "I love how sony proved they're for the players" as if they were reciting lines to a script maybe thats just me but it seemed like it.
  8. Bethesda E3 was so bad like holy crap Wolfenstein II and um ummmm nothing really

  9. Wonder Woman was better than GotG V2 :P

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    2. Connor Kenway

      Connor Kenway

      No, GotG V2's main plot imo was weak all its side character arcs and development were fantastic though.

    3. Caboose The Ace

      Caboose The Ace

      That was kinda the point it was a character piece so I don't see having basically no plot is a problem. A bad or lack of plot is only a negative when its trying to have one.

    4. Axilus Prime

      Axilus Prime

      I'm with Connor. (sorry Lewis)

  10. Alright so I'm trying to see what interest there is in terms of events because I might do an events blitz for a few weeks in late June-Early-Mid July Would you want the event to be streamed via Mixer/Twitch? Have the events just Halo or have it on other games? (e.g Injustice 2 or Destiny) Have it like just a straight up event or have some like plot to it similar to some of Onso's previous events? Have out of game events? e.g a weekly screenshot contest? Let me know below peeps
  11. My face when I saw the announcement But nah in all seriousness congrats Lewis we need people who are loyal to the forum in staff positions to bring about a new age just think you're the second Australian Mod now, you have Azy's big boots ballerina shoes to fill
  12. Set forum to self destruct Alright, so with the Cooliest Drizzy_Dan Administration wanting to make the forum great again and as we all know theres the whole issue of well us the members being a rare breed so the Staff can't do anything with no community what about increasing interaction on the forum like objectives etc that allow members to get awards and what not I believe giving us a reason to come back would be fundamental in bringing the desired activity numbers back. Halo 5 literally was a kick in the pants to the forum which is why the numbers have dropped I know it wasn't the start but it was what finished alot of people off after bleeding out. Community Events could see a return as well but once again the staff would need that interaction/member count to make it a sustainable thing to do. Maybe a site refresh of backgrounds/banners could help freshen up the forum too. I also think the news group could come back too as another way to keep a lively flow of activity so that the forum doesn't get stagnant having a constant flow of news would provide new things to talk about. (maybe revitalise the Youtube channel and post a weekly recap of news on it as well as forum machinimas and other content) Streams could also be featured maybe? to have engagement or things to watch?
  13. I wouldn't mind helping out with body acting GT: Jaeger R6S
  14. Favourite armors? Old (Bungie era) Recon, specifically the Halo Reach styling of it I loved how light and tactical it was New (343 era) Venator, I'm not sure why on this one I just think it looks cool
  15. It has, potential to come back but as we recently saw with Halo Wars 2 which people were excited for it died off fairly quickly (I myself still play it) not player count wise as matchmaking doesn't take long at all to find a game but more just seeing it on Youtube etc I don't see it alot. For me the reason I lost interest in Halo was well, the art style was partially to blame for me I'm not a huge fan of it personally it lost the Halo feel for me that Reach had perfected for me which was that of a military sci-fi shooter (quoting the Act Man here) the gameplay while I don't have an issue with that at all there has also just been other things to play *cough* Rainbow Six Siege *cough*. I do want Halo to recover I really do so I can get back into it and get the enjoyment out of it I once did but as of right now to play Halo 5 is a literal mission for me I have friends to play it with thats not an issue its just I don't find it as fun the gameplay is fine but I won't say its spectacular but I don't have an issue with it either Forge is great however suffers for me from the lack of UNSC air vehicles such as a Falcon or something troop transporty but thats just me personally. So do I think it will recover? yes and no I think it'll get new players but the old ones I'd say is a mix
  16. So um, Halo Wars 1 has a 4.85gb patch why? I mean I know theres bugs etc but why that large?

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    2. Connor Kenway

      Connor Kenway

      Halo 5 is the same though a few REQs and maps and the size is gigantic like what do they include Frank O'Connors original hair or something? xD


    3. Fishy


      Halo Wars 1 got it's online patch. So I believe matchmaking is working, as well as a few bugs. (Like crashing) Also, X1 games are bigger than on 360. For example, 360 Aegis wing is 60MB. Xbox One is 800MB.

    4. Connor Kenway

      Connor Kenway

      Yeah I know they're larger but when Ubi patches major issues in something like Rainbow Six they're nowhere near that large

  17. Since the game isn't live yet for you in the U.S, i'll give you a heads up, the voice acting is really good like the last Halo Wars like the VA's (Cutters specifically) are fantastic!
  18. Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta (defs going to pre-order it), Tellltale Batman series and like Ardent, the Mass Effect trilogy in prep for Andromeda Would definitely recommend Rainbow Six Siege, its got a full second year of content coming which is all free updates so theres still plenty to come
  19. Gonna do two requests on this one (same images/setup for both) Classification: Signature Size: 600x300 Images: http://imgur.com/a/kRbOL Background: Up to you, go with something that suits Text: Connor (below Jackal so in the middle) Font: same as background, whatever suits Notes: have Jackal in the middle, I.Q and Frost on either side of him and same with Jaeger and Caveira, mirror them (idk the professional term) so that they face each way so like have Jaeger facing the other way instead so it fits with what side he goes on so facing outwards Classification: Banner (Youtube) Size: 2560x1440 Text: lieutenantgalle On this one just have it the same as the sig but banner sizing and the text
  20. Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition with a bunch of dlc and Batman steelbook or the Deluxe with less dlc but a Supergirl steelbook ;-;

    1. ShadowFiend216


      The $80 you save by not buying it................................................................................... Batman....

    2. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Why not both? Can you get the steelbook off Ebay?

  21. 2016 memories? -Going Diamond in Rainbow Six Siege -Finishing school -Meeting my girlfriend Thats probably it for me tbh but meeting my girlfriend was a fun one
  22. First experience? Well there was all the launch hype but I didn't have a 360 to play it on and then my first gameplay experience was a year later, splitscreen at a friends on Zanzibar/Stonetown I can't remember the H3 name ;-; then I finally got Jalo 3 in January 2011 4 years late and just after I got my 360
  23. Don't see the point in a Female Pro-League, should just have one for both genders

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    2. Guts


      Same concept with all sports is why there is one

    3. Melody


      Yes, there should be a female league because males have one, equality at it finest.. Seriously though, you have to admit it would be fun.

    4. Caboose The Ace

      Caboose The Ace

      I couldn't agree more Conner. Making two leagues really does not solve anything and only gives the illusion of equality. The real way to do things is to not care and just have one league.

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