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  1. Damn, it's been a while since I've written an actual forum post... I agree with you in the sense that there are many flaws with Halo 5 as a game, but I simply feel like there's a severe lack of logic in your replies that indicate slight bias - which is understandable - but doesn't help in the long run at all. Hence I'd like to break it down, and on the off chance you do reply I'd be happy to discuss. "Don't fix it if it ain't broke" - Just because something is working adequately well for you, does not mean it is the game that others want to play. Never changing anything is going to lead to stagnation, and although all the changes 343 (Or really, any game developer) makes are in pursuit of a better gaming experience - whether it be to cater to newer tastes or to update and refresh old game mechanics - it's only natural, and unfortunate, that they aren't able to please everyone. Nonetheless, never changing anything = never improving. That's how you get bored, and that's how you slowly kill off your player population. "WHO WAS THE MAIN VILLAIN!?!?" - I thought this was quite obvious, considering Cortana acts against the Master Chief. Furthermore, as Locke, your main objective in the climax of the game is to thwart her plans. Nonetheless, questioning who exactly was the 'bad guy' was probably very much one of the themes and ideas that 343i wanted to convey in Halo 5's story in the first place. "Why were the covenant, prometheans and swords of sanghelios there!?" - Well, that's why you should've paid attention to the story, right? I mean, come on. While the argument could be made that some information was in books and not revealed in games, it was clear through playthroughs that the Swords of Sanghelios and the Covenant were in a civil war. And the promeatheans... Well, there were tons of Forerunner Structures. Some missions in the game took place on a Forerunner built Planet! "I didn't even list half the things I could've listed." - List it, please. You've only said like, 3-4 things, and most of your points have been somewhat... nonsensical. "Someone from 343 listened to the complaints about only selling one req at a time and said he'd take it to the team and get it fixed. Here we are, a year after release, AND WE STILL DON'T HAVE IT!! " - People make mistakes. The team has to prioritise their problems, too. What's more important to functionality of the game? Broken matchmaking? Or the inability to sell multiple REQ packs at once? What's going to keep players continuing to log on each day? Selling their REQ packs? Or new DLC that includes new maps? Different game modes? Yes, it's an issue that they said they would do something and they still haven't done it, but 1) We have no idea how easy it is to fix and 2) There are many, many, many more important things that they are working on. "So you tell me, how is Halo 5 in any way not completely ruined by 343?" - I mean... It's working fine. People still play. The game is good, fitting both conventions for the Halo series as well as the modern FPS genre. It's made probably way over half a billion in profit for 343. It's got many good reviews. I'd say that means it isn't ruined. "fight for no reason because they have no quarrel" - Well, one of them disobeyed the chain of command. The other was following it. "watch as they fight, not talking, not doing anything until AFTER Locke is immobilized. Why didn't they do anytihng?" - Great question, one that you'd have to pick up on both teams' thoughts, as well as understand their personalities, in order to understand. Locke heavily respects the chain of command - he has put Chief's role as the saviour of humanity out of his mind and focused on him instead as the object of his mission and his orders. Chief, meanwhile is fixated on reaching Cortana. Blue Team is family - they will go wherever Chief goes, but they aren't blind dogs. All of them know they are going against their orders - and they've been taught to follow orders their entire life - and it makes them hesitant to engage (Not to mention they knew the outcome of the fight between Chief and Locke before it even happened, and all 3 were most probably ready to pounce should the other members of Osiris decide not to look on as bystanders.) Meanwhile, the other members of Osiris still held heavy respect for Chief and his team. They were saviours of humanity - it was unthinkable for them to betray the UNSC - much less for Osiris to actually attack them. If I remember correctly, the soldiers in the Meridian mission weren't marines. As for the Marines in Warzone, ignoring the fact that the servers were probably heavily taxed and 343 felt like Marine voice was less integral to gameplay that many other game systems, you know that canonically they are simulations as well, right? "Why is 343 trying to appeal to younger audiences?" - That is not their only target audience, but it only makes sense to want kids to play your game as they're the ones who're gonna play the next ones and the next ones while series veterans move on. "What makes halo so good is the adult content Bungie put in it" - I don't remember any adult content, and I honestly wouldn't say violence - which was the reason previous games had a higher rating - was the reason previous games excelled either. "The Arbiter had no reason to be there!" - Well, other than the fact that that was his home planet, of which he was trying to lead. "Cortana and the guardians make no sense whatsoever!" - Well, it does make sense, even if in some ways I personally feel the story was in some ways contrived. Pay attention, or if you aren't gonna play the game again, ask away. I'd be happy to explain what you don't understand. "That's not even Cortana anymore, it's like a different version of her!" - Debatable, but the specifics are up to the story's creators. "I don't want to see halo 6 unless you promise me it's good" - I'm sure it's gonna be friggin awesome. Unfortunately, just like every other game in existence, it probably won't suit every player's taste.
  2. classic drizzy_dan thread, marking his own post as best answer
  3. 7* Bronze 1 is the worst rank possible. Past Gold is Platinum, then Diamond, then Onyx, then Champion.
  4. You can also get a Phaeton from the Legendary Random Vehicle at REQ Level 6.
  5. The base DMR is REQ level 6. And it is far more powerful than the BR at range, considering there is no chance for any bullets to 'not hit' even if your aim is on point.
  6. At creating Halo 3 on the Xbox One? Or at making a fun Halo game?
  7. Maybe your friend is the world's best bait and that's why his team always wins
  8. But that's a trade. There is no chance for you to outgun or outskill them; you can only throw a grenade which has a CHANCE to kill them, as they still have the ability to thrust away.
  9. That is your opinion, but no, I really doubt an intern designed them. Firstly, if you suck at close quarters combat this is your fault so suck it up and get better rather than ask for the game to change. Secondly, spawning with an AR encourages map movement and forces you to find those decent weapons. Thirdly, you have a pistol, which good players can sufficiently shoot across the map with and can play well at mid-long range. It's THE utility weapon of Halo 5. You're wrong, most people hated having customisable loadouts in matches, so they took that out in arena matches. If you want to customise your loadout, you can do so in Warzone. Well, you're not playing on Warzone, and no, they aren't the size of 2 bedroom apartments. >Map voting is in the game, community is angry because there isn't map diversity and the noobs only vote for the one map they are good >Map voting is not in the game, community is angry because they cannot skip maps that they have objectively analysed to show that it is bad Clearly you see the flaw in logic. In any case, we now have *somewhat* better map diversity than before. 343 as a whole decided to take out split screen, because the modern day audience that 343 is trying to reach do not primarily play Split screen. And I highly doubt legendary was a walk in the park. Also, IMO the multiplayer maps look good. If they've managed to spawntrap you it's your fault. Well, this doesn't make any sense, because with even starts, 'noobs' DO start with the same guns as everyone else. And I've said it already, you can customise your loadouts in Warzone. You can. But spending money purely for a single gun eliminates part of the reason why REQ packs exist, which is to generate the excitement that a person would feel if they were opening a booster pack for a card game. If I were to suggest anything, it would be create an open free market economy where players can set their prices in both real life $ as well as in REQ points (Unfortunately I don't think this can have a set exchange rate) to trade or sell their REQ cards. This way, people who want only one piece of armour can work towards it, but the price is going to be determined by demand and supply. 343 could earn money from this by taking a % of REQ points/$ back. Unfortunate that you feel that way. But I feel like Halo 5 has the best multiplayer in the series yet, even if some minor tweaks to how it is right now can make it even better. It feels very different to Call of Duty to me, and I'm happy to play the game and spend money on it in support of 343.
  10. Nope. It's 18m in Arena and 25m in Warzone. It's fine for Warzone, partly since the majority of engagements are in long range and partly because the range is sufficiently long enough to promote engagement in a capture point and let people know who is sprinting aorund. But there is no way it's feasible to use in Arena. The only time it's going to let players know someone is there is if there is someone directly above/below you. Otherwise, you will have seen them or you won't be in an engagement. Now that we have thrusters, clamber and Shoulder charge, it is far too easy for people to simply sprint from one side of the map to the other, behind you, and just smack you in the back. You are barely given the chance to react; you'd basically need to be watching your radar every 1.5 seconds if you wanted to see if anyone was approaching at all times. I'ts just not feasible to even use your radar. Even if you do react, the enemy is going to be close enough that thrusting out of the way is the only option. If somebody is approaching from the front, they can melee you before you break their shields if they are sufficiently close enough. Increasing the range to around 22-25meters would be beneficial, in my opinion.
  11. The game just launched. Let the banhammer weed out the people who leave first, or play in a team. There really isn't an alternative.
  12. Add me: JL1223 X Onyx in Team Arena, Diamond in Team Slayer
  13. The KDA in game is not actually your KDA, it is a number generated after throwing all your stats into an equation to generate a number that shows your relative skill level and ability.
  14. http://halotracker.com/h5/arena/Jl1223-X judge me and/or add me as you see fit
  15. Firstly: Platinum is not high. It is the top end of the bell curve. The fact that you THINK it's high, though, is a testament to the fact that psychologically 343i's Ranking system is good at making your ego big and juicy. Which is good! The better people think they are, the more satisfied they will be. 'I can't even see other people's ranks?' You haven't looked hard enough. It's in their profile; but the fact that you can't see their profile before the game is a good thing. Nobody quits because they see the opponent's ranks - they only see it at the end of the match's carnage report. 'Every game I play seems like im playing a against a team of 4 that is hacking or something?' You must be playing against a well co-ordinated team that is... well, above your team's level of skill. 'If you wanna turn your franchise around id seriously think about adding a 1-50 rank system' Which had a massive amount of flaws that have been fixed with the Halo 5 CSR ranking system. 'Remove sprint, zoom, jet sprint or w.e, noob power weapons the respond in every 30 seconds' Ignoring the fact that the final thing does not occur, you're asking to just remove everything that makes the game, the game. People like these inclusions. They fit well into Halo but also make the game fun for a modern generation. The FPS genre is changing and the addition of 3D movement is only going to increase the skill gap as we weed out the people who can only think in a 2D plane from the players who have the spatial awareness for the entire 3D arena. Give the game a try. If you don't like it and you definitely feel like games like Halo 2 and 3 are superior, whether it be due to nostalgia or because you feel those games simply have a better ranking system and gameplay, that's fine. The Master Chief Collection is here for you. But you are part of the audience that has decided not to accept the changes - you cannot adapt, for lack of a better term - and you're the one that's going to suffer from it unfortunately. For what it's worth, the players who tuned the new abilities in Halo 5 are the players who have been playing competitive Halo since the days of Halo 2.
  16. 343's reasoning is the same as the reasoning for Bungie not having matchmaking for raids. Bad people can so easily get on there and troll, making a 15 minute mission an hour long. AI teammates will be better than that.
  17. Where do you live? It may be due to no data centers available for you.
  18. I woke up this morning with a bunch of gold unopened REQ packs. This explains it!
  19. lmao you sound like you can't use a br or dodge grenades
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