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  1. Nope, Sorry. Just me. Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and I'm homebound. But then someone is standing at the hot dog stand on the sidewalk. Heeeeeeeeeere's JACKY!
  2. 7 minutes, 7 minutes is all I can spare to be kidnapped by Jack My savior will be... WILL BE... Maestro
  3. plz no. I'm still here. The Destruct has come in the hospital, with destruction on his mind. So I guess I'll see him next.
  4. Halo CE: Under the Cover of Night (Can't look up at Stars without thinking of this one anymore) Halo 2: Tie between In Amber Clad, and Heavy Price Paid. I just can't decide. Halo 3: Never Forget, but nearly every song played from the level "The A rk" to the end comes in 2nd. Still my favorite musical Halo. Halo Wars: Insignifcantia Halo 3 ODST: Traffic Jam, closely followed by Skyline Halo Reach: New Alexandria Halo 4: 117 Halo 5: The Main menu theme (Not sure if it has a name) *MARTY COME BACK... YOU CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME... I WAS WRONG, AND I JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YA*
  5. Jack Was nimble, Jack Was Quick, Jack sat on a candlestick. So he's not here right now, he's at the hospital treating 2nd degree burns on his behind. We're really talkin' bout maestro right?
  6. ????✌???? ???? ????⚐ ????❄????????????✏ ☹⚐⚐???? ✌❄ ☟???? ✈????✌????????⚐????⚐ ????????❄????☼☜✏
  7. Blood is part of a healthy and balanced breakfast, and a key essential to start the day on the right foot. You can't skip out on Breakfast people. It's unethical.
  8. The only 2 Halo novels I read were The Fall of Reach and The Flood, and I prefer the latter. Nothing against TFoR though, I think The Flood just interested me more, despite knowing exactly what the main story was about. I guess to read something I played many times before it, it made it cool to see all the tidbits, little other details and the whole Jenkins fiasco fleshed out further. It added new elements to the story, and more stuff for me to think about when I replayed the game again. Like the part with that spec ops elite with the four grunts you see in the elevator, and them actually giving him a back story, and the Keyes-Flood Mind Battle. I like things like that.
  9. Right now, I'm rewatching Bleach since I haven't seen it since my first time watching it like 6 years ago. While DBZ is my all time fav series in anime, I gotta give props to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Such a good series.
  10. Why didn't it make sense? You played as Arbiter in Halo 2, so why would they have just built his HUD and mechanics for 6 missions and then said "lolnope, never gonna use this again"? If it was such a bad feature they wouldn't have carried it through 3 games. (Maybe it was though, considering they downsized their role in Reach after 3) For me, it's just another customization feature taken away from the games. It's about variety, I like variety, most people like variety. I for one liked being able to play as the Alien, I thought it was really cool. But I'm not gonna act like everybody loved them either. I heard the moans and groans when Elite slayer would come up in Reach. There's people that don't like them, there's people that do. But Elites have enough fans to where they should look into bringing them back, even if it's in a small capacity. If they were playable in the same capacity as Reach, I think most people would be content. If they wanted to go further than that, then to re-add them canonically to MP would be easy with the SoS-Humanity alliance being a thing, and everything being a simulation. That being said, they would have to be heavily re-worked if they were added, Specifically because of Spartan abilities. I'm not sure why, but the vision of a hulking 8 foot Water Snake Ground pounding scares me. Like I said, for balance reasons they should probably just be worked in the same way they were in Reach. If they're gone for good, then it's not gonna break my heart because they've already been gone for 6 years (2old4me). But I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the choice of having them be Playable.
  11. I still think a Horror game where you play as a normal Human, Alone, Vs Flood would be pretty cool. In theory of course. Think Alien Isolation or Dead Space except in the Halo universe. The Flood Infection form would become one scary enemy because of no shields, so one hit kill. My extreme want for Flood back in Halo no way influences this...
  12. Here's some that grind my gears: Nightmare (Boss) in Soul Calibur V is one pretty annoying dude. It took me about an hour to beat'em and when i finally did I felt more like luck finally going in my favor than me actually doing anything to Win. I could never get his tactics down. Speaking of Hard to Kill, can't leave off Tartarus the Bullet Sponge. I mean, all the Brute's are Bullet Sponges in Halo 2, but Tartarus is just the cherry on top. On legendary, having to wait for Johnson to pop his shields off gets frustrating when he takes about 1 and a half Full Ammo Carbines to kill. Not to mention he periodically sends in 4 Brutes who can just ruin your day. Sephiroth in KH1 is a horrific Secret Boss who I have yet to beat (without cheats, thanks action replay) to this day. Most of his attacks are either fatal or quickly drain your health bar. All you will hear during the fight is Sora Screaming "HEAL" repeatedly. Speaking of horrific KH secret bosses, add on the Lingering Will Secret Boss from KH2 as well because his health bar is over 20 bars, and each time you face him his attack pattern changes. When I first fought him, it took me about 60 attempts to kill him. He's not as hard as Sephiroth from the 1st game but he's still pretty ridiculous in terms of strength and endurance. Some more Hard to Kill Enemies that come to my mind: The downed Scarab in Halo Wars 1 (just look at that health bar), Raam in Gears of War 1, The Russian Leader's Castle in Red Alert 3, Shao Kahn (Final Boss Version) in Mortal Kombat 9, and TK in Dead Rising 2 There's a few more that are probably hidden (and way harder to kill) bosses in my memory but I can't remember them right now.
  13. The next Chapter is going to be the Final of Halo CE. I'll probably move onto Halo 2 after that. This has been such a fun thing to make for such Simple Changes!
  14. What a nice treat for Keyes. Except that name... Raises some Questions and concerns.
  15. It's time for a new kind of Halo Story. One we can all relate to.
  16. 1: John Marston (RDR) 2: Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) 3: Max Payne 4: Master Chief 5: Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Honorable Mentions: Crypto (Destroy all Humans), StarKiller (Force Unleashed)
  17. My Hope. My Fire. This is the Storyline I desire. Halo 5 was setup city. But wasn't very good at doing so. Hopefully it will lead into some good Flooood action.
  18. The Soundtracks of Halo have always been one of my favorite parts of the Series itself. I've never actually found a soundtrack I've disliked from Halo. (barring the Top Down Shooters, I just don't remember the music of Spartan assault.) Halo CE Set the Standard with the Drums and the Fast paced Orchestra and Ho Hums, setting the Style of Marty for years to come. Covenant Dance, The Classic Halo Theme, and one of my Personal Favorites: Under the Cover of Night. Oh what a song. Halo 2 took it a step further adding Guitars and Outside Music (I.E Breaking Benjamin) for sections of the game, and adding more tracks that Fit the overall theme of what we would know to be "Halo Music". It also gave us Peril, In amber clad, Ghosts of Reach, and Heavy Price paid. Seriously, why have we never heard Heavy Price Paid in any other Halo Game?! It's Criminal. Halo 3 took a lot of tracks from the previous 2 games, updating them and inserting them in different ways. I hardly notice new tracks in Halo 3 until getting to "The Ark". The Music for this Level and the Covenant are absolutely Top Tier and step it up a notch. One final Effort sends us out with a Bang and the Hillside Memorial cutscene music is just a beautiful send off. And Never Forget "Never Forget", Such a Beautiful Track that I think it's best iteration is in Halo 3. Halo Wars has a sweet spot for me, because the Music was always playing in the Hundreds of Private matches I took part in with my friends years ago. Calming For the Buildup of your units and fitting with Halo, and then into an explosion of Action music as your unit's collide with your enemies. I think Halo Wars got it 100% right. As a spin-off, it's music gave it it's own vibe, while also sounding extremely like what I'd expect to hear in a Halo game. ODST is just awesome. Deference to Darkness is one of my Favorite Tracks in all of Halo. Fitting in with the Lonely feel of the Mombassa Streets, it absolutely sucks you in to it's Ambiance. When they also let the Guitar Rip in ODST's OST, THEY LET IT RIP! Traffic Jam and Skyline get me Pumped. I hold this one in High Regard. Halo Reach, I do admit I'm not the biggest fan of this soundtrack. Sounding more Heavy and Militaristic, it fits the game well, but I'm just not a huge fan of the sound. Some of the game's slower tracks though I like much more. I'll be looking at this soundtrack again in the coming weeks. Halo 4. This is the game that deviated from the course drastically and Had everyone saying "it doesn't sound like Halo". Well yea. Reach was Marty's last Halo Title, and Neil Davidge had come in. So, Brand new sound was (or should have been) expected. After listening to these tracks again, I have my favorite's and some that sound like Halo, at least to me. Solace and Legacy come to Mind, and 117 and Green and Blue stand out on their own. In short, I like Halo 4's. I don't think its as great as the First 3, but Definitely good. I won't go into too much about MCC, just because it's mostly all the same tracks. But one I will point out, Follow in Flight. Not a Halo Song, but damn is it good. And Finally Halo 5. I think it's the same thing with Halo 4 for me really. There are tracks that are like Halo 4, but many tracks that bring you back to that Classic Halo Sound. Osiris Suite 4 (Which eventually I realized had a redone Ghost of Reach thrown in), Blue Team, Light is Green, and The Trials come to mind as my favorite tracks from this game. Kazuma Jinnouchi did a Fantastic job in this game taking over after Neil Davidge. One thing I do miss from Halo games is quieter battle music. I know that sounds weird, but if you look at the first 3 games compared to 4 and 5, the Music during some battle sequences was more Cool and Calculated. In 4 and 5 it's Roaring and in your face. I don't need that EVERYTIME I'm fighting. Some Chill music when I'm just passively killing Covenant would be appreciated. It's Hard to Rank these But here's my Shot: 3 > ODST > 2 > 1 > Wars > 5 > 4 > Reach. Whew, Long post, but I love talking about the music of Halo.
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