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  1. I have been playing Pokemon Black 2 on my android emulator. Started 3 weeks ago, beat the Elite Four, and all of my Pokemon are lv. 56: 1. Magnezone 2. Vaporeon 3. Arcanine 4. Sigilyph 5. Flygon 6. Heracross
  2. The site helped me through some hard times, and now, after all of those problems have been sorted out, I check up to see how everything is going and how people are doing. Most of my time is spent in the group Anime Discussion/Recommendation PM.
  3. Thank you Destruct for the Delpen9 Space Penguin sig you made me many years ago. :DDDDDD

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom


      Wam made that, but I will obtain these unearned bragging rights in his place sheeshee

    2. Delpen9


      woah, you're not the same person?

    3. Drizzy_Dan
  4. When the SB is slow but not slow enough that the conversation you left on is still visible but the shout you made isn't.

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom


      When the blunt you thought you were using was never there to begin with

    2. Mr Kittens and Gibberish
    3. Drizzy_Dan
  5. My favorite captain is Del Rio. "Why," you might ask? Captain Del Rio is perhaps one of the few examples in the Halo Universe of 'bad leadership', and with so many example of good leadership - Keyes, Locke, Cutter, Sgt. Johnson, Marty O'Donnell - it is good to have the complement to that. Sometimes, you should learn what to do by first seeing what not to do.
  6. Yes, yes, my babyface is both a blessing and a curse. Also, I shave every other day.
  7. This is a picture I took so I could compare myself in the mirror to myself on a camera. As you can see, I was trying to seduce myself. So bored. Edit: Haha, it's sideways.
  8. ShinSeki Yori: From the New World Avatar: The Last Airbender How I Met Your Mother Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman or Ancient Aliens (Both shows are just crazy enough to pique my interest and have their own charms) Hunter x Hunter? I've been watching Shameless lately with some friends. Can't say that has come anywhere near my top 5.
  9. We may have won, but was victory worth the mutual destruction? Did the scars incurred on both sides justify the outcome? Only you can decide.
  10. I'm not really sure. The fact that the Mafians didn't murder anybody tells me that they're not the most active bunch. Frankenzer seems like the least active person here.
  11. I assume all screenshots are fake. The chances still remain 50/50 unless there's something heavily personalized or conditional in a screenshot: the Game Moderator's specific brand of humor or a time stamp; the only time you'll get something like this is if the screenshot is of a role PM. Ergo, I don't trust Drizzy or Batman. Guilty until proven innocent!!!!
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