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  1. Subtitle adjustments Hi, I`m new here and I need to get in contact with 343 industries. A friend of mine got his version of Halo 4 early, and discovered that his version had Norwegian subtitles. We are both Norwegian (from Norway, north Europe), but find Norwegian subtitles ghastly. I know it probably is considered a minor inconvenience for most people, but I find it horrible. There probably are similar situations in other countries, and it might be no one else mind, but think of it as a matter of having a choice. So I was wondering if you (343 industries) could make an update, that would allow me to switch to English subtitles, or just turn them off entirely. I don`t know who is responsible for the way things are now, but I would really appreciate if someone could fix this. You can think of it as fan service ^^ (Also, if this is in the wrong area in the forum, please inform the correct people ) Fanboy greetings from HighlandDeer
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