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  1. I bought an XBox One over the weekend. I got the "Halo: Master Chief Collection" bundle from Walmart. Right now this is the only game I'm interested in playing. It's how I keep in touch with friends from back home. You'll understand my disappointment when I found that the game's online multiplayer works about as good as a screen door on a submarine. I can't join an in-game group with my friend. Neither of us can successfully join a multiplayer session. All my network settings are correct. My internet is plenty fast. Shame on me for not researching the game before I purchased it. I guess I figured I could trust the "HALO" name. Woops. I tried contacting Microsoft. The illustrious "Erl" told me he couldn't help, and that my only option is posting on this forum. So here I am. In conclusion, I'm super glad I bought something that doesn't work.
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