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  1. I cannot wait for this. They are still releasing the OS so other manufacturer's can make there own tablet and because of windows direct X support we could see the rise of gaming tablets. Maybe project fiona will finally be shipped out to consumers! Project Fiona: http://www.razerzone.com/projectfiona
  2. Hey 343 and 343 fans I couldn't find a support number or email so I'm posting this on the fourms. I'm going to purchase the limited edition because I am a hardcore halo fan and would love to play ALL the maps on the xbox in my basement using my gamertag. But my 9 year old little brother also wants to play all these maps on his gamertag, on a seperate xbox (in the same house). Will I be able to double install these maps on both xboxs? Or will it be linked to my gamer tag? Will he also have to purchase the $100 limited edition also because all I want to do is play with him online like I do in halo reach. I hope an 343 representative or someone experienced on the topic sees this soon. Respond soon please.
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