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Found 3 results

  1. Xbox needs higher sensitivity, this is one of the only games I play that still has grandma sensitivity. Give xbox players the same sensitivity options at PC and make the fights more fair.
  2. I haven't looked around in this forums at all, the idea just came to me today and I'm a new member as of....4 minutes ago. So I appologize if this has already been brought up but I doubt it. For starters, If anyone has played Tom Clancy's End War, and has read the Halo books this will be interesting to you. In the very first halo (when master chief is training in his brand new suit with cortana), in one of the training excercises he has to run through a mine field while missles are being shot at him. (don't quote me on this, I read the books 7-8 years ago) Now when master chief needed to run through it, he was alerted by cortana stating the shields wouldn't be able to last through all of the explosions and damage. Calmly master chief said, "can it be done if you divert all of my shields to my feet"? Needless to say, he made it out ALIVE. Something, that is majorly lacking in the halo universe is 100% suit control. Now back to the voice command from Tom Clancy's End War. You could control your units by just "talking", using the commands givin. Why hasn't 343 or Bungie looked into allowing the players full control of their suits in-game, in realtime. By simply allowing me to divert my shields via voice commands instantly to take all of the damage from a random grenade at %50 shields to one of the four sides of my body? (Front, Right, Back, or Left) It would make for incredible multiplayer experiences, unique and true to the halo universe. By choosing to divert my shields from my whole body, to just one of the sides, (or 50/50) or to adjacent sides, essentially vulnerable from the sides that have no shields. Interesting? Now back to sensitivity! I feel 100% comfortable at 4-5 sensitivity while BRing, but the game doesn't just play at long range. I jump, crouch, and do anything possible to take down my opponent, but I lack the ability to swiftly turn around after jumping over someone, to get that quick jump on them again. (Moving at 4-5 sensitivity) While in mid-air close combat, I could easily hit my d-pad and voice a command. "sensitivity 8" I could change my direction in an instant, then dropping it back down for the smooth br battle. Just a thought.
  3. I searched and could not really find this here, though this touches upon the idea of a custom control layout, which I would like to see. I think it would help a fair number of players, I know it would help me. Bumper Jumper is great, but I waste too much time spamming grenades and I could actually use the jetpack and still be able to aim, with just a simple swap. The available control schemes are nice and varied, but there is room for improvement. Perhaps it could even help someone with arthritis or some other damage. I also want to have a sensitivity setting higher than 10. 10 is not insane, it is slow. No offense to Spinal Tap, but 11 isn't enough (linearly), at least 2x 10's speed would be nice (personally), but I can see others liking it yet faster than that. I understand many people get sick from moving the screen too quickly, but there is a choice for a reason; please do not artificially retard us. The slow turning of your spartan is a realistic restriction and completely fair, but adding a higher sensitivity does not hurt poor players and certainly could help players like myself. Unrelated, but because I'm already making a thread I'll mention the auto-aim. I appreciate the attempts to make it easier for controller players to aim at what they want, but Reach has an extremely aggravating flaw: when a player crosses in front of your target, auto-aim switches to the nearest target. I had picked my target for a reason. Please make the choice of which player is the target optional between staying on the original target, choosing the nearest target, or even the target with the least health/shields. If you do not add this as an option, then please simply leave it on the original target. It isn't realistic to change targets when you've gotten the original target's shields down, and using it to protect your teammates feels like exploiting an error in programming, not exploiting your enemy and his/her thoughts. Oh, and you could sell some people three copies of Halo 4 if you allow system link multi-screen like Forza, GT, and many PC games of varied genres.
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