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  1. I personally don't mind it. At some point with 5, before or after release, it was mentioned by 343 that they are dropping the number system. I want to say they said it would happen after 5, but idk. Either way, as long as the story is true to what it needs to be, then the title doesn't need a number.
  2. Did I get voted off, cuz I couldnt make it last night??!?
  3. Due to work, the only early days I have are Tue and Wed, my days off.
  4. GTFO I can do all those in the evening, after 5pm for me AZ MTN Time. So I will try my best with both times and even though there is a staff meeting for the Archive, I may play this at the same time and just join and leave the party chat when needed.
  5. I can do Sunday same time or little further ahead if needed. I am off at 5pm AZ MTN STD time and should be home by 6 at the latest, but could be earlier.
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