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  1. You shall be killed. Spartans are a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stronger than Brutes or Elites.
  2. Don't need to overdo it! Just give some attachments that only adjust each weapon to each occasion or environment. Example: The Assault Rifle is good at close range, but lame at mid and long range; so with the possibility to attach a scope, whose function is only to increase range vision, not altering the weapon accuracy. These attachments don't need to be overpowered or monstrous, just with the same intention as the silencer and scope in Halo ODST. And every weapon kind (long, mid and long range) must have their own attachments. Not to mention the way that Spartans hold and wield the Automatic Rifles is like they haven't no control on it, looking like ROOKIES when using Auto Rifles; they have no skill to accuracy, the weapon just dance on their hands. OH! It's not attachments, it's buffs. As attachments I say scope (especific to each weapon kind), silencer, something like a laser (increasing accuracy, but revealing your position) and more things like that.
  3. Well, many people are claiming about Armor Abilities; and I think AA annoying sometimes too. But I don't think fair to get rid of it but changing or upgrading it. - AA should be replaced by PE (Personnel Equipments). It pretends to work like an individual "weapon", almost like "buffs" in Halo 3 (invisibility, overshield, etc.). but like solid equipments to wear instead "magic balls". So the PE can be found around the map, preferably at some armory house. So the equipments to wear should be a jetpack, promethean eyeglass, fuel for thruster, chip to engage invisibility, etc. - Also it would have BS (Battle Support). It pretends to be similar or equal to the bubble shield, health regenerate and power swallow (I'm sorry, I don't now how it named). Well, it should be some thing like a "special grenades", when it's thrown it make whose effect. Well, it's only to get back what was at Halo 3.
  4. The SMG in Halo 3 ODST is standard attachments; and there is no problem. Attachments around the map is an inconsistent idea; so you spawn and search for attachment, die and it fades out? o.O Attachments is attach, not "buffs".
  5. This is a great problem for fanboys and a big step for players (ya, I differentiated the fanboys from players). Attachments is already in Halo not spontaneously, like the silenced and scoped SMG in Halo 3 ODST. Nobody could ever imagine about the SMG with attachments, but it was well-accepted... Nobody could ever imagine the Assault Rifle with attachments, but if in Halo ODST that weapon came with attachments, the fan public would accepted as well as in Halo ODST. The question is about prejudice, because isn't Bungie who is developing, but 343i; so the fanboys created an "unconscious disapproval" about anything that can comes in. The ideia is make these attachments spontaneous and free to set e unset. Attachments will expand the game experience, giving more possibilities & ways to play. Attachments will not unbalance the game, since the automatic guns needs fast shooting respond, so it needs a HUD or a close range scope; the BR and DMR needs aim. But, I don't want specific attachments, but free for all. If you want set a long range scope at Assault Rifle, be free, but you know that it will just disturb the gameplay.
  6. No! I said this argument of the Aiming System is false! 'Cause what matters is this function on gameplay. And in the same gameplay, it shows that the scope still is more efficient. The Scope Weapons is a way more efficient, this Aiming System is just a trash if replacing the scope... 'Cause the Aiming System is just for create an aim, not to close the aim. Well, if this argument is on, so I say that Halo is a non-sense game. It's lacking verisimilitude. 'Cause even the game show that the Aiming system don't replace the Scope. And it's logical the divergence of function between each other. And so, the Scope Screen is still outdated. It would be better if it shows the scope naturally, only a HUD on screen of the scope, not a drawing on the Helmet HUD, otherwise, there wasn't no reason for scope exists. This is nonsencial is completely showed on the supposed Magnum Pistol Scope. And C'mon... Scope is a way fun and exciting than a non-logical drawing on screen.
  7. GENERAL 1- Iron Sight (to difference from long-range rifles) or Scope on the Automatic Rifles. 2- Automatic Rifles more accurate. 3- Be able to swim. 4- Dual-Wielding. 5- Able to climb or jump through little walls and obstacles. 6- Slipping. 7- Gory and brutes Assassinations.
  8. Well, Halo is a fantastic game. But somethings are outdated. Have many years halo there is; so, the games have evolved and more and more has approaching to reality. Many of the FPS or TPS has giving more possibilities of action to make us more near of a war; like slipping, sighting (iron sight or scope), swimming, crouch, covering (rarely) and etc. So, what I suggest is about Halo give us a more caotic and verisimilar combat; expanding the action possibilities. What bother me in Halo in our current evolved gaming context is the inaccuracy of the automatic rifles. Well, I can't believe that too many years on future, with lightspeed technology, we can't have a accurate automatic rifle. A few days ago a guy argued to me that we don't need for scope and even iron sight, because we have a HUD target. So, if the scope isn't even need, so why the Battle Rifle, DMR, Light Rifle, Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Binary Rifle has a scope? Well, the HUD is enough... NO! So, to the guns don't be the same thing; I suppose to have at least an iron sight on every gun non-scope currently. And about the movings possibilities, only I suggest are the basic things in a war. To conclude; I don't pretend to make Halo like Call of Duty, even not Battlefield, Crysis or Killzone. But simply to be a verisimilar and realistic game (not confronting the futuristic aspect). The meaning of "realistic" isn't to be like the current world, but simply the natural circumstances and possibilities. What I call as VERISIMILITUDE.
  9. I'm just reporting some avowals from some Halo fans, who's quitting the game. And about "Real Fans". I'm not speaking about me, but about people who played Halo since the CE, and has some affection to the franchise. Even today, Halo 2 is considered the best. Well, Halo 4 has his fans, but I think unfair betraying such fans.
  10. 343i improved Halo so much that the Real Fans are quitting to play. I think it's rudeness about 343i disappointing the Dedicated Fans.
  11. I'm not complaining about the game itself. Indeed, I first said that the game is good, but all I'm saying is about Halo isn't Halo anymore. Whatever it be, but it's not Halo. So..... What I'm supposing is about 343i makes another franchise, since they're just disappointing the loyal Halo fans. "If it is dead, why do so many people play Halo?" What do you talk about the decline of population?
  12. Currently I'm so discouraged for Halo. But the Beta could give some hope! About Sprint: Really, it's so strange for Halo, but it's logical. The fact about I'm playing with Supersoldiers but I can't sprint is very incoherent. But anyway, it just gets rid of the Halo's essence. Does anyone have any idea to adjust sprint in Halo 5?
  13. "Everything changes! Evolves!" I agree and like the changing, otherwise, everything would be monotonous! But a change can't to be tolerate, when this gets rid of the essence. And this happened to Halo! The game is not itself anymore! All I suppose is, if the change gets rid of the game's essence, so it would be better if they make another franchise. And this is good, 'cause the Xbox needs novelties. Well, all franchises has his "weak time". Don't be so hard... But the fact about Destiny doesn't be exclusive to Xbox 360, makes me frustrated. The Xbox needs exclusives!!!
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