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Found 17 results

  1. My 'Archivist' achievement for ODST in the MCC has said 'Done! Unlocking...' since June. I have tried contacting Xbox support and they directed me to 343 Studios, which sent me here. From what I've gathered there's no way to actually contact 343 directly, so I'm hoping someone might have some tips or ideas I can try? Obviously not a huge issue, just more of an annoyance and I'd like it to just unlock. I've tried completely uninstalling/reinstalling my profile and fixing some settings (per xbox support) and have tried redoing what was necessary for this achievement (Find the 26th audio log) and still no luck. Anything I can try?
  2. I just think it' sounds like a perfect game if they make it happen halo 3 odst was a really good game and the odsts came out in halo reach so why not make another odst game? Like why were they there ? What happened? Let me know what you think
  3. Hey does anyone want to play odst tommorow
  4. HALO 3 ODST WORLD RECORD? What is this topic? This topic is about me needing help with finding out the firefight world records for halo 3 ODST. Overall I'm planning on beating the world records in halo 3 ODST on firefight and uploading it to YouTube. Would you guys be interested in that? Or does nobody care about Halo 3 ODST anymore!?!?!?! Help In order to do all of this I need someone to help me figure what the current world records are in order to beat them. Sadly I have tried to find what they are and failed miserably. So if you could help or would like to see some new world records set then please let me know
  5. In Mombasa streets in ODST down an alley there is a spray painted messaged "Remember Reach". Somebody knew about Reach and what happened. Buck also mentions on the mission Coastal Highway he says "They're gonna turn this place into Reach" when the Covenant begin to destroy New Mombasa with cruisers. This suggests Reach was destroyed in the same way.
  6. Okay so i just checked out the halo spartan assault download free trial and for it being a arcade style i'm not to impressed with it and for a demo it was way to short and for it to take up 2.2 gigabytes for less then 3 minutes of play time and just thinking if i want to play a arcade style game i will go to a arcade place in a mall.....i have been a halo fan from 2001-2011 i'm sad that the opportunity wasn't taken to make a add on to halo wars and expand the halo line that way and after i noticed that 343 industries left out peaces of cutscenes for the remake of halo 1 for the xbox360 if some one want's to do a remake of a game awsome but keep it true of what exaly happend and just not cut things out that where a part of the original if by chance their is a halo 2 remake don't slater it like the halo 1 ce keep it true to the point of i remember this and that and how the game is mapped out yeah go for better grafics just don't leave any thing out of it but after the mess up and what fell short of the halo 1 remake i just kind of drifted away from the halo scene i really wish things would get turned around for halo i'm not even looking for word to seeing what the next halo will be for the xbox one i wasn't to thrilled about the xbox one and i never got one because no game's have caught my eye for it i have been a loyal microsoft customer since 2001 and going through 7 xbox360s because of hardware issues but also seeing huge bugs in the xbox one of not being able to see how much space is used up on a hard drive hearing that their is no party chat and the list goes on and seeing that bungie not a part of halo makes me really sad and i find it frustrating that my halo 2 multiplayer bonus maps cant be played off line on my xbox360 i missed looking at the dlc maps so i wanted to go down a trip of memory lane but i found out that even with me buying the hard copy of the DLC from way back when is no longer of use besides seeing some really awesome game footage to find out what happens to the second pelican on the second mission in halo 2 makes me upset that i can't use content from a disc made for dlc that i pad for but yet many years later finding out that i can't even use it for off line fun any more that's just not right in so many ways i wont hold my breath to see any changes but halo is turning in to cod and i went and started playing cod if i want a cod experience i know where to go for it if i want a halo experience i know where to find it with halo 1,2,3, odst, halo wars, halo reach notice how i didn't say any thing for 343 industries remake of halo 1 yet their halo 4 i didn't even go out of my to get it i'm glad i was able to test out the waters for the new halo spartin assault i'm glad i didn't wast 14.99 on it but i'm not happy where the new studio is going with it i wish bungie could have stuck around i'm a old school halo fan and i think 343 industries is trying to hard and not thinking right compete with Call of Duty the halo reach match making has been messed up since 343 industries took over the service over all i'm not to impressed with what it is soon becoming why did Microsoft have to shut down the halo 2 servers why not make a patch to where only xbox360s can play a copy of halo 2 oh that's right you want to sell more copies of newer halo games i can understand halo 3, odst, halo wars, halo reach but my thought's for what the next one is for the line up it's not so good yet i am just a little person in a big world where every one will just put up with it and keep the ball rolling i don't know if my word matters at all but i am at least going to say my thought's on the future of what halo is becoming...what about the story yes you gave one to halo spartan assault i give you credit for that but to make it a arcade play style.....just make's no sense to me when it could have been a rts command style like halo wars who ever came up with the idea of arcade style bad move on your part for who ever thought of it yet alone why not pick the book up from halo wars and continue that story oh some one was hot headed about about a arcade style game play.....
  7. No I did not pre order the game and I wanted to play fire fight and found out that sargeant jhonson was a character but only if you pre ordered him.Anyway I can have him I tried to see if he was DLC but unfortunatley he is not. Wow sorry for not double checking ,I meant that I checked if he was DLC
  8. "Windthrown" Waypoint download link http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/370f0851-6877-48af-ae29-9e3955b79746 http://youtu.be/s6W2OZONeyU Second map feature, courtesy of Zandril! Thank you Zan "Windthrown" is one of my more 1st ever serious builds that I accomplished in the first quarter of Reach's launch! Windthrown is rendered, inspired, and designed from the hardscape layout from Halo 3 ODST's original firefight map "Windward"! I chose this hardscape layout, at the time I had no inspiring ideas, so I looked into the Halo franchise for something unique to bring to the community! Choosing this map really helped me understand how maps were Forged, and what elements were needed to make a solid map! Every time I booted up this map, I always thought it would be a fantastic environ to play competitively! During the 3rd render bringing it in to Halo 4, due to multiple requests, it evolved enough that the build kinda became its own, yet you can still tell its spiritual successor, hence the name "Windthrown"! This map has gone through 3 variants, and hours of playtesting over a 2 year span! This current render I feel is finally what I feel ready to release into the wild! Windthrown is set up for 4v4, but hits a sweet spot at 3v3! It plays 2v2 really well also! I have before had multiple gametypes and they all played well, but the consistent request for this map, is straight up Slayer variants! I am amateur at making videos but the video I made for this map explains it well and I hope you enjoy! Waypoint Download Link Hope you guys enjoy! Love to hear thoughts of this map! Thank you for your time!-Festuca
  9. I first came to the Halo forums in 2009 / 2010 on Bungie.net. And I've always been eager to share discussions and ideas with the community, but I haven't been on in a while so right now I'm like "meh". I don't feel so passionate right now. Anyway when the whole "change vs. no change" and "keep Halo Halo" war started raging at first I was on the side of radical change and drastically evolving Halo 100%. It was fun thinking about ways to evolve Halo's gameplay and style. Sometimes I had radical ideas and some-times I was a lot more subtle. I thought of myself as putting a lot of deep thought and consideration into my arguments and ideas on those threads, but regardless I still got a lot of "keep Halo Halo" retaliations, "that's stupid" remarks, and "this isn't Call of Duty" attitudes. The thing is after Reach was less than and far off from what a lot of us thought it could be, I now know by experience how even seemingly minor things can be a huge deal, like bloom. If bloom was in Halo 4 I might even hate it. So even now I think Halo 4 has some significant things amiss that are more than hindering its lasting appeal, at least for me. I didn't even start playing the game until about 5 days ago, but before then I was watching Youtube videos and I was already feeling like there were some things off. No no no I'm not bashing Halo 4! I'm still all for evolving the series. I absolutely don't think that change should be shunned or that it's impossible to evolve Halo without upsetting the spirit of the game. I understand I'm no game developer, and my enthusiasm for discussing and sharing ideas has been drained a bit. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't contribute to the community besides buying the game. I'm a veteran and I still love this game and what it can be. I won't leave just because we may flop big or small sometimes. So now that the lame disclaimer is out of the way I did just have a couple thoughts. Of course some of these probably can't be put in at the time, but for future Halos maybe. Add Spartan Ops into the match-making hopper with the other playlists. Have one playlist where players can play through all the chapters and episodes in order starting with the first one. Have another playlist where players can jump in and vote on different chapters or episodes to play. If episode voting is implemented then players can choose to leave the party without being penalized between each chapter. Is Spartan Ops under rated, even just a little? I don't know how accurate the player counts for playlists are on H4 xbox live, but I think a lot more people would play it if it was just in the matchmaking hopper with everything else. I mean right now there's only 5 different options for chapters under the Spartan Ops hopper. I think it's worth it. I won't bet, but at least 400 more people will be playing Spartan Ops with that.....at least I really think so. A lot of new players to Halo who didn't really care much for it before will get disinterested after so many games. Watching Youtube videos gave me that perspective, but gametypes like Flood and Spartan Ops are definitely things that stand out a bit more especially to new players. Bring back the campaign search feature. Is it possible to bring back skulls to find in campaign as an update? I wished that there were more extras in the campaign. I saw in Halo Waypoint that data pads were noted, but I haven't found any in the campaign. Those are only from Halo Reach aren't they? I'm not sure. I might have missed that bit of new if they're in Halo 4. I wish equipment was brought back and implemented along with AAs. Jetpack would only be available to use in Spartan Ops, and in matchmaking the gravity lift would be the alternative. I know a lot of Halo players were very fidgety when it came to jetpacks ruining the aspect of map control among other things. I think if equipment were in Halo 4 that it should replace power-ups for personal ordnance, or that there should only be weapons and grenades for personal ordnance and equipment + power-ups + power weapons on the map. All power-ups would be on the map and in preset locations that you'll want to watch out for. I won't go to deep into what I would do or how, but I just want to see them return in future Halos instead of being an exclusive to Halo 3. Having equipment would have still left some spice in the classic playlist as well. Add in Legendary Skirmish or Legendary Big Team with full-on map remakes from Halo 3 including Sandtrap. Legendary Skirmish and / or Legendary Big Team's gameplay would strongly resemble Halo 3 or Halo 2, minus equipment. If 343 does try to do more map remakes like Sandtrap, Guardian, and etc then that would be awesome. One of the things in specific I miss about Halo 3 are the Elephants on Sandtrap. Besides that I was just envisioning power-ups, power weapons, and maybe armor abilities on the maps with a mix of objective and slayer games. Base player speed would be faster and sprinting could be disabled for at least some gametypes. There would also be map variants like "Sandtrap Heavy" from Halo 3. Maybe they could also tailor the armor abilities to have limited uses too. Auto Forge and Auto Invite for Custom Games. I haven't played too many custom games yet. I would start up a ton of them, but I want to use my 14-day free trial to play matchmaking and join games instead of forging. And I don't have an actual Xbox hard drive. I don't think too many new Halo players are hardcore forgers. If auto forging were implemented in Halo 4 it would only be pretty basic. Manual forging would still be way more creative and advanced. The way I think of it is that you would press the Y button at the Forge lobby screen to toggle between auto and manual forging. In auto forge you would have to option to set the dynamics for around 4 or 5 different forerunner monitors visible as options (like 343 Guilty Spark). One monitor might have options for auto-building the map's structure by placing ramps, bunkers, and etc. Another one may have settings for how the map will play (auto forging should probably only work for one gametype at a time). So if someone is auto forging a slayer map there will be settings for "general weapon palette", "max / minimum power weapons", "vehicle palette", "racy" (meaning spawn times for weapons are really fast or something), "paced" (meaning weapons spawn times are slower), and etc. For Custom games there should be an option to automatically invite recent players who you last played a game with. I should have put this in before. Auto Forge is a map generator not a map maker. Monitors don't actually go into the map and place things, you put in the details for each monitor at the lobby screen and the map is generated before you spawn into the game. "Pinging" I think this would be a cool element to add. In most playlists players would not be able to see where weapons, grenades, and etc. are on the map via their HUD unless they're within 20 meters of them. When players press up on the d-pad while looking at items like weapons a waypoint will show up on all other team mates HUDs telling them where the item is. This could also apply to vehicles and objective items like flags. Maybe if more interactable environments like gates, bridges, passage ways, and etc. are implemented again like in Halo 3 and Halo 2 then pinging could also be used to alert team mates of their status as well.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBeyFxCsoOw My personal favorite ost from ODST (besides Skyline) Let your ears be soothed by the sweet vibrations...
  11. Welcome to my topic! You are most likely a Halo fan if you are reading this! In this topic you are welcome to talk about anything Halo related about an Halo game, book, film and event! I am a huge Halo fan my self and I am very passionate about Halo (mainly the games) I think the story and back story's to the characters are so brilliant and the game play is so mind blowing ! I thank Bungie for doing the first lot of Halo games and 343 for doing Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 4 (with microsoft studios) I will be happy to know any information on Halo even if i know it! Halo is one of the greatest game franchises in the world!
  12. Hello, guys. I bet you guys know about a game that came out after Halo 3 ended called "Halo 3: ODST". The game was about this particular ODST squad that got scattered during the events of Halo 3. As most of us know, the events of ODST also took place on New Mombasa(?) on Earth. Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but I wonder if we will ever see a what happened next after the ending sequence of ODST. Actually, wouldn't it be great if we could get a sequel to this gem?
  13. As they did for Halo 3 have another change in the story line where you play as ODST because, even though some hate halo 3 ODST, it was quite a unique halo and that same unique-ness could possibly be remade in another for Halo 4. Or perhaps instead of ODST maybe another Unique UNSC soldier? Anyone agree that maybe this would be a good idea for the halo series?
  14. Okay, so I was helping some friends with some achievements for ODST, and started to reminisce the times I had playing all the other games when I remembered something quite terrible. I Played every game, beat every single aspect, achievements, rank, several times, then had to do it all over again in the next game with nothing to show for it. The closest Any of the games came to satisfying this was Halo Reach, but the three armor components didn't seem enough. So I propose a rather interesting Idea for the avid player; what if your progress made a difference; what if in Halo 4 you got gear for playing the other games. Not just one piece of armor or a special emblem, but a whole separate set for each. For Example, you would gain the following for each game: > Halo 3 - Type-25 Carbine - Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade - Type-52 Pistol - M7/Caseless Submachine Gun - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R variant - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI - Legendary > Halo 3:ODST - M6C/SOCOM - M7S Caseless Submachine Gun - Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle/Jiralhanae Variant - Type-3 Antipersonnel/Anti-materiel Incendiary Grenade - ODST battle armor - VISR mode from ODST - Eternal > Halo Wars - Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer - Type-25 Grenade Launcher - Type-50 Sniper Rifle System - TR/9 Antipersonnel Mine - Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor/Katana - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV - Legacy > Halo Reach - Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved - Type-52 Special Applications Rifle - M319 Individual Grenade Launcher - Radar Jammer - Bubble Shield - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V - Noble > Halo CE: Anniversary - M7057/Defoliant Projector - Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle - Sentinel Beam - Energy Disruptor - Flashbang grenade - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V - Mythic I think that players would prefer to be awarded the above rather then have to unlock them by spending more hours if not days when they already went on the journey to earn them. Anyone should be able to unlock them, but only by playing the other games. This may prove to anger the players who never played the other games, didn't complete the requirements, or had to switch profiles due to reasons unknown. However, they should still be usable in game, but through this method only would they be able to be unlocked for use in Personal Loadouts. They would not effect combat any more then any other of equal ability already within the game. I also recommend the return of the other two factions of the covenant; the Zealots commanded by Avu Med 'Telcam will make very interesting foes, and their armor matches their religious commitment, but to see how the Separatists, under the Honorable Warrior's command of the Arbiter, and the Loyalists, the once servants of the Prophets, now ruled by the Tribal order of the Jiralhanae, free of the chains that suppressed their ancient barbaric nature, they now fight amongst themselves; vying to rule the other tribes. All three of these factions have much to gain from Requiem, and are likely to galvanize under the threat of the other factions or the UNSC gaining the secrets of the Shield world. Seeing the three fight would make quite a sight; the Wild Jackals running about with almost random weapons that they scavenged from lord only knows, against the Storm Jackals and their vicious nature. Not to mention the countless possibilities of new and old Brute weapons and vehicles. Like a Spike turret, a fusion of Super heated metal and rapid succession. An Assault rifle version of the Spike riffle would seems to be in order. A new cocktail of death from the mind of a twisted soul, the Harpoon gun will leave your mangled corpse stuck to the wall, floor, ceiling, or whatever is behind you when they release the trigger. Working like a fusion of the Spiker and the Light Rifle, it can fire by simply tapping the trigger, firing metal barbs with great precision, or you hold the shot, then release to twine three barbs together and staple the target to whatever might be behind it. That Metal on Metal would not only punch holes through you, but sear the flesh just the way they like it. Sound like a party?
  15. From the album: Halo Wallpapers

    Created using various stock images and custom brushes

    © COL0NEL SANDERS 2012

  16. From the album: Halo Wallpapers

    Created using various stock images and custom brushes

    © COL0NEL SANDERS 2012

  17. From the album: Halo Wallpapers

    Created using various stock images and custom brushes

    © COL0NEL SANDERS 2012

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