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Found 3 results

  1. We're back, and better than ever. Feedback would still be appreciated as I'm still working on this site. After weeks of doing nothing productive at all, staring at my screen or my tv while playing Halo or Minecraft, I decided to give my old site, Armorwatcher.tk, a complete overhaul. This time I wanted to make it as mobile friendly as possible, so I started all the way from scratch again. I spent three days writing the new version of my website, learning bits and pieces of javascript as I went along. I chose javascript so you don't have to load or reload a page every single time, which cuts down on costs if you're roaming and can't get a wifi connection. After the first day the site was basically done, and over the next two days most of the javascript was added. Now I'm just adding more features when I feel like it, such as the desktop mode for those who want to use the new site on a computer too. Anyhow, without further ado, I present to you: Armor Watcher 2.0! Currently v.0.6.1 As of version 0.5.4, pc's are automatically redirected to the desktop version, if you want to view the mobile version you'll have to either spoof the User-Agent string or just, you know, view it on a mobile. Mobile Apps If you want to cut back on costs even more, here's an app that basically has the site embedded in it, so that it'll only use the internet to retrieve the actual images: Download the App here! v.0.5.4 (Not up to date) Android, Windows Phone, WebOS and Symbian versions available. Current Features Halo 4 Armor Viewer (via Gamertag) Halo Reach Armor Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever) Halo 3 Armor Generator Halo 4 Emblem Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever) Halo 4 Emblem Generator Halo Reach Emblem Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever) Halo 3 Emblem Generator Planned Features Halo Reach Emblem Generator Halo 3: ODST Emblem Generator Halo 2 Emblem Generator Maybe stats? Changelogs Some outdated screenshots
  2. Thought it would be fun to create a happenstance battle between the Covenant and Prometheans and see what people think and how it would play out. It's an all out brawl, and whoever is left standing wins. Covenant: 1 Elite Field Marshall - Fuel Rod Gun, Duel Energy Swords, master of evading and CQC. Instructs the entire Covenant side. Has an overshield and Active Camo. Extremely difficult to deal with. 2 Elite Zealots - 1 with a Fuel Rod Gun, 1 with a Plasma Turrent. Both have Energy Swords for backup. Know how to evade efficiently and know great CQC. Hard to take down. 4 Elite SpecOps - All equipped with Carbines and Plasma Rifles with 2 Plasma Grenades. All know simple evading techniques. All have Active Camo (invisible to Promethean Vision). Much weaker than Zealots. 3 Elite Rangers - Jetpacks. 1 Has a Focus Rifle, the other 2 have Carbines. All have Plasma Repeater backup. Stronger than SpecOps. Known to act as Marksmen/Scouts that report back to the Marshall. 1 Hunter - Obviously equipped with it's mounted/modified Fuel Rod Mortar. Slow, but extremely powerful. 1 blow to a Knight demolishes it. 6 Jackals - 2 of which have Beam Rifles and are positioned in the distance, the other 4 have Hardlight Shields, Carbines, and Plasma Pistols. Very accurate. 6 Skirmishers - Extremely agile, evasive, and smart. Equipped with Carbines and Needlers. Personal Hardlight Shields adorned on forearms and legs for controlled damage intake. 2 of them have Focus Rifles. 10 Grunts - Plasma Grenades, Needlers, and Plasma Pistols. Weak in health, but provide excellent cover fire in groups. Start to panic if their respectful Elite gets killed. Suicide-grunt if necessary. 20 Drones (Bugs) - Very annoying and persistent. Only carry Plasma Pistol, but are great distractions for higher-ranked comrades to take their best shots. Also are very invasive and agile since they can fly very erratically. Weakest of the team. Prometheans: 5 Knight Lancers - 2 have Scattershots, the other 3 have Light Rifles. All have Supressor as backup. Know how to Teleport and use Promethean Vision. Each have 1 Pulse Grenade. Can be resurrected by Watchers if given enough time. 1 Knight Battlewagon - Much slower than the Lancers, but brutally powerful. It dual wields an Incineration Cannon and a Supressor. 2 Pulse Grenades. Basically works like a Hunter, but can still Teleport. 6 Watchers - 1 for each Knight. They catch grenades and throw them back, can supply shields for Knights, and can resurrect Knights if given enough time (let's say 10 minutes). Wield Supressor if proximity is too close. 15 Crawlers - All over the place. Use Boltshots (uncharged) from far away and close up. Very agile, but also pretty weak. Known to overwhelm the opponent with their numbers. 3 Alpha Crawlers - Lead the other Crawlers and determine their positioning, formation, strategies, etc. Each control a squadron of 5 Crawlers. Equipped with Supressors and Boltshots (charged). Stronger and smarter than regular Crawlers. As for the arena, this fight would take place on a landscape almost exactly the same as Valhalla/Ragnarok; plenty of hills, rocks, trees, and uneven terrain. No vehicles included. As far as their strength/health/shields go, imagine Legendary difficulty in Campaign. This battle is obviously non-canonical. Just play it as you see it. Although the Covenant are still highly advanced, I gave them higher numbers since the Prometheans are much more advanced and strategic. but all-in-all, I believe this could be a very compelling fight. Now what I'd like from you is what you think would happen. The more detailed and "play-by-play", the better. GET CREATIVE I'm hoping to see some great ideas.
  3. "Aesthetics - Forunner" Brought to you by GryffinGuy007. Link: http://halo.xbox.com/en-au/haloreach/GryffinGuy007/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30644090 An array of various forunner pieces and objects. Please feel free to modify each any of the objects to suit your maps' needs. List of Forunner Objects: 1. Barricades 2. Crate 3. Propane tank 4. Generator 5. Radio/Receiver 6. Holographic Projector/Screen 7. Tower 8. Sentinel 9. Watcher Prototype (Halo 4) Screenshots: Hope you enjoy my aesthetics maps and once again, thanks THFE.
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