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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, everybody. I'll warn you now that this post is a bit of a rant, but it has a purpose. I hope it brings to light an evolving situation with our Halo multiplayer in the upcoming War Games of Halo 4, and gets my fellow community members seeing something behind all the hype and anticipation that they may be missing. I'm sure that most of you have seen the videos and heard about the new scoring method implemented in some of Halo 4's MP gametypes, like Infinity Slayer and Regicide). You likely have noticed how much more important it will be to play with skill, and allow teammates who are in advantageous situations to work some of their own magic. After all, when a player who gets 3 kills by Assassinations (30 points each) can earn more points than a player who scores 4 kills by Headshots (20 pts each), don't think think we should worry less about getting an average kill by ourselves and more about your team getting an awesome kill by working together? So if Red Team is aiming for quality of kills, while Blue Team is just going for quantity of kills, Red Team may actually win without even having worked as hard as Blue Team, and actually dying more often than them. Such craziness, but it certainly adds a much greater depth to MP madness. Being more or less hammered-out and ready to play, I have a feeling that the scoring values we've seen aren't likely to change (much, if at all). But who knows. While watching the gameplay footage from a couple of Infinity Slayer matches played by some guys from MLG (Elamite, Neighbor, Hoaxer, etc, you know the videos I'm talking about, but click the link if you don't: http://www.youtube.c...slayer gameplay), it becomes obvious that teamwork will become much more important in H4 WG, particularly in Infinity Slayer. Now, I find myself with a question. Not so much a question that requires an answer, but a question just to think about. It's a question for the entire Halo fan community, and, more importantly, for the lone wolves who play team games and then don't play as part of the team. Are you ready to play nice with your teammates? I can't help but think of Halo players who think only of themselves and their K/D ratio and stats. The kind of players who purposely Yoink your kill when you're in the middle of an Assassination. The kind of players who demand that you give them that power weapon and betray you to get it. The kind of players who have made me reluctant to play MP unless I'm playing with a friend. In games like Infinity Slayer, teams that are evenly matched, and they should be, can have some pretty intense games going on where the scores are neck-and-neck for the lead. Picture this: You're in a match and both teams are within 30pts of victory. You pop an opponent's shield and he rabbits, taking off around a corner. You chase him down, catch up to him and start an Assassination to score the winning 30pts. Suddenly, one of your teammates comes a-trollin' and Yoinks your kill. That guy scores a mere 10pts for the kill, leaving you 5pts for the Assist, and you both lose the match by 15 points. Don't be that guy. It's time to stop competing amongst your own teammates. Even if you end up on a team with a player you hate, rise above it and try to get along. I, myself, last year when I was most active in Reach MP, found myself on teams with former opponents who were at great odds with me. I soon found myself getting along quite well with them. So I know that not all people who seem bad are really bad. They have it in them to play nice. We all do. At the very least, understand that if you see a teammate in a position to score major points for your team, you should let them. Twam willing, karma may yet reign and reward that good behavior. And if you absolutely cannot, will not, and utterly refuse to try to play nicely... Free-For-All gametypes. You want to play matches solo? Go play solo matches. Well, that's enough out of me. I don't know if this will reach the right people, or even if it was necessary. And if it's too long for some people, well that's just sad; go read more books. I don't post often, so I hope that the posts I do make serve their purpose and are well-received. Be well and have fun, everybody. Just not at the expense of one another. Get ready for a new take on the old Halo we know and love. Four months and 14 days left. Blessings of Twam upon you, my children. Edit: The good DoctorB77 pointed out that the scoring system is not as I saw it. In an Infinity Slayer match, the score increases by 10 per kill... Which leaves me to wonder why 343 even bothered to change it from the single-point system, as there isn't then any difference to how rapidly a team reaches the winning score. Sort of a bummer. Even so, the notion of teamwork still stands. Players should be nicer to their teammates and give them their hard-earned time to shine without stealing kills or betraying just because they're doing something that you wanted to do. Ultimately, it's a message of "Play nice, or don't play at all." It's a lesson we learn in Kindergarten. Sort of sad that some people don't remember it.
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