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Found 12 results

  1. Commendations are returing as a reward system for achieving certain feats. Each commendation has 5 tiers and every achieved tier earns you an EXP bonus. Completing each 3rd tier of a commendation will reward you with a bonus REQ pack containing boosts and other single use REQs. Completeing the 5th tier of a commendation will get you a REQ pack containing a specific emblem to show off your achievement. Here's the commendation list of day 1: Medals are also returning as expected and have suffered a few losses, but gained alot. Bravo interviewed multiplayer designer Max Grossman on the new medal design. Here's a little snippet of the interview: "When we look at creating a new Medal, we have to make sure it satisfies a few rules. A Medal needs to be an explicit action that a player can perform; rather than something that can “just happen.” Players should have a clear idea of what it is that they did to earn the Medal. For example, we removed the Reload This Medal because it didn’t satisfy this criterion. Second, a Medal needs to promote good behavior and should never reinforce a negative action. You won’t see the Comeback Kill Medal in Halo 5 because it reminded players that they had died 3 times in a row without getting a kill. When a player is playing poorly, they already know; they don’t need the reminder. Lastly, a Medal has to have akiller name. “Bulltrue.” “Overkill.” “Reversal.” I always like to imagine Jeff Steitzer’s (the infamous multiplayer Announcer) voice in my head whenever trying to come up with Medal names. For as many new Medals that appear in Halo 5, there are just as many that we tinkered with during development that didn’t make the cut." ~Max Grossman Read the full interview here. And here's the list of medals: (Sorry for the ugly lay-out, the site wouldn't let me upload it any neater for some reason...) We also got a little sneak peak at some of the medal designs. I've listed them here: What are your thoughts on the commendations and medals? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading!
  2. I just so happened to be on Halo Waypoint when I ran into this guide. This first guide gives you help on finding the most amount of enemies, and on which Spartan Ops Episode and which chapter. Thanks to 'A Blues Fan' on Waypoint, he provided us with this chart: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst180802_Spartan-OPs-Enemies-by-Difficulty.aspx Also, thanks to another member on Halo Waypoint, TheSchnitzelMan, he has provided us with another chart that shows which Episodes have the easter eggs, as well as other ways to achieve these commendations: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst170296_Enemy-Counts-CHART-Spartan-Ops--w--Episode-7.aspx Also, he has provided us with the commendations progress per level: https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=A39C946A316F7935!221&app=Word&authkey=!AFn_odv9g6NjIaw
  3. I'm a completionist. I enjoy going after the Commendations in Halo to give me sometime to work towards. I've been playing a lot of Spartan Ops and slayin' a bunch of Covies and Forerunners. I actually already have the Backstab Commendation mastered My question is: Does the Difficulty Level, such as Normal, Heroic, or Legendary, upgrade or downgrade the enemy's rank? Some of the enemies have different ranks; I.E. Knights are Regular, Commander, Battlewagon, etc. Each class of enemy has a few different ranks which pertain to certain commendations. A few Commendations I have 4/6 whereas some are still 0/6 since various ranks are harder to run into. Since getting these Commendations is much easier on Normal, is it worth doing them on Legendary to encounter higher ranked enemies? Or does this just give the enemies more health, better shields, more accuracy, etc.?
  4. Hi i was just wondering what different weapons all you guys have Mastery on! I personally through getting kill after kill with one of the worse guns in the game the pistol! i got it about dec. 5th! when i needed 200 more kills with it true i started on SWAT but still it was hard with this crapshotgun. I nearly have DMR BR scatty shotgun sniper but ammusingly i suck with the rocket D: <-- how? I prefer a shotgun on complex or a sniper on meltdown! What will be a commendation to get is Plasma pistol - master. anyway good luck getting weapon mastery's and post any you get on this forum! Cya in-game
  5. So, like other people, I've had some issues with getting the Mark VI armour from the legendary campaign. I completed it solo on Legendary last night, got the achievements, but no armour or commendations. I was online the entire time and my network settings are fine. I'm assuming that the issue was due to the Halo servers being 'unavailable'. This is incredibly frustrating, and I really don't want to do the campaign again. I'm hoping 343 will sort this out and give me and other people the commendations and armour once they fix everything, especially if it was an error on 343's end. If anyone has more information about what 343 is planning to do with this issue, please let me know.
  6. Hello 343 industries first off kudos on the triumph that is Halo 4 and with the justifyably deserved ass kissing out of the way I have but one issue with halo 4. I was addicted to Reach and enjoyed very much gaining my comendations but I fail too see why you have restricted this to just war games. So I ask, no I plead with you 343 could you please patch or change this so that all commendations include all game modes including special ops that I have fallen in love with along with the campaign. I appreciate any response to this post from anyone who happens to share my veiw on this topic but apart from this issue I'm very happy with Halo 4
  7. After playing the halo 4 campaign on legendary solo for about 6 hours and getting to shutdown, I was happy I was nearly finished and have the achievements and the Mark 6 armour. Though I came on halo today my campaign was reset back to the prologue, though when I look at my commendations, I have finished up to shutdown, it also reset my armour, load outs, season pass content and my rank by 3 ranks. Is there a source or resolution for this problem because I really can't be bothered to redo something I spent hours doing due to shoddy development. If anybody else has this problem please post.
  8. Is it just me, or has teamwork really declined in Halo 4? I've been encountering a lot of selfish players in matchmaking recently, up to the point where I've seen better teamwork in COD (and that's saying something) and I personally think it's down to two things: 1) Commendations and 2) The lack of team markers that previous Halo games had (for example, the X). Perhaps the lack of an actual skill system doesn't help either, but from my experience, teamwork wasn't bad in Reach and that also didn't have a skill system. I don't know whether this can be done for Halo 4, but if not, then 343i should look into making future Commendations point-based rather than kill-based. For example, say if you're using the DMR, rather than the Commendations being "get x kills with the DMR", it should be "get x points with the DMR". Assists should be counted. That would in theory promote more teamwork. They should also bring the team markers back. For those who haven't played previous games, there were specific markers that appeared over teammates when certain activity occurred. Yellow for the teammate firing, red if they were taking damage and an X if they died. I didn't even realize just how helpful this was in previous Halo games until it was removed. Now I don't even know where my teammates are half of the time. Does anyone agree with me, or is it just me who has been experiencing bad teamwork in Halo 4?
  9. I was looking at how many people i have killed with a DMR in my commendations and it only says 3 enemy spartans killed with DMR, even though I repeatedly get many more kills with it in games, is this a bug, does it not count for multiplayer?
  10. I wish there was a bug thread. Anyways, I'm sure this bug has been reported but I cannot find it, along with the bug section of the forum. I just completed 'Forerunner' on Legendary. This does not show up under Career>Commendations>Player>Campaign>Forerunner. Under Campaign Lobby>Missions>Forerunner the Highest Difficulty Completed is Solo Legendary. Also, I have not recieved the 'Wake Up, John' achievement for completeing the Campaign on Normal or harder.
  11. Does any one know any easy ways to get the campaign commendations Super Soldier and Spec Ops
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