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    playing videogames, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, anything and everything artistic, and i'm good at it too ;). happily engaged, planning on getting married in two to four years, to an awesome gamer who brough halo back into my life =3. and i love dogs.

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  1. Doll

    For Doll

    okay, i'll send it to you when i have completed it :3
  2. hah hah, please do i would love to see the reaction XD
  3. thank you, i know my art isn't the best in this pic, i'll do my best for the next page, it's going to be epic ^w^ Grunts are fun to mess with ^w^ thank you
  4. "oh, you know me" she coughed. "never one to give up." she managed a smirk before the intercom went off. "it's nice to see that you two haven't lost your touch, Cali, you should be in bed." came in the familiar voice of Ra. "i need to speak with everyone, come to my office in the lab once your done."
  5. Cali curses loudly, her ankle being one of the weakest part of her body.
  6. Doll


    it's a good game to play, but just trying to play once might not be enough XD i personally don't like WOW, never have liked wow, and never will. i had friends who played it once, and stopped, but i think it really depends on the person. SWTOR is a good game, it did have a good release, and if you have the will to go through the class story, instead of trying to kill mobs to lvl, or PvP, you will find that sometimes they will blow your mind. like what keeps happening to me! you think everything is going to go one way, then they go and turn your world upside down. so if you have a friend with TOR, i would ask to play a bit, like a sample, and figure out for yourself if you would like to play it our not. if not, have fun on WOW. they have one version for free, don't bother buying it until you played the free one, then determin if it's worth your time. its a online game, i think MMORPG, that has been out forevers ago, it's a decent game, but not one i would pay to play. it sort of like any online game, once you hit that level cap your done. and your going to wait for a newer version. or something. you can google it.
  7. Doll


    so a few things, swtor has a noob help video, (thats what i'm calling it) it basiclly helps you with everything you will need to know about playing the game, so you can get rid of those pesky helpfull tuturials that pop up on your screen. the current patchnote, General The key formerly bound to /bug can now be mapped to any action and no longer opens the /bug window. The command is no longer able to be bound to a quickslot, but player can still type /bug in chat to open a new bug report. Classes and Combat General Using abilities with indirect targeting (such as area of effect abilities) will no longer cause players to be flagged for PvP if a PvP-flagged player from the opposing faction is within the ability's range, and the ability will have no effect on the PvP-flagged player. Imperial Agent Operative Medical Therapy: Kolto Probe and Recuperative nanotech will now properly benefit from this skill. Bounty Hunter Powertech Carbonize: PvP armor for Combat Tech will no longer prevent this skill from stunning enemies. Flashpoints and Operations Operations Eternity Vault Karagga's Palace Casting Mind Trap will no longer cause Soa to lose threat against his primary target. G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator now has fewer hit points in Normal Mode. Items Vendors "Show Usable" now properly filters to only show equipable items. Missions and NPCs Missions Republic Unlikely Allies: Resetting no longer requires players to abandon and re-acquire the mission in order to complete it. PvP Warzones General Alderaan Civil War Fixed a queue interface exploit that allowed players to bring additional players into a warzone. While imbalances can still happen under specific circumstances, the issue can no longer be intentionally triggered by players in this way. The Eastern Turret no longer fires twice under some circumstances when it is captured by the Imperials World PvP Ilum The /stuck command will no longer teleport players to the location where they died. UI General Added a /version command. Added several new preferences for cooldown appearance: Show Ready Flash: Toggles a bright flash when an ability finishes cooldown. Show Global Cooldown Ready Flash: Toggles a bright flash when an ability finishes global cooldown. Cooldown Style: Changes the art style for the cooldown graphic. Global Cooldown Style: Changes the art style for the global cooldown graphic. Show Cooldown Timer: Toggles cooldown time text on top of the ability icon in the quickbar. Bug Fixes Sorting will now function properly in the Guild Window. Items placed in a quickbar are no longer removed when training abilities. Using Shift + Right Click to split a stack of usable items will no longer cause the item to be used. Some UI settings (such as quickbar lock, chat font size, and minimap zoom) will no longer reset upon area Miscellaneous Bug Fixes Players will no longer experience occasional disconnection when purchasing Crafting Materials from the GTN.transition thats all for now
  8. Doll


    every bit of Doll's life is based on Trolling, getting paid, and killing anyone who pisses her off.
  9. Cali fell back, but quickly jumped back up, she aimed a spinning kick at Bianca's exposed side. keeping an eye out for any other attacks, she didn't want to make the mistake of being hit again.
  10. Cali smiled, "good luck," she replied before she charged, starting off with a low, swiping kick. only catching a glimps of the boys who was gathering in the opservations rooms, instead of standing in the danger zone. agent's California and Bianca you are not authorized to be using the training area at this moment, please stop and move. F.I.L.S.S said over the loudspeakers. "let them go F.I.L.S.S, i want to watch this." very well doctor
  11. try doing something else, whenever i'm stuck i play video games, watch anime, draw a pic, or write something else, somewhere down the line i get inspired for the next chapter or something....like today, i was playing Tor, then i got a great idea for a picture for my upcomming fic deendents, and when i finished that i figured out what i was going to to for that one part in 'The hands of fate' where i got stuck. seriously though, hardest and longest chapter i have curently written. so just try to do something different. you can't seek insperation, but rather insperation seeks you. you just have to wait lol
  12. Cali laughed, "Sure, i'm at a large disadvantage though, being banged up like this," she smiled as she stood up, cracking her neck "i mean, we are already here, might as well put this thing to some good use." Cali stood in her Basic stance, fists up. "ready when you are." of course the other problem was that she didn't have any armor on, just her tangtop and jeans, but that never stopped her from beating the crap out of elites in the past, she might make it out of this proactice round with a couple of brusies and some laughs.
  13. Cali nodded her head as she took her words in."off time is good, gets you all relaxed, so your mind isn't all over the place when you get shipped out again." she sighed. "i'm guessing it's someone on that damn board," she chuckled. she didn't know why, but she had a serious hate for some of those 'top of the board' guys. "and i have a hunch it's south," she smiled, what she would give to see that woman fail.
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