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  1. Thank you Also, your sig reminds me of the Arkells logo.
  2. Download Link The attack on Salvatus destroyed half the city. With rescue efforts neglected, citizens were forced to start anew. Noble here, and man it's been too long since I shared a Forge map. This is my latest map--I uploaded it over a year ago, near the end of Forge's Golden Age. It's since gotten minimal downloads, though I consider it to be my best map. With all the hype surrounding the Master Chief Collection, I decided to take another stab at the Forge community and renew my name as a Forger. So, here goes. The Backstory Alienation is an urban freeroam Hivemind map. The setting is Salvatus, the largest city on the planet Epiphany, otherwise known as Kepler-62f. The planet's first settlement has a total population similar to that of Canada, but it is declining. A series of mysterious bombings has plagued half the city, now known as the Rubble District. Fallen buildings have blocked safe passage into the city's richer half, the Ivory District, and streets have collapsed into the sewers below. Surviving citizens have opened market, trading what little they have left for food and water. Those who have been lucky enough to take shelter in abandoned buildings rely on makeshift wind turbines and solar panels for power. Those that weren't pitch tents in the street. Rather than attempting to convict the perpetrators or make dearly needed rescue efforts, the city's government has neglected the Rubble District, and to make things worse, an apparent bioterrorism act has begun, and with escape routes blocked, it won't be long before there's no one left to fight it off. The Map The streets of Salvatus may be confined, but several locations will appear opportune to a keen eye. For example, the Town Square offers wide visibility, but make sure you and your teammates have eyes on all angles. You may want to hide out in the corner store. The boarded up doors will offer you some protection against the horde, but watch your back or there'll be a clean up in aisle two. Alternately, you can tackle the rooftop, but you'll need a boost to access the nice height advantage and the deadly sniper rifle. And be sure to knock down that crate quickly for your bud. Don't want him to be angry at you when he's craving flesh... Lock yourself up in the bank and withdraw some grenades, but don't get too cocky about the single, narrow entrance--remember that there's no escaping the vault. Of course, the warehouse offers height advantage and an easy escape, but watch out, because the infected could jump up at you from any angle, and who knows what's waiting for you outside that window... Don't mistake the sewer for a holdout--yes, you'll find a rocket launcher in its depths, but there's infinite ways in, and only one way out. Digi-log 2:34a 11/21/2368 [Earth date/time] _________________________________________________________________________________ [send] No one knows why the terrorists didn't strike again, and no one knows who they were. Most suspect some kind of insurrectionist uprising, but others talk of conspiracy, something called "Operation:Titanic", say we were never meant to colonize on Epiphany at all. They think the ship that brought the first settlers here was deliberately projected into a meteoroid, but it missed. Whatever people want to believe, we thought the dust had settled. But now we're facing a whole new threat, and we don't expect to survive. It's spreading to the Ivory District now, and they think they can hold it off because they have the resources, but they don't truly know what it means to endure. They can't defend themselves against bioterrorism. [/send] So there's a taste of the aesthetics and gameplay of Alienation, but there's more of Salvatus to explore! Test your survival skills by clicking here to download.
  3. Aye, same with me. Last night I started work on a vision that's been floating in my head for a long time that I didn't think I'd have the budget for, but it's looking much better than I could have hoped for. Hopefully the Forgers' ambition can bring back customs to some degree.
  4. So I played this in your lobby yesterday, and I can honestly say I think that this is one of, if not the best Infection maps ever made. It has a unique and interesting layout that both plays well for all types of playstyles, from close-quarters to mid-range and so forth, and feels like you're actually navigating a dense, underground city. The aesthetics are great as well, I love your lights and benches, they really complete the atmosphere. However one suggestion I might have regarding that aspect, is put more rocks on the roof, just in some areas. Now, here's where the problem is, and I'm sure you've already noticed, but the Flood are just too weak. Is it 100% damage resistance, no shields? If you have no shields you're going to want to go to 110%. This also made the shotgun useless as you could easily pick off zombies long before they get to short range. Either make them stronger or faster, but still give the humans a fair chance at surviving as a team.
  5. The Halo 4 community is nearly dead, but this is amazing. The aesthetics perfectly execute the theme without even having to be told the backstory. It's a real shame there's not a lot of people left to appreciate it. :/ Keep this idea in your head, if you become a game dev in the future you can use it to make millions
  6. I can't even tell you how much I love this. Too bad the customs community is nearly dead. You should take this to an MK25 lobby.
  7. Got LE as well. Am disappoint. I mean, the price tag, and it includes the Champion's Bundle? Really the LE had less than that, and the "exclusives" that were there weren't much and were released on Marketplace. I think the problem with 343 is that they deliver too much to new fans than the dedicated, long-term followers. Don't get me wrong; I love the LE, and I'm so glad to have it. But some compensation would be nice. Nintendo gave early buyers twenty free downloadable games after the price drop. I think something similar to that principle would be nice, and they wouldn't be losing any money since virtual data has no production cost.
  8. Meh, I don't mind it but I don't love it. It's my favourite map for 2v2.
  9. I doubt we won't see ODSTs in the next game.
  10. Haven doesn't suck. It's also not the best map, at least not in my opinion. That's really just a matter of taste, though.
  11. Wow, I say that a lot of maps are original, but this is genuinely something I've never seen before. Just the whole aesthetic style with the lilly pad-looking gazebos is something I'd never imagine myself, it's made of artificial pieces but looks so natural. In fact the structure of the entire map has an incredibly natural look to it that you would never expect in a competitive map. Well done.
  12. Amazing! Zatherla himself would be impressed~
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