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  1. Ok guys sorry. The Machinima is still in early stages of development and not much is set in stone, I'll copy paste some stuff from the document that's just the idea bank for now.: - Stryder - Combat Specialist - Leader - Is upset at himself because he thinks his previous squad was killed because of his failure - Needles - Medic/Interrogator (slightly insane/4th wall breaker if needed) - Detonate - Demolitions/Vehicle Expert - Border Line Crazy - 2nd in command - Pinpoint - Marksman/Backup stealth - Has never missed a shot, recesses emotions - Logan - Tank - Ends up being a traitor because he has no choice - Enigma - Stealth/Infiltrator - Attaches to gear and has strong sentimental values (Actor needed) - Echo - Comms Expert (Left the real names out because of reasons) This was the plot for the first couple of episodes: Pelican Crashes in a gorge Everyone gets up Enigma investigates structure closest to the squad Two guards are on lookout Enigma Activates Camo and makes his way to rear of structure One guard walks off his perch and walks to rear of structure Enigma assassinates the guard The other guard gets off his perch to investigate his partner being gone for a while Enigma assassinates him Enigma returns to the wreckage and gives the all clear Stryder leads the way to structure Team tries communicating but there's no signal These are some random ideas that were had: Detonate Sacrifices Himself Secret Experimental Procedures Team is captured New Cyborg is ordered to free the Team from integration but one: Logan Cyborg frees the 5 members Pulls out a gun and aims at Logan's head Logan is put back in the cell. Cyborg and the other 4 members turn to exit holding cells too see and disfigured creaturecreature (flood but won't be flood, they'll be failed genetic experiments) Team attack the creature but no damage is done Stryder jumps on a cell Creature rushes at Pinpoint Stryder jumps down and assassinates creature Needles figures out that the weak point is the back Logan slips out behind Bravo and sets the alarm Again these are just ideas and it's still in early stages. And if you'd email me the form that's be great.
  2. Hi guys, just here to ask a little question. Is there anyone out there who would like to be in a Machinima? It is in Halo 4. Who we need is someone who is: •Preferably Female •Preferably Australian •Willing to be friendly and work as a team If you're interested let me know and submit this sheet filled out to [email protected] Name: Age: Location: Gender: XBox gamertag: Availability: How bad is your background noise? Any previous/current experience? If so, what Machinima? How long have you be playing Halo? Tell me a little bit about yourself:
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