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Found 13 results

  1. I am looking for a group of players, or clan, willing to cooperate since my friends don't understand working as a team 20 years old, Pacific Time Zone XboxOne Username: Sluger73 If you are interested please send me a message on live, thanks KILLS 4512 ASSISTS 1576 KILLS / GAME 10.52 HEAD SHOTS 931 HEAD SHOT % 2.1% WIN RATE 49.2% GAMES PLAYED 429 XP 643,175 SPARTAN RANK 44 TOTAL PLAY TIME 2D 7H 17M 20S KILLS / DEATH 0.99
  2. Started in Halo Reach Undefeated in 1v1s Team player but silent Has a mic Never been anywhere on scoreboard but 1st About 2000+ Hate required armor My gt is TwistedXTornado
  3. I'm looking for other people to join up with for Co-op or Spartan Ops Missions. Legendary preferred. Add blacklip7 on XBox 1. Best regards, A fellow gamer
  4. Just trying to find some people to play through all the campaigns on legendary seeing as I still can't seem to get into any multiplayer match :-/ Preferably gamer's with mics and living in either New Zealand or Australia for the better ping.
  5. Hi guys, just here to ask a little question. Is there anyone out there who would like to be in a Machinima? It is in Halo 4. Who we need is someone who is: •Preferably Female •Preferably Australian •Willing to be friendly and work as a team If you're interested let me know and submit this sheet filled out to [email protected] Name: Age: Location: Gender: XBox gamertag: Availability: How bad is your background noise? Any previous/current experience? If so, what Machinima? How long have you be playing Halo? Tell me a little bit about yourself:
  6. H2KU (Hard 2 Kill Us) was founded by [H2KU]White Wolf and [H2KU]Toxxik on the vanilla dayz mod on a server called survivor grounds., Then we moved to the overwatch server "Absolution DayZ". Since then we have grown to over 100 members on Steam, and now we have decided to start a Halo 4 Division. We have a military rank structure along with a command element. Skill does not matter we will teach you at your pace on your time. REQUIREMENTS 1. 14 or older with a mic 2. Must be active 3. Maturity 4. Teamwork skills 5. Must be able to take orders in-game If you are interested contact H2KU Toxxik via Xbox Live there is no tryout but there will be assessment in a public lobby just to see where you are skill wise. Thank you H2KU Toxxik Co-Founder of H2KU and Commander of Halo 4 Division
  7. Hey everyone. My name is matt but you can just call me Vee. I need a few new friends to play halo 4 with recently got back into and i really want to enjoy it again with good people that are serious and can also have a good time. if you have a mic that would be nice too. I currently am on right now and would love to play some games with some people/clan/group. My GT is SNB Vendetta
  8. Hi my names Danny ive decided I am fed up with seeing all of these terrible machinima's and terrible youtube commentators out there and ive decided that I want to make a youtube channel to benefit others aswell as myself, so I am looking to get some people together and create some of the best machinima you have seen. I will need: writers forgers reviewers voice actors body actors editors also my HDPVR is broke at the moment so I am in need of someone to record my clips. we will do: montages commentary's series walkthrough's tutorials and much more so if your interested message me on xbox: dman whittle or skype: dmentia95. thanks for your time.
  9. I always loved custom games and forges in Halo 3/Reach. But in Halo 4, there isn't as much opportunity. The file share isn't great yet, and most of my friends don't have halo 4. I know there are some great custom games and forges out there, but you have to search by someone's gamertag. Then when I find one, I have no one to play with. I was wondering if anyone was interested in getting a group/clan/community together for forging, custom games, and Halo 4 in general so everybody has more people to play with. Please add me and reply if interested. Gamertag: rooshter77
  10. My friend and I have started a clan or group we call animal tribe, we play halo 4 often and for fun. We dont take halo too serious but if you do that is also fine. There is no strict rules for playing with us except that you have a positive K/D spread most of the time. You can be any level, you dont have to change your gamertag and you dont have to be on everyday. A mic is prefered but understandable if you dont have one, this is the clan you want to be in if you like to have fun, and still have a job or school, anymore info you need just message me GT panduhh powerr or reply on here .
  11. Looking for a Easy going Competitive Clan that mostly plays CTF, Dominion, Grif Ball with the potential of competing professionally!
  12. Hello everyone, I didn't see a spot that was seperate from this to post a "looking" ad, I hope that putting one here is okay. I was a rifleman in a previous group some years ago during Halo 3. I took a break from the genre after Halo 3 and have come back with Halo 4. That said my skills are not as honed as they once were. I am looking for a group of people who enjoy playing Halo. I kept a positive K/D ratio for most of my career, went mostly undefeated in Halo 2 1v1. I tend to favor, as one might expect, mid-range weapons. I enjoy objective and slayer games. Logistics: Eastern Time Zone U.S. GT: ElyonPravus I go by X or Elyon. Feel free to send a message on live or reply here.
  13. Looking for Players with mics to group with for custom games and matchmaking, Add:Lt RockAjaw if interested.
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