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Found 9 results

  1. For some reason none of the Spartan Ops video's work, all that happens when I try to play them is the game freezes for around 10 seconds then displays the error message "An error occurred while the film was playing" But I can play the missions perfectly fine I've finished episode 1 but I don't want to play any of the others as the cutscenes don't work... Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. My brother got a new Halo 4 game, still in the wrapper, brand new. When we launched the campaign, in co-op, it would send us back to the title screen. When he when in solo, it worked perfectly. Matchmaking also worked perfect for both controllers on. So I dunno what to do to fix this. We've already had halo 4 replaced for different reasons each time, and this disk is the best is the best result we've received, though I'd still like to know of a way to play co-op. Thanks!
  3. So I was really excited for Halo 4, and I went to the midnight release and picked up my copy for a wopping $60.00. Cool. I then find out I need to go out and purchase a flashdrive just to play the game. Okay whatever. An additional 40.00 spent. So I go home to play, did everything correctly as far as installing with disc 2 and popping the play disc in and starting up the game, and BAM. Every single time I try and join infinity matchmaking it connects me, I see the other players , I vote on a map, it counts down and then my game resets. Takes me back to the beginning sponsors and main menu. Every single time. I am absolutely 100% connected to xbox live. AND other games like call of duty and borderlands work perfectly fine online. My player status says "Not joinable". I have messed around with the settings, making sure I am set up to play online, and that I am connected. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have purchased an entirely new flashdrive thinking this was the problem. I have returned my halo 4 and gotten a different copy. I have tried every single thing I could POSSIBLY think of. I also am not able to join any of my friends games. It's infuriating. So much wasted money. I called xbox support, and waited over an HOUR on the phone with the guy who had no idea what to do to fix the issue, inevitably saying he just didn't know, and "sorry". I'm just livid at this point. Here I am negative -$120.00 and the game STILL will not play. I feel helpless. And the worse part is, I have seen several other posts about people complaining of the SAME issue, and have gotten zero replies. Right now I want to throw this game in the trash.
  4. My friend Stan has been reset to SR1 from SR49 since Tuesdayish, put on a temp server, armor reset and no XP earning. 1.What is happening? 2. When will it go back to normal? 3. Will he get any free stuff (like XP or so) for the inconvenience ?
  5. Why is it that the Most Downloaded and Most Recommended still isn't working? I have not been able to look at any cool maps and it is kinda depressing because then I can't find any good custom stuff to do with friends unless I look them up on Youtube or something.
  6. From the album: Halo Waypoint Fail

    this is what i saw when i tried to log into waypoint to view my Halo 4 Service Records...
  7. Is there an update on when the double XP will be working again,. After the the breif server issue with H4 i was no longer receiving my 2XP i had gotten from purchaseing doritos and mountain dew products. I have smoewhere between 50 and 60 games and would like to use them. I don't care when i get them, i would just like to know if i will eventuallt be getting them back. Thanks 343 and H4 is amazing! Chris
  8. I was looking at how many people i have killed with a DMR in my commendations and it only says 3 enemy spartans killed with DMR, even though I repeatedly get many more kills with it in games, is this a bug, does it not count for multiplayer?
  9. Hey just wondering if someone (hopefully from 343) could help me with my problem. I have completed every spartan ops mission solo on legendary difficulty to get the challege 'Episode of a Legend' and it's still saying that i haven't completed it and that I dont have that extra 3000 points from it. Just a little fustrating seen as I'm trying my best to 100% every challenge I get set, loving Halo 4 so far and I agree that 343 couldn't have done a better job.
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