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  1. Agreed. No way should it be in an ordinance drop.
  2. Faceburn22

    BoltShot OP?

    In my most recent games I've been finding myself dying a lot from the boltshot. It seems to have a decent range and if you charge it its a one shot kill. I feel as though this is a little overpowered, considering its like having a primary plus a mini shotgun that does the same damage up close. I think if they just reduced the power a little so maybe it took a charge up and one shot to the head? It does take time to charge up but not long at all. What are your opinions?
  3. My personal favorite would either have to be regicide or dominion. I like these playlists because the maps seem to be on a better rotation and ive played on a wide variety of maps. Playing these also is a nice change from slayer or big team slayer. I find it easier to use a variety of guns in these playlists as well. How do you feel about the playlists, do you like the ones already made or do you wanna see old ones brought back, and what is your favorite playlist?
  4. I couldn't agree more with any of your statements. In all previous halos I've never had a problem with kill and or aiming, but in this I loose every gun battle and get killed cross-map with the dmr. It's frustrating me that they have done nothing to the dmr and its like the 4th week the game has been out. It makes me wanna **** on halo 4 and buy black ops 2.
  5. Ok for starters dont get me wrong this game has an amazing campaign, which is the only reason im glad i bought it. Second the multiplayer is just down right terrible. Only 3 maps ever get voted and its boring as hell. The Dmr is so dang overpowered that it makes the game no fun because i wanna use the br and carbine but theres no point when i can you a gun with a higher kill rate and more power, it takes the variety out of it. I know its only the third week but the only updates they put out are stupid ass playlists. On a match today on ragnarock (which i think is the worst map on the game) i couldnt even jump in my own base without getting sniped/dmr'ed. It was impossible to get a kill and it was rediculous. I personally loved halo 3. I spend over 5 days of multiplayer on it and had a blast all the time with my friends. But now its just boring as crap and i play one match and i pop out the disk and decide to play a half ass decent game, unlike halo 4. If i could sell halo 4 and get my 60 wasted bucks back, i would go and buy BO 2 with a huge smile on my face knowing i dont have halo piece of **** 4 anymore.
  6. We all know that halo 4 ******* sucks and that my anus could make a better game.
  7. Just got done with a game at Ragnarock. I honestly hate that map now. If the other team gets both mantis' your screwed, plus it should be called Big Team DMR. And all the other team does is camp in there spawn with dmrs and snipers, but heck who could blame them when you can shoot the whole way across the map with those weapons.
  8. I agree with you! I remeber in the days of Halo 3 you had to win to get xp. It gave a motive to help your team and not be stupid, because if you lost you might loose rank. Now people just run and gun and don't care because they get xp either way. I also agree this game can be very good but they still have a lot of work to do!
  9. Everytime I get in the mood to play some Halo 4, I sit down and after one game I'm already ready to quite because the game is so rediculous. I constantly find my self shooting some 6 or 7 times with a dmr and not getting a kill and I get shot 3 times and die. I have no clue how or why this is possible but it needs fixed. On most maps I find that if I walk 3 feet out of my spawn I instantly die by a dmr. I just wanna know if anyone agrees with me on some of this stuff and if anyone else is as frustrated as me. Thanks.
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