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  1. Name of your clan? ad we have new members The Quasnork and Eyeless Burrito chech them out
  2. Hey Legend here, I've made a few posts and have beenon the shoutbox a few times. I know alot about Halo and Halo 4 so feel free to ask me questions. I am in a clan so message me if u'd like to join. Have fun everybody!
  3. I agree that it won't be scary but you really didn't have to be an ass about it you could've expressed your opinion in a better manner
  4. Team NFCT is moving to Halo 4 so don't worry if you think that we won't have it ZERO and I have it pre ordered already and ARBITER and RANGER plan to get it asap after it comes out
  5. I agree they are definitly heading in the right direction
  6. I love the armor skins they look amazing customization is way better


    Major Leauge Gaming 1v1
  8. I don't think it should be open joining exspecially for games like infection and grifball. Infection because they would quit as zombies and join back as humans and grifball because if theyre about to score and you need every person to take out grif but someone leaves they score and you lose
  9. yes but gaming is also about playing with your friends if you cant play with your friends than it just gets boring too much competive isnt always a good thing My idea for a ranking system is there is two things, skill, and rank. Rank will help you go up and unlock items like reach, skill will be based on how well you do in a game vs whether you win or lose. Sorry but if you have a crappy team you shouldnt lose skill because you had a 3 kd but still lost. Skill will pair you up with people nwith similar skill. If your skill is 50 and you are playing with your friend who has a skill of one have the lowest skill you can play with be 40. This will allow people to play with similar ranks with those exceptions.
  10. I agree itd be prettty cool to just get the armor at launch though
  11. Got my LE preorded from mighty ape and they have ran out as well now like a boss
  12. Damn if this is true i fail at life
  13. Games were invented to be fun and somewhat competitive who gives a crap what rank you are. If youre having fun great if not then find someone else to play with.
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