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  1. I like it so far. If skills they want they will get it! These will be a long online to finish!
  2. Good news to hear! Thank you for the video! I can't wait to try all the modes out in Halo 4. It's going to be a blast!
  3. Big Team Battle these should be fun! =) All out blast!
  4. SO7SF


    Welcome to 343 Industries Community Forums! =)
  5. LASO challenges are the hardest challenge because it takes time to do it. I like it because it is hard and it's a challenge for me. =)
  6. In Halo: Reach I use Sprint for 90% of the times. I just need to get to places faster that why I pick Sprint lot. Only time I will change if there is a small map because you don't need to rush to much if you are in a small map. Then I will use others, but I will go back to Sprint. In a big team battle I will not use Sprint all the time because I want to use one that can help the team out. In Halo 4 I will start using other ones because I want to see the skills that I can use for the Map or Mode. It will make it more fun!
  7. Next time I will put one... Sorry about that...
  8. The BR looks amazing! I like the skins for it and the way the BR sound when shot. People will be going Rambo with it! Some people will be like a Ninja with it. People will have a lot of fun with the BR!
  9. SO7SF

    Taking time off

    Good Luck and Pass the test! We will be wait to see what happened! =) Study hard!
  10. Good Luck people who want to win the giveaway! =) I am going to wait for Halo 4 because I want to earn it by buying the game. I will be getting the Halo: 4 Limited Edition game anyway.
  11. Yeah they are coming back, but they look different in Halo 4.
  12. I think I will be in my house when I am watching Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn. I will watch it on Youtube. Last I may put it on HD! =)
  13. I love that new UNSC controller! Crazy Halo 4 stuff! These is going to be a big year people!
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