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Found 3 results

  1. Gamer Tag: l0 000 people (that’s a lower case L at the front) Map: Station 07 aesthetic So.... This map is actually a competitive map, but it has so many good aesthetic features that I've decided to post it here as well. I also think its a good example of implementing various features successfully into a competitive map. I really wanted to make a role-play style map, so I really hope you enjoy this and here goes... The Lore: Station 07 is the 7th of 10 experimental Cruiser Class Anti-Air weapons stations deployed on Requiem It consists of one massive thermo-nuclear pivotal gun battery, crewed by a team of five men. The ammunition is too unstable and volatile for conventional reloading systems; therefore an external, manually-operated system was designed for each station. Although there are 10 stations, Station 07 is the most famous due to its hazardous location and impressive kill count, currently boasting the destruction of 3 Cruiser class, and 8 Corvette class covenant ships. Fame however, comes at a price. With Station 07's casualty rate being the highest of all stations; averaging the loss of one crew member every 3 weeks.
  2. Stronghold Forged by The Fated Fire Stronghold v2 [media=650x500] [/media] Gametypes: Team Slayer FFA 5 Site Single Plot Extraction 3 Flag Player Count: 8 (4 v 4) Weapon Set: Rockets (180s) 2x Sniper (120s) 2x Shotgun (90s) 2x Needler ( 60s) 2x BR, DMR, LR, Carbine (30s) 4x Frags, Plasmas, Pulse (30s) Stronghold is a rockets/dual snipers competitive map that draws inspiration from Sanctuary and Onslaught. Stronghold follows a two base - two tower - two hut design, with the huts providing an alternative power position to counter the towers, ring two, and the opposite hut. Stronghold hosts a diverse selection of sightlines, from curving lines of sight around the main structures to long, horizontal and diagonal sniper sightlines through the middle structure. Rockets drop bottom mid, Snipers drop in the trees to the right off spawn, and Shotguns are placed in the cave to the left off spawn. Each team has a base, hut, cave, and trees that they can call their own. Sniper and rocket control is key on Stronghold. Instead of putting snipers in the hut like Sanctuary did, I placed snipers in the trees/rocks. This sniper location is very vulnerable and contestable by the other team, and forces the sniper to work his way back into a power position instead of being handed one.
  3. A competitive map by Juanez Sanchez *CURRENTLY THE FEATURED MAP ON FORGEHUB* Supports CTF, KOTH, Slayer, Extraction and Oddball 2-10 players Hello all. This map has been in the works for a few months now, I have been testing it with the courageous and patient fellows of the TCOJ, who have provided me with the best help and feedback around. Shout out to those guys. W00t. Designed around the principle of holdable/set-upable and defined areas, Radiant has many routes to three distinct positions. OVERHEAD: OBJECTIVES This map supports most gametypes apart from dominion, It's standout games being KOTH and Extraction. As you can see above, there are 5 extraction sites, and 6 KOTH hills. The CTF flags spawn on opposite sides of the map as shown, however certain roof elements have been removed in the photo above to allow a clearer view of the map. THE three key positions on the map are Purple ( the area at the top nearest the Ravine coliseum), top green (map centre, a covered corridor linking red and blue sides), and top gold ( the area near the bottom of the picture). The three areas represent positions that are both powerful and vulnerable, with weapons in them that can turn the tide or control the pace of battle. TOP GOLD TOP GREEN PURPLE RED FLAG/CTF SPAWN BLUE FLAG/CTF SPAWN WEAPONS Weapons on the map are; 2x Battle Rifle 2x DMR 2 x Carbine 1x Rockets (1 reload, 180s.) 1x Sniper Rifle (1 reload, 180s.) 1x Beam Rifle (1 reload, 180s.) The Rockets at top green must be controlled carefully as it's an overwatch spot, and with such a powerful weapon one can easily alter a situation to your team's benefit. The Sniper at Purple and Beam rifle at Top Gold counter each other well, and are allowed some longer sightlines to defend those spots. Random ordnance drops several types of power weapon both at Purple and bottom Green. Random ordnance also drops grenades and a sticky det. at either red or blue slayer spawn. SPAWNING RADIANT supports static spawns for CTF, chained to either base, and Dynamic spawns for all other gametypes. For CTF, both teams spawn right next to their flag, but for all other gametypes teams spawn in the top blue and red 'corners', and work their way out to objectives from there. RED NON-CTF INITIAL SPAWN BLUE NON-CTF INITIAL SPAWN That's really all the crucial info, the map has had lots of testing so it's pretty much complete, but I am open to suggestions and/or critique. Heres a few action shots anda video of a recent game of KOTH. Apologies for the poor quality but I haven't been able to set my capture card up yet, so its recorded on a digital camera!! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy playing on the map as much as I enjoyed forging it.
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